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Urban_Hermit 68M
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3/5/2016 11:55 pm
Prayer update 2


Been through quite a bit lately. I've flown back and forth interstate a couple of times to be with my mother. Firstly I was told by the local hospital that my mother could not fly, I'd bought tickets and had to cancel. Later when she was transferred from the hospital to a rest home I was told by different nurses she could fly, as long as she can walk a bit she can fly. So after losing money on cancellation and re-booking fees I have booked her to fly in a few weeks to a rest home near me as I live interstate. To get that organised was very difficult but my eldest did a marvelous job of sorting that out. I pray my mother will be well enough on the day to travel as it's a 2 hr drive to the airport, then 1 hour wait and 2 3/4 hour flight to my city then another 40 minutes till we get to where she has to go. I keep trying to get through to her that God loves her, hopefully it will sink in.

Costs have been very high in keeping her in respite care. We have to sell her home, so once she's settled I fly back and help my brother sell her house to pay for the fees. Rest homes here are $300-$400k and up, the longer we take to pay higher fees are charged. This is not going to be easy as we have to sort out her things, work out what to keep and throw. She has a house full of furniture, but it's old and not worth much. Sorting out and filling out paperwork for all the powers that be, sorting out her bills, sorting out so many things is quite a job. Also what clothes we take etc has to be worked out. Interstate trucking removals are expensive also. Until her house is sold very high fees are charged and there's also higher fees again if it's not sold within 60 days.......

My are coming up next week to help, they will stay a week and we will all be on the same flight back together God willing.

Now to backtrack, while in the hospital I told my mother if she was struggling to pray. The woman in the next bed heard me and started saying the Lord's Prayer. This woman has severe skin cancer, her face is all scars from skin grafts, she cant walk, bedridden and cant swallow her food unless vertical, she's in a very bad way and in a lot of pain. A few days later this lady went to a rest home, she told me where she was going so I visited her a few times. The first time she was stressed when I tried to witness to her, she said she didnt care if she went to heaven or hell. This puzzled me as she'd said the Lord's prayer the other day. After chatting a while I asked her why she didnt respond to the Lord calling her and she got a bit defensive. I looked her in the eye and said, "What's stopping you is pride." She hung her head and said, "You are right." I asked if I could pray with her before I went and she said ok. So I prayed a prayer of salvation with her hoping in her heart she'd agree with it. I've been back a few more times to see her, each time praying with her before I go and she's always glad to see me. I'm praying her heart really accepted the Lord. She's really a lovely lady, her mind is good and sharp. There's so much more, but I'll leave that for now.

I want to thank all who are praying for my mother and others I meet, it's really appreciated.

God bless.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Urban_Hermit 68M
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3/6/2016 9:12 am

    Quoting  :

Thanks for your prayers.

My mother is my main focus but there are times during the day when she sleeps for a few hours, I take this time to do other things and then come back. I tell her constantly I love her. I rub her back, massage her neck as I know it's sore and hold her hand often.

I'm taking her once or twice a day for a wheelchair ride along the riverside parkland which is very beautiful and a bit like where I grew up. Unfortunately when we move interstate we wont have a river parkland type area to be in, but I'll take her into the little garden in the new place. During these times she's tried on a number of occasions when a little more lucid to talk to me about finances, needing money etc and cant communicate properly to get it out. I know what she means mostly and just tell her everything is alright, not to worry it's all under control and God is looking after us. She's managed once to say she hates being confused, she's called herself stupid and I just try to reassure her that she's just not well, she's not stupid and we love her and will always be there for her.

I'm not sure what has caused my mother's memory & speech problems, a stroke, the cancer going to the brain or dementia or a combination but I keep speaking to her slowly and normally and hopefully a part of her understands. These are hard yards with tears. I find it very emotional leaving her in the evening after saying a long goodbye. I dont like leaving till I see she's peaceful about me going. There's been times when I've noticed she's a bit worried about me going and then it's so hard to go. There are times when she has to go to bed at night and she's not sleepy. These are the worst moments as I'm tired and have to leave while she's just there in a room unable to read or watch TV, (she cant work the remote) left with her jumbled thoughts and puppy dog eyes that long to tell me stuff and cant. Very hard, rips my heart out.

Judgement Day will be interesting.