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Articles by scottsplace

In my dreams   4/14/2007

In my dreams

I had a dream the other night of a black haired lady whose eyes were set as sapphires in settings of silver. She approached m

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A day without clouds   4/13/2007

A day without clouds It was a day without clouds; where the wind blew with warmth and gentleness from her unknown place. The sky was blue and the

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My wife; my rest   11/19/2006

My wife; my rest
Once love seemed so strong, so fierce and so uncontested with towards the heart of this hero. Lost somehow, does the heart of a m

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The Grand Design   9/4/2006

The Grand Design
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of ri

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Faith   7/9/2006

Faith is not just hoping in God; faith is knowing what God knows.
Faith is a power gift. Faith is complete certainty.
Faith is a cup of gr

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A bed of roses   6/26/2006

A Bed of Roses
My wife; what a divine creature she is. Filled with the beauty of goodness and adamant to fulfill my every desire. I walked through the

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"In Dappled Sunlight Love and Romance"   6/18/2006


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My Love, My Glory   6/18/2006

My Love, My Glory

I sat in my wife’s presence listening to her words and taking interest in her every thought. With eyes full of love and

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What a man wants; what a man needs...   5/28/2006

What a man wants; what a man needs…
A loving smile. Attention from his wife. A warm embrace. Close assurance. A tender kiss. Sweet love. Massa

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A Story of Love   4/17/2006

A Story of Love
The story that I’m about to share has been such a learning experience for me and it has brought me so far beyond the realms of

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Sacred Kisses   4/12/2006

Sacred Kisses
Come my love. Step over the threshold of perfection and pass before me here. Passion is wrapped around your thighs, my heart, and “thi

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Lady of grace   4/5/2006

Lady of Grace
I saw her tonight, and my heart stood still. She wore a crown that only I could see and it was breathtaking.
Her hair was like a lavishe

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The east side of paradise   4/5/2006

The east side of paradise
I would love to hold close the one in whom my soul desires. When I awake from my dreams every morning I find my arms empty. The years have

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My Lady   4/4/2006

My Lady
As the moon passed through the night sky and the stars danced around her innocent glow my heart thought on love and my mind rested

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Woman of Passion   4/2/2006

Woman of Passion
She touched my lips with her fingers as I stood there in wait for the love in her heart to enrapture me. She glanced into my eyes from across her horizon, and it was there

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Vanity   3/10/2006

I Love you !….Vanity.
I’ll be faithful ! Vanity, Vanity.
I promise ! more Vanity.
You’re my knight in shining armor! Vani

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Marriage recipe   3/10/2006

Marriage Recipe
½ cup of patience
2 table sp. of kindness
3 tea sp. of commitment
1 cup of understanding
¼ cup of trust
1 quart

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Vision   3/10/2006

I saw a vision of a garage and there was a car inside of the garage. The car was most beautiful and in excellent condition. There was a beautiful glamo

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The Prophecy   3/9/2006

The Prophecy
I saw myself facing towards the east; then the Lord came down before me and with great winds of rebuke He came against me. And I saw that Faith

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Unfaithfulness   3/8/2006

When man and wife (either or) forfeit their intimacy their spiritual unity is both broken and defiled because of the hardness of their hearts a

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A Master Piece   3/8/2006

A Master Piece
There are many things unparticular that make up the character of a woman. So the question arises, what makes up a good woman, a virtues woman? A

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Trials Beyond Reason   3/7/2006

Trials Beyond Reason
Perils we like to call ‘em, step by step, one line after another, one trial after the next. I often wondered why. Why this ladder of tribulation must I climb

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The Mystery   3/6/2006

The Mystery
Behold her who was brought to the man; its just one of those glorified moments when a man sits and beholds his beautiful wife with holy

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The Refiner   3/5/2006

The Refiner <br> I do not understand nor do I comprehend the greatness of the Almighty's power. Is it that God desires to deliver me from the vice of self into the awesome power of His s

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Tribulation   3/5/2006

Tribulation <br> Surely a man cannot understand his way in the midst of the paths of life. Even when a man’s heart follows wholly after the Lord the mind stands aloof at t

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A Mandate to Sonship   2/26/2006

A Mandate to Sonship <br> There comes a time in a man's life when all he has to rely on are his prayers before the face of the Most High. As a deer pants after the water brooks, so pante

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Laces of Grace   2/26/2006

Laces of Grace <br> Let grace abound towards us as we thirst for the Father and all of His grand delights. I am amazed as I sit here in all of my weakness, that a deep hunger for the Lor

