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Intelligent Design

On the Teaching of Intelligent Design in Public Schools

gavinLS, August 11, 2005

The controversy surrounding this topic tends to support what I have been saying for some years now. “Science” as we know it today, is just another religion, though the prac tit ioners usually fail to realize that. The differences are merely semantic.
Throughout history, mankind has had to cope with the universe. Earlier men made assumptions based upon random events that they interpreted either correctly or incorrectly. Those people who seemed to have a theory about how the universe worked expressed them within what became ins tit utions which seemed to provide answers for the common man. Nowadays we call those earlier attempts at understanding and coping with the universe “religion.” But early humans just considered it the best place to find answers to questions they had in an effort to cope with life, and to optimize their existence. It was the best “science” they had at the time. In that light, what we today call “science” is no different from any previous attempts by humans to best cope with existence. Religions of the past have always been forsaken when better and more successful coping mechanisms in the form of newer “religions” came along that surpassed the usefulness of prior religions. Modern man has come up with newer and in many ways better coping mechanisms in this new religion. This new religion is better capable of prophesying about many things. But like all its predecessors, modern science is now going through a phase of development similar to other religions as they advance through time.
It has happened to all the previous religions. At some point, adherents and high priests all begin to fear differing ideas. Eventually they all try to suppress opposition. They don’t want opposing views to be heard by the masses.
The superiority of science lies in what should be flexibility. Since before Galileo scientists constantly refined and updated their understanding of the universe, and have developed methodology much more efficient for doing this, via the Scientific Method. To date, no newer religion has been more productive in efforts to advance man’s ability to cope with the universe.
Much of this new religion called science is limited to the material world, but even there many scientists cannot see that they often break their own rules. There have always been opposing theories that were each considered “scientific.” Many of them have been proven right or wrong as the religious zealots of science practice their faith. Just like prior “religions”, those theories may work for a time, but can be surpassed by better more effective ones. Some still exist side by side today. It was Newton’s physics that placed a man on the moon, but it cannot explain the workings of a quark as well as Quantum physics is able to do. Yet both those “religious constructs” continue to be used, and both seem equally correct. Einstein went to his grave hoping to unify them, but to this day they both operate simultaneously and independently in and uneasy coexistence.
Some things have to be taken on faith.
Yes, faith. Scientists frequently exercise faith. In 1963 when President Kennedy urged the United States to endeavor to put a man on the moon, scientists showed they had faith that it was possible. Had there been a strong and widely accepted scientific argument disproving the possibility, then we would never have tried, and had Kennedy lived to run for a second term his “heresy” might likely have cost him the Presidency. But scientists had faith, and it was based upon their learnings within.their religion. They had “grown in their faith.”
Many scientists today cl aim that they only trust that which is testable. Such testing yields results that either fit in with our schema of the universe, or redefine it. But this is hypocrisy to make such claims.
My educational background is as a scientist. My field is psychology and my academic efforts were primarily on those testable aspects of the field. Yet that same field is rife with untestable notions which are utilized every day to the betterment or detriment of mankind. Sigmund Freud postulated aspects of the human mind which may best be described as spiritual. His “theories” have not been universally accepted by others in the field, yet they are still taught and used today. They remain “kosher” simply because they have not been disproved, though other theories may yield better results. Abraham Maslowe’s theory of Self-Actualization is still taught to students of psychology, and provides a system for many clinicians trying to help human beings. But show me a test that proves or disproves it. Or if one wants to limit science strictly to the material universe, B.F. Skinner demonstrated the fundamentals of learning using lab rats and pigeons. But can Skinner or any other scientist explain sentience in organisms? What “force” enables me to be aware of my own existence and that of the world around me? If I am just matter, what force impels me to care? What force compels me to want to continue existing at all? Perhaps I may possibly be happier if I were dust?
Or let’s confine our discussion to physics. Why can’t our understanding of the electro-magnetic force be unified with our understanding of the gravitational force?
Science throughout its history has had to postulate concepts to answer many questions, some testable and some untestable, with varying results. The history of our understanding of the atom was changed numerous times by the addition of various elements that had to be postulated in order to fill our understanding. Did any scientist ever see an electron? No, but they postulated it via deductive reasoning. They assumed it must be there.
One of my favorite theories in physics is known as String Theory. I’m limited in my ability to comprehend and explain it, but I find it fascinating that it may provide a unified field theory that would meld Quantum mechanics and Einstein’s Relativity. It holds that the universe and everything in it is comprised of infinitely small vibrating strings of pure energy. If string theory is valid, then the proofs within it demonstrate no less than eleven different dimensional planes of existence, and possibly more. Fascinating! But doesn’t that coincide well with the concepts of Heaven and Hell, both of which have some adherents citing various planes of existence within them?
If modern scientists are not offended by the String Theory of the universe, why are they so repulsed at the idea that some infinitely superior power may be in control of it? God is just another postulation that may provide the answers. It is every bit as well deducible from the evidence as those elusive electrons. The fact that we have obtained predictable results in our efforts to manipulate subatomic particles only presents cause and effects which coincide with our assumed concepts. We know what we will have on a printout when we think we have forced two quarks to collide, but did anyone actually witness the collision? Is there no other possible explanation for those results? And if not, how can we know that such an alternative theory cannot exist?
Scientists who fear such alternative views are no wiser than the mediaeval priests who forced Galileo to recant. They want to limit our minds to their own mental limitations. Science cannot prove or disprove many of the theories it continues to support. Why cannot Intentional Design be viewed among those? To argue that it cannot, is akin to telling the biologist that insects cannot exist outside his laboratory.
Okay, if you still don’t agree, my next question is what gives modern liberals the right to deny access to such alternative views? Why are they so afraid people will think along different lines and make up their own minds? Shouldn’t students in our schools be taught to think deeply and independently? If modern “science” has a better answer, then students will realize that for themselves. Now the issue becomes one of ethics.
Science utilizes deductive and inductive logic all the time, so I have purposely stayed away from Biblical quotations to make my points here, so that scientists and liberals will have to debate this issue in a logical manner rather from a narrow mindedness and bias against alternative thought.

