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Group posts by NEWYEARSANGEL3
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 29, 2014Bible StudyTrue Christians1   
Jan 23, 2011Bible StudyPolygamy- Did God Approve of It?2   
Dec 31, 2010Bible StudyHarassment What Is It?5   
Dec 26, 2010Bible StudySensory Has Been Banned From Advanced Bible Study Group1   
Dec 25, 2010Bible StudyDeveloping Humility of Mind7   
Dec 16, 2010Bible StudyHoping for wisdom ?1   
Dec 16, 2010Bible StudyLUKE 10:25-37 AND WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR?1   
Dec 16, 2010Bible StudyThe Purpose of Life1   
Dec 16, 2010Bible StudyNew and confused1   
Dec 16, 2010Bible StudyFeeling Hopeless1   
Dec 14, 2010Bible StudyWhen A Believer Dies Do They Go To Rest/Sleep Or Immediately With Jesus4   
Aug 3, 2008Bible StudyBye bye1   
Aug 3, 2008Bible StudyRick Warren, Barack Obama & Partial Birth Abortion1   
Apr 19, 2008Bible StudyA Goal of a Christian pastor1   
Apr 19, 2008Bible Studyfreewill FROM WHAT?1   
Apr 7, 2008Bible StudyA THANKFUL prayer1   
Jan 28, 2008Bible StudyDid God move Jesus "Church" to Rome?1   
Jan 2, 2008Bible StudyIn ALL humnanity ONLY 2 people had FREEwill5   
Jan 1, 2008Bible StudyPost from MessengerOfChrist about Official Heresy (Satanic error)!3   
Dec 22, 2007Bible StudyHow do we know what is of the Spirit?2   
Dec 22, 2007Bible StudySomethin' that shouldn't be said in secret1   
Dec 22, 2007Bible StudyThe Message of the Old Testament1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyTemporarily leaving BC1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyIs it Biblical to celebrate Christmas?3   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyCan the Jewish law save?1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyHad A dream and the Son spoke!! opinion plz1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyFREE FROM THE LAW1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyBC End of year Gathering1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyDid Jesus Christ have brothers and sisters, children of Virgin Mary?2   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyGod's Sabbath for Mankind2   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyThe Ecclesiastical Enforcement of Sunday Observance1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyTYPES OF BELIEVERS1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyChristian fruit??1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyCan a backslider go to heaven?1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyDid the origin of the word 'catholic' entitle Supremacy of the Bishop of Rome1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyVISITATION1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyDISTRACTIONS1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyWhat do I have to be thankful about?1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyWhen people understand enough about Christ, do they decide to get saved?1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyThis could very well leave you speachless!1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyWhy pray on your knees?2   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyIs Jerusalem a capital of Israel with a huge palestinian non-Jewish Population1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyPost from iiii2c Tell us about your Shabot1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyJeremiah1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyWhat Is A "Help Mate"?1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyThe many names/titles of Jesus Christ6   
Dec 9, 2007Bible Studyhi1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyThe Bible1   
Dec 9, 2007Bible StudyCan a backslider go to heaven?1