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The Prophet   2/26/2006

The Prophet <br> Then the word of the Lord came to me saying, “Before I formed thee in the womb I knew thee; And before you were born I sanctified thee and ordained thee a

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Dance with me a dream   2/24/2006

Dance With Me a Dream <br> With every open heart there is a place for love to come in, a place of healing, a place of lifting up. And with the un- fol

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Fall Upon Love   2/23/2006

Fall Upon Love <br> Let me fall upon you with embraces for all the pain you’ve had to face. Let me wipe away the tears that you have yielded thro

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Remember God's A B C's   2/22/2006

To Achieve You Dreams, Remember God’s A B C’s <br> <br> A lways walk in love; for love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 Proverbs 10:12

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Heaven My Home   2/22/2006

Heaven my home <br> In Heaven I’ll go to God up above, When I flee from this world and its ways. My soul will release into Heavenly peace, Every moment

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One Man's Weeping   2/21/2006

One Man’s Weeping… <br> The nights have been unstill and the days have bloom slowly with unbarren plague. While in passing the other day I

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The 3 fold vision   2/21/2006

The 3 fold vision <br> And so it was, that I sat and beheld the skys as though they were. Drifting clouds had painted her canvas with her white, and t

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Faith (the poem)   2/21/2006

Faith <br> Faith is possibility Faith is the extraordinary <br> When we live in faith, we live in a broad open plain. Faith comes with a peace and assur

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Trust Him   2/21/2006

Trust Him <br> I stand in awe before the mystery of the Maker; I see the Hands of a Master skilled to build and erect. <br> I’v

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Still Waters   2/20/2006

Still Waters <br> Water my soul, Oh God above, for this warrior’s cross I bear. I’m captured by His eternal word, with all men I am bound to share.

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Rose of Sharon   2/19/2006

Rose of Sharon <br> Sweet rose a light my soul delight, Still captured by that rose so bright. All will hear And know the story, Of this lovely rose’s gl

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Song of Songs   2/19/2006

Song of Songs <br> I want to love I want to give I want a lovely wife I want the family life <br> I want to help the Poor and I want to Hold the

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Your Eyes   2/17/2006

Your eyes <br> What do I see when I look into your eyes, but beautiful sun-lit butterflies. <br> I see many things when I look into your eyes. In them I see the things that are

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My Eternity   2/17/2006

My Eternity <br> The night begun with a search For you. A search that within my Soul would take years from Me in this life of vanity and gasping For the wi

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I love you forever   2/16/2006

I love you forever <br> It was that old book, in which story telling and romance like a flood had splashed that night against the color of my eyes. My

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The God of Heaven   2/8/2006

The God of Heaven <br> Stretch forth Thy hand; you’re not a hostile God, but you do what pleases Your heart. And whatever is pleasant in Your eyes, this shall You perform. Oh,

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Praise the Lord   2/8/2006

Praise the Lord <br> I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; He is worthy to hear all my praise. I am holding Him high each day as I go, my hands to Him I will raise. This privileg

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Untitled   2/8/2006

Untitled <br> My heart beats tonight and inside there is a stirring. It is in the hard place that a man learns faith. I’ve pondered this day

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Golden Nuggets   2/8/2006

Golden Nuggets <br> Your word is sweet to me, Oh God, and my hope is in the shelter of Your everlasting arms with each passing day. Surely, vain is the help of man; it is through the Lor

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Wisdom's Letter   2/8/2006

Wisdom’s Letter <br> To focus on wisdom is the principle thing. It’s the first thing. Wisdom is upright, just, sweet to the soul, and enlight

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Heaven   2/8/2006

Heaven <br> Heaven is a place of dazzled delight, beyond radiant beauty which chases away all the night <br> I want to go to this place of such peace,

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Six things that I admire about you the most are   2/7/2006

Your strength, Your integrity, Your maturity, Your willing- ness to care, Your faithful heart and Your consistent love <br> Your Strength - Because your strong

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When I learn... When I love   2/7/2006

When I learn… When I love <br> When I walk in love, I am a hero When I walk in authority, I have taken my rightful position When I walk with compassion

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Faith's Visitation   2/7/2006

Faith’s Visition <br> As the velvet sky settle against her blue, and the distance suns glistened in a sacred distance... I walked. And as my feet c

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Prophetic Jewels   2/1/2006

I will thrust the anchor of my heart into the resounding springs of faith and I will draw from the eternal waters that the glory tide has swept in. I will run in the

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The Mystery of Love   1/29/2006

The Mystery of Love
There she stood before me. “Woe, my soul, this lady of mine!” Pure, un- defiled, holy and far from the crimes of promis

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"There's a strong man in the water"   9/11/2005

