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Articles by thum_pe_r

Why Do You Believe?   11/6/2006

Hey Friends...i recently learned the following and i am "thinking" there is some Truth to it. Read and share a thought after taking it to Christ. here goes....what we "do" is a result of what we "b

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Journey in Love   11/6/2006

A solid relationship begins in friendship. This can be a type of love....depends where it resonates from?? i learned as we are transformed more into His likeness "True Love" begins to take hold of

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Chat with God.....IX   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
deliver those that i know and love. transform those that i know and love. if i may be used by you to reach them, i am willing. the "i" is my soul encased by your S

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Chat with God.....VIII   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
the enemy of my soul has lost the war. my humanity feels the defeat of the battle, but in Christ is victory. resurrect me from my weariness and avenge my enemy speedi

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Chat with God.....VII   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
i want to be consumed by you Lord. i have suffered but i am delivered also by you. i am resurrected along with Christ in spirit. i know and believe but why am i so we

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Chat with God.....VI   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
i love the gifts you have given me. i cherish them. i ask that you guard them their entire lives here on earth and heaven. may they also be lead to ask to be used b

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Chat with God.....V   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
regarding my brothers and sisters, may i be used by you to speak to them so that they may also come to know you more fully. i love you with the very Love that is of

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Chat with God.....IV   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
soften my heart, mold me, take me, love me, fill me, deliver me, redeem me, cleanse me, and strengthen me and be my everything Lord. i love you so very very much.

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Chat with God.....III   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
i confess to you Lord my sins. the sins of the flesh, of not trusting more fully in you, of being too focused on my problems and of holding on. i have tried to be ge

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Chat with God.....II   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
forgive us our sins for you are the God of reconciliation. the term reconciliation should be defined as Jesus focused but our pitiful lives and humanity get in th

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A Chat with God....I   11/3/2006

oh Lord,
praise be to your holy name and all the glory our pitiful lives can bestow on you. our lives are nothing, only in living in you and you in us has any meaning at

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