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Urban_Hermit 69M
121 posts
12/4/2018 5:19 am
Today's faith

The Evangelical Commandments

Thou shalt preach a soft gospel of love only.

Thou shalt preach prosperity, well-being and thine best life now.

Thou shalt promote TV preachers who live off the flock, sadly private industry could never use them so they need thine support. Give to them in abundance to spend on their excesses so they can live thy dream.

Thou shalt not preach hard truths that might cause grief that would turn to repentance and therefore true salvation.

Thou shalt preach we are little gods, our words have creative power even though we are really fallen humans.

Thou shalt raise thy hand and accept Jesus into thine heart without ever understanding thou needest cleansing.

Thou shalt heap to thyselves teachers who are pleasing to thine ears

Thou shalt not learn the Scriptures for it is too hard. Thou shalt enjoy ignorance until the grave.

Thou shalt ignore knowledge, understanding and wisdom for it is painful. Ignorance is bliss.

Thou shalt allow the pastor to have full control over thine life, thoust need his permission for everything.

Thou shalt preach Jesus is gentle and mild at all times.

Thou shalt not listen to a 'still small voice' as it conflicts with being a 'team player'

Thou shalt pray to the Holy Spirit, He's God isn't He? Never mind we ignore the Father and the in so doing and ignore the disciples model of prayer.

Thou shalt not preach hell, hellfire, judgment, the wrath of God or anything He hates, it's too disturbing.

Thou shalt turn a blind eye to immorality, homosexuality and lust especially in leaders and volunteers.

Thou shalt turn a blind eye to scanty clothing, coarse joking and dirty innuendos

Thou shalt turn a deaf ear to profanities exclaimed by 'Christians' even though it's a poor testimony to the unsaved.

Thou shalt ignore the plight of Christians in jail for their faith, don’t think upon that, don't even pray for them

Thou shalt ignore abortion as it's too controversial, it's alright, we've already been born.

Thou shalt never ever question or contradict thine pastor, if not excommunicated thou may be just tolerated.

Thou shalt remain passive on ethics and principles in business, politics, the church and family

Thou shalt call on the Holy Spirit, constantly, shout, "Hallelujahs" loudly, be super spiritual and live like the devil.

Thou shalt call those who preach independently from us, "False."

Thou shalt commit your tithes to the all wise, all knowing, faceless, ungrateful, unapproachable institution

Thou shalt never ask how much thine pastor makes or "Where doeth the money go?" Even though thou does pay for this. A holy vagueness will be the response.

Thou shalt allow homosexuals and prostitutes to tithe (it's all money) and to have a say, perhaps even the pulpit.

Thou shalt ignore the Great Commission by diverting most finances into buildings and salaries.

Thou shalt not get up and preach in the pulpit for free lest the pastor feel threatened and his salary not justifiable

Thou shalt not be moved by the Holy Spirit, stand up from thine seat and start preaching as this is not our tradition.

Thou shalt have a stage, a microphone, loud music and coloured lights for worldly effect, it must be copied.

Thou shalt make worship a show of euphoric feelings, many repetitious words, of self edification and the bliss of worship of worship

Thou shalt live in fine houses in nice areas away from the homeless, widows and orphans, they are depressing.

Thy pastor shalt reduce visitations to a minimum as programs and his private affairs need more attention.

Thou shalt not preach unless your sermon has been viewed by pastor, subject noted and permission for topic granted.

Thou shalt allow a woman to have authority over a man. We have to change with the times, the bible doesn't change and it's old fashioned, after all we have a new culture now

Thy prayer life shall be confined to the occasional 'Amen' in unison at what the pastor says and prays.

Thou shalt not preach the whole counsel of God for thoust must be ashamed lest His word lest thou offend.

Thou shalt ignore the Old Testament as we are under the New, do not mention He's the same God of both.

Thou shalt not study Revelation or End times as it's too confusing and could interfere with buying and selling.

Thou shalt not study the rapture, it's preposterous and preparation for an unknown departure date is foolish.

Thine pastor must preach feel good psychology and marketing using the name of Jesus as a rubber stamp of approval only.

Thou shalt preach one way and live another as confusion draws others closer with questions.

Thou shalt carefully listen to cults as they have 'a truth' too

Thou shalt rule on the throne of thine heart for His ways are too high for us to know.

Thou shalt accept other faiths as paths to God.

Thou shalt accept an heretic as all people 'make mistakes.' Everything's forgivable right?

Thou shalt listen to every wind of doctrine as all is edifying.

Thou shalt not confront the wicked lest they be driven away, God loves the sinner.

Thou shalt love people more than the truth as they are more precious.

Thou shalt be lukewarm in faith as too hot is fanatical and too cold doesn't get with the program.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Urban_Hermit 69M
317 posts
12/4/2018 5:23 am

Just a few thoughts. Can you add to the list?

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Urban_Hermit 69M
317 posts
12/4/2018 10:15 pm

Thanks HM for the tip. I forgot you guys had halloween, it's creeping in over here too sadly. This post was just to get people who are like the frog in the pot with the water temperature increasing around them to consider their situation. The elect would be fooled 'if possible' so I'm hoping for more 'elect' to come out of the foolable.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Sojourner06 59M
1768 posts
12/5/2018 2:29 pm

Hi Urban

Most often when I hear and/or read something like above, I start wondering how often it point a finger right back at the one who expressed such things; just like what Jesus said when he spoke about the splinter and the beam ( Matthew 7:1-5 )

But it's not easy to see ourself from the outside, when we are used to look at others from our inside...



I Can Explain It To You, But I Can’t Understand It For You

Good News For Christian Man ABP


Urban_Hermit 69M
317 posts
12/9/2018 11:18 pm

I know I'm far from perfect and salvation is in none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, however this post was made to stimulate thought about man made systems and hypocrisies, it's not politically correct, it's over done deliberately. I recognise I've my faults that need working on, add mine to the list, it's ok. It's good to look around and see faults, it helps to me look within and wonder about myself as well. God bless

Judgement Day will be interesting.