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Group posts by stophate2
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Jun 17, 2010Bible StudyLeaving Big Church1   
Jun 10, 2010Bible StudyUnderstanding the Bible75   
Jun 2, 2010Advanced Bible StudyMy Appologies for the Recent Controversies here at BC5   
May 29, 2010Advanced Bible StudySensory Was Banned A Long Time Ago By 'Brightshine'1   
May 18, 2010Advanced Bible StudyCan beleivers be demon possessed11   
May 7, 2010Bible StudyTestimony And Commandment3   
May 2, 2010Advanced Bible StudyOnce Again, Kevin is Banned from Advanced Bible Study Group1   
Apr 11, 2010Bible StudyStop The Attacking and Stop the Harrasment Please6   
Mar 23, 2010Bible StudyDeveloping Humility of Mind1   
Mar 22, 2010Bible StudyFASLE SELF-CONCEPTS1   
Mar 22, 2010Advanced Bible StudyWhy Classicalman Is Not Allowed to Post in This Group1   
Mar 16, 2010Bible StudyA Livng Hope1   
Feb 28, 2010Bible StudyAre Christians Supposed To Be Poor?86   
Feb 2, 2010Bible StudyHebrews 3 Gives the Reason Why We Should Do What Chapter 4 Says7   
Jan 17, 2010Bible StudyIs The Phrase "Turn The Other Cheek" Correctly Interpreted?1   
Jan 11, 2010Bible StudyCompassion for the Lost1   
Jan 11, 2010Bible StudyPraise The Lord Anyway!!!84   
Jan 10, 2010Bible StudyDid The Translators Tamper with Colossians 2:17?2   
Dec 23, 2009Bible StudyShould a Christian fellowship with a homosexual who professes to be a believer?140   
Dec 23, 2009Bible StudyAd Hominem Fallacy6   
Dec 23, 2009Bible StudyClassicalman what does this mean????28   
Dec 13, 2009Bible StudyYou/me/all are guilty of greed66   
Nov 28, 2009Bible StudyWhat Is The Real Truth About Clean and Unclean Meats?1   
Oct 19, 2009Bible StudyContagious Anger1   
Sep 27, 2009Bible StudyLearn to Question What You Are/Were Taught35   
Aug 23, 2009Believers Bible StudyThe Eternal Punishment of The Wicked10   
Aug 17, 2009Bible StudyWe Need to Be More Concerned About the 'state' of the LIVING.1   
Jan 26, 2009Believers Bible StudyBiblical hermeneutics: the proper method of interpreting Scripture1   
Jan 26, 2009Believers Bible StudyDoes man have a free will or not ?!2   
Jan 14, 2009Bible StudyCan a Gay be Christian?50   
Jan 5, 2009Bible StudyCulture VS the Word in Defining Women's roles18   
Jan 4, 2009Bible StudyWWJD? I dont think should be the question.1   
Nov 30, 2008Bible StudyWho Owns BigChurch Anyway?1   
Nov 30, 2008Believers Bible StudyDELIVERANCE5   
Jun 3, 2008Believers Bible StudyWhat about Demon possession?7   
Jun 3, 2008Believers Bible StudyWe miss you, Sue......2   
Apr 23, 2008Bible StudyAm i going crazy!9   
Apr 21, 2008Believers Bible StudyAm i going crazy!6   
Mar 17, 2008Bible StudyGod's Sabbath for Mankind10   
Mar 14, 2008Bible StudyWhy do so many not beleive what Jesus taught?4   
Feb 19, 2008Believers Bible StudyWhy do so many not beleive what Jesus taught?1   
Feb 19, 2008Bible StudyHappy New Year!2   
Feb 7, 2008Believers Bible StudyDON’T QUIT1   
Jan 31, 2008Believers Bible StudySins are not equal in degree, nor in punishment.1   
Jan 30, 2008Bible StudyDid God move Jesus "Church" to Rome?8   
Jan 30, 2008Bible StudyThe Gnostic Gospels - Can anything "good" come out of Nag Hammadi22   
Jan 30, 2008Believers Bible StudyA difficult question ! ( The fruits of sin )1   
Jan 25, 2008Bible StudyThe Meaning Of Life5   
Jan 22, 2008Believers Bible StudyHow do we seek God?2   
Jan 22, 2008Believers Bible StudyFRIENDS2