In Memoriam of Soon.
Posted:Nov 5, 2013 6:38 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2016 8:04 pm

You can never love a woman enough to satisfy her desire to be loved.

-Most of them will let you know occasionally.

But there are only a few women who are so precious that try as you might, you can never love them as much as they deserve.

-Oddly enough, they'll never tell you. But if you're both lucky and wise, you'll figure it out long before they are gone. If you're unlucky and foolish, you'll still figure it out, but it will come to you after they are gone.

I'm very happy to say I was both lucky and wise.

RIP Soon Mestern (1936 - 2013)

I love you Soon.


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Girlfriend of 17 years passed away.
Posted:Oct 7, 2013 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2014 4:08 am

Hi folks

Just wanted to let my friends here know that my girlfriend passed away Friday about 5pm California time.

She was the most decent woman I'd ever been romantically involved with. We didn't get to see each other so often since she moved to California to be with her a few years ago, but our commitment to each other never changed. She was loyal to me til the end, as I was to her.

I love you Soon ("Soon" is her name. It's Korean.)

GBU all,

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Personal Message from the Desk of Gavin Lee Sutherland
Posted:Sep 4, 2013 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2016 8:05 pm


The Politically Correct Crowd; the Obama Administration; US House of Representatives; the US Senate; Nancy Pelosi; Harry Reid; Barack and Michelle Obama; Liberals; Progressives; the Anti-Gun Lobby; the Pushy Gay Rights Lobby; the Open Borders Lobby; Artists; Music and the Hip Hop industry; the NAACP; Mayor Bloomberg of New York; Hillary Clinton; John Kerry; Eric Holder; any US Military or and Federal, State, or Local Policing Agency that wants to take my guns or force me to comply with laws restricting my constitutionally recognized rights, or is foolish enough to try to take them from me; all other ignorant people; Moochers; Deadbeats; Perverts; Muslims; CAIR; Blacks or any other people from lower socio-economic status who haven't made an effort to educate themselves or their out of the ghettos; Blacks who still think Democrats or Black leaders and politicians are doing them any good, or Blacks who still blame white culture for their life circumstances; Hollywood elite; NAMBLA; Atheists who strive to shut down Christianity or any acknowledgement of a deity by those who believe in a God or Higher Power; Democrats and Republicans or any other party members who are not truly conservative in their values and beliefs; Anyone favoring big government; anyone limiting States Rights; the Washington DC elitists and other useless wastes of flesh; advocates for a higher minimum wage; Jesse Jackson; The Rainbow Coalition; Al Sharpton; MSNBC; CNN; ABC; CBC; PBS; NPR; Comcast Cablevision and any other cable or internet provider supporting leftist causes or Al Jazeera; any of the same that refuses to carry Blaze TV or allow gun stores to advertise on their systems; Chris Matthews and whatever he has dribbling up and down his legs; Detroit politicians; the NEA or any other teacher's unions; AFSCME; SEIU; any college or university that charges more than $60.00 per credit hour and/or who charges more than $50.00 for a textbook; any fool who thinks the fact that because they were dumb enough to spend WAY too much money for a college degree that it makes them worth more than they really are, or that they have a right to a job even if they are incompetent and can't produce or get results; Socialists; Communists; Fascists; Marxists; gang members and other drug pushers; Obama supporters; leftist carryovers from the 60s; people who think divorce is no big deal or that outsiders who knowingly have romantic affairs with married people not their spouse should not be held liable