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The little open book as a part of well-known prophecy; Christ affirms His right to all below; the announcement of a final issue; the prophecy recommenced to nations, tongues and languages

These were preliminary woes on the body of Jews and christianised Gentiles, not the direct antagonism of the power of evil with God. This is now unfolded, but first, in the little open book, put in its place in the general history (Rev. 10) The book is open as part of well-known prophecy, and now brought to a direct issue on known ground; not the unrevealed and more unmanifest ways of God introducing the final issue. Christ comes down and affirms His right to all below; puts His right foot on the sea, the left on the earth, and utters the voice of His might, to which the voice of the Almighty in power answers. But its revelations were sealed up; but Christ swears by Him who lives for ever and ever that there should be no more delay. All things are drawing to a final issue. In the sounding of the seventh trumpet the mystery of God would be closed -- His direct power come. The prophet is to recommence his prophecy as to nations and tongues, and languages.

Synopsis by John Darby