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RockyG666 62M
1953 posts
2/4/2022 1:00 pm

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2/21/2022 3:33 pm

i took the jeep to boy's town today :)

it is SO good to have some NEW (GOOD) pot.

i have only had hemp all week

Cresco Rest Flower 3.5g - Mint Cake

High Supply Indica Shake 14g - Kush Cake

Bedford Grow Flower 1g - Dubble Rainbow

Bedford Grow Flower 3.5g - Grape Sugar Cookies

the jeep ran (and started) great. and i got to boy's town and back without incident,

my email account has been hacked, and ALL of yahoo's fraud stuff is broken to death?

something was bound to go wrong

it turns out they just MADE me change my password for the millionth time and i forgot. i was high

RockyG666 62M
1357 posts
2/9/2022 6:08 am

i was saving passwords in a yahoo folder.(dummy)