for damages both civil and criminal; People who want pets or but lack adequate responsibility and commitment; people who want to make radical changes to my way of life and insist I like and support it; people who demand I violate my religious beliefs for political correctness; modern men's clothing designers; leftist television producers; global warming fanatics and other similar bullshitters; people who have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the US Constitution and related readings, yet demand to have a voice in political affairs, and even worse, people like Obama who lie and claim to be Constitutional Scholars and law professors but in reality don't know the Constitution they are deliberately trying to destroy; Presidents who lack the decency and courage to open up their educational records or their birth records when asked; Senate Majority Leaders who make up lies and twist truth for political purposes; House Speakers who are too stupid to know they need to read and understand a bill before they vote to pass it; white racists; black racists; politicians who put Party before Country; Anyone opposed to a free and secure Israel; Oprah Winfrey; skanks like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Brittney Spears, or Madonna; Sean Penn; Danny Glover; Career politicians; Mi politicians John Conyers and Carl Levin; Whiners; Crybabies; Guilt-trippers; and finally, anyone else who may deserve to be on this list whom I've overlooked or who should check with me if you are in doubt.


Gavin Lee Sutherland

Dear Persons,


I'm sick of listening to you. And I'm ready to die for what I believe. Leave me and my family alone.

God bless you, and God Bless America or what's left of it.

Gavin Lee Sutherland

PS: BTW folks, I'd be honored if you spread this around the internet, even if you just want to disagree and ridicule it. I think I'm not alone in my sentiments here, and I just want it said. Then people are free to hate me and/or anything I stand for. But this way, at least they'll KNOW what I stand for.

-Oh, and one other thing I should mention. If anyone has a polite question, I'll answer it for clarification. But the above statement is not posted for discussion. I'm through discussing. These are my core beliefs and there's no changing them. I'm ready to live or die by them. Consequently, I don't expect to comment much more here, even if people waste their time challenging me. My mind is made up.

A Total List of all the worthwhile things SofH has ever said, and/or which deserve a response.
Posted:Sep 4, 2013 3:54 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2016 8:10 pm


I've left room to add more if any ever come up. But to date, the list is complete.

GBU all,

Prayer Request
Posted:Jul 26, 2013 12:38 pm
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2013 3:22 am

Hi folks!

Just a small request, if anyone wants to oblige I'd appreciate it.

My Jason has been struggling hard to find consistent work while staying out of trouble for several years now, and for the next couple weeks he is involved in a job that could finally get him out of his rut. So, he asked me to pray for him, (very unusual for him to do that) and I promised I would, and that I'd ask my friends to also pray that this opportunity to save and rebuild his tree trimming service succeeds.

Thanks a lot and GBU,

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Hi folks!
Posted:Apr 16, 2013 10:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2013 2:20 pm

Was glad to c a couple of old pals back in BC! (Izzy and Deedee!) Welcome back u guys!

My regular computer is all repaired and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Been reluctant to stay signed on as much, cos for now I've been using my studio computer and I prefer not to expose it to the internet any more than I have to.

Still into my music, and uploaded the final version of my "Nightswitch" project. Ultimately renamed it "Impudent Conga Nightswitch