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Articles by northernboy7

Remember others feelings   2/17/2007

Always remember another persons feelings, put yourself in their place, and how would you want to be treated. Respect should always be number one. When a relationship doesn't seem to be working out, y

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Getting to know you   2/15/2007

Getting to know someone takes time, it's not just their likes and dislikes, what kind of ice cream they like or what their favorite color is, its getting to know the real person inside, whats importan

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Be yourself   2/14/2007

Always be yourself. When first dating be yourself, that person will like you for who you really are, usually that person has already formed an interest in your personality, and is drawn to you. B

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TAKING YOUR TIME   2/13/2007

Take your time picking out your mate, I think so many times we are in such a rush to have a relationship that we miss out on what God wants for us. When we meet someone we're interested in we sho

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