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Articles by meow33744

meow33744 59 M
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Isolation or just seperation?   6/8/2006

When one or both parties are gone doing what their doing, for a few days or longer time span, does one or both parties feel isolated and or seperated?
Is this common among couples or is thi

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meow33744 59 M
3  Articles
From the other's side to yours?   5/24/2006

How often do you place yourself in others shoes, veiwing the world through their eyes and understanding one's self better?
One must learn to take care of one's self and family that is best

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meow33744 59 M
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Small fixed income.   5/23/2006

Would you get involved with a 100% disabled person on a fixed income of less than 1000 dollars a month, knowing that he will never earn an income.
Would you marry such a person knowing that

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