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poppy07 said
hi i'm new to bigchurch. i had all but given up on the idea of finding a site like this one that would have an option of meeting new friends instead of dating or romantic relationships only. i'm looking forward to speaking to or emailing others of like mind. feel free to email me anytime. i must express i have several email accounts in hotmail n a couple here so i'm having to keep up with them because i'm an intercessor n get all kinds of prayer requests in each n have to keep up with them n pray for them. so be patient for me to get back with u. i'm very lonely n crave friendship with men or women that will accept me as i am i'm disabled but i have an active life in the Lord. n am looking forward to an active life with new friends. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE. faith is the subtance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.
caysee said
I would like to thank BigChurch for making it possible for me to find "hadassah." I was looking for someone gorgeous, intelligent, kind, sweet, charming, witty, hilarious, and friendly...and I found it in "hadassah." Thank you BigChurch
islandofreal said
Dear people of BigChurch. I have been a member of this fine website for over six months. I had all but given up on finding a Christian woman. And most of the ladies I met online were usually hundreds if not thousands of miles away. And then I met a woman one mile away from me; she is now the love of my life (after Jesus). We talk every day and see each other whenever we have free time. We are now deeply in a Christ-centered relationship of love and are talking about marraige. We are so blessed to have met in BigChurch. Thank you for giving us this new chance at happiness for the remainder of our lives. I am 51 and she is 46. It just goes to show that one is never to old for the Lord to move in their life. God bless you Big Church.
gimmysomemore said
My name is Jimmy and I'm Nigerian. I thank BigChurch for what they've done for me. I found my soulmate on this site, and now we are in love with each other. BigChurch, thank you for this opportunity. Jimmy
jemhartings said
I have made so many new and interesting friends at big church. I was not thinking I would make any friends but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. I am so happy I tried it I now have found friends all over the world and if not for BC I would never have had a chance to meet any one outside the US, let alone make friends with them. Thank you BC for bringing love and friendship back into my life. Jemhartings
jemhartings said
Thanks to you Big Church for bringing such wonderful people into my life. I have crossed the boundaries of time and country to make all the new friends I now have. Africa, the Phillipines , Sweden and of course the good ole USA. I even found an unexpected love! Thank you BIG CHURCH for the happiness you bring into people's lives.
namatiac said
i'm glad that a minister friend of mine told me about through, i trust that i'll be able to meet that special home church is very small...and the "pool" is extremely limited...
SirWallace said
I am a Christian man and have found it difficult to find Christian women that are not married or taken. A friend mentioned Big Church to find Christian ladies, skeptical, I stopped in to check it out. I was amazed that there are so many beautiful women out there in this crazy world. Amazed that attractive and vibrant women (Sisters in Christ)actually do exist, and some live so close that I have probably met them and not realized it. This is my story, and I pray that God will send me a nice girl. Sincerely