There’s a strong man in the water <br> Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink. Let me be delivered from those who hate me and from

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"The Children"   8/23/2005

The Children
The children are a blessing from God. They are the hero’s of the next generation. They’re a gift - like scattered diamonds thro

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"Wisdom's Letter"   8/22/2005

Wisdom’s Letter <br> To focus on wisdom is the principle thing. It’s the first thing. Wisdom is upright, just, sweet to the soul, and enlight

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"LIFE"   8/14/2005

Life <br> What gives, the trying fire against the soul; Severing flame twisting and bold <br> “On what account doeth you pierce me sore’ Oh sep

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"The Holy Exchange"   8/4/2005

The Holy Exchange <br> There is a place here in His presence, a place of magnetism and surpassing love. Blessed is the man in whom you choose, Oh Lord,

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"Faith"   8/2/2005

Faith <br> I lay upon the alter of sacrifice every promise and dream that is within me. Blessed be the name of the most high God in whose deposit of fa

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"The Woman"   8/1/2005

The Woman <br> There are certain things in this world that I cannot understand. How beautiful is a star-filled sky as a carpet that’s laid before Hea

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"The Presence"   7/27/2005

The Presence <br> There is a place of altitude in the Spirit that God desires to bring His elect ones. It’s a place where the uncircumc

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"Character and Gifts"   7/26/2005

Character and Gifts <br> I wonder, is it the strong will within a man that causes him to stand on his Own two feet or is it the unadulterated power

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"The Measure of a Man"   7/24/2005

The Measure of a Man <br> It is good for a man to look inside of himself to see if there be anything of lasting value and purpose that lies dormant

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"The Blood"   7/23/2005

The Blood <br> <br> I am washed in the blood of an innocent Lamb, Falling on a cross made of wood: Weeping Father covered His eyes, As a Lamb upon Calva

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"Warrior's Cry"   7/23/2005

Warrior’s Cry <br> Alas! The word of God for sure is dear, Distained from all restraining fear. <br> I lift my voice towards Heaven’s gates, Fro

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"Lullaby"   7/21/2005

Lullaby <br> Sounds of melody Soft harmony Rushing rivers Strength unleashed Deep inside of me <br> Rhythms of waves Whispers of gladness The calling of

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"love In A Box"   7/21/2005

Love in a box <br> In subtle times when the days are sad and the winds of easiness cease to blow: There are moments that lie still in my soul… Moments h

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"Love"   7/18/2005

Love <br> My name is love. My sisters are kindness and grace. My brothers are longsuffering, gentleness and patience. My occupation: conqueror,

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"Intimacy"   7/18/2005

Intimacy <br> When she was near me, we kissed. With one stare into her eyes, I lost my- self there for one moment in eternity. I beheld her so, for

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"The Gems of passion"   7/18/2005

The Gems of passion <br> As I sit here in the wind, a voice of love calls from a far; And the gusts of sweet fragrance blows against my face from

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"The cup of my love"   7/18/2005

The cup of my love <br> I touched her hand, she shook. I kissed her face, she wept. And in the light of her eyes I see pools of love. Her smile bri

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"Sweet Romance"   7/13/2005

Sweet Romance <br> There is a sweet fragrance in the room tonight as she kisses me with the kisses of her mouth. Let us swim in this sea of passion,

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"Tell me that you love me again..."   7/13/2005

Tell me that you love me again… <br> “Tell me that you love me again.” Whisper it into my ears from the cleft of your mouth. Embrace me

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"Forever Beautiful"   7/13/2005

Forever Beautiful <br> A time of love has dawned upon me, and the winds of sweet passion have blown against the black of my hair. Am I a man teased of love as

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"Lady of Grace"   7/13/2005

Lady of Grace <br> I saw her tonight, and my heart stood still. She wore a crown that only I could see and it was breathtaking. <br> Her hair was like

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"The Mystery of a Woman"   7/13/2005

The Mystery of a Woman <br> I am bewildered by my thoughts of the matter, concern- ing such a divine creature as this. What is the mystery; the depth, the

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"Bound by shackles of joy"   7/11/2005

Bound by shackles of joy <br> Taken prisoner by the Lord to do His will through the eternal Spirit is the mandate that’s extolled by God H

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"The Love Letter"   7/11/2005

The Love Letter <br> I’ve thought about love, that funny wind. Love is within much music. Love has its hand in many hugs and kisses. Strife and self-will is

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"Hands in the wind"   7/11/2005

Hands in the wind <br> With every moment and every memory there comes a balance or a sacred reminisce if you would: I like to call it “The rewind&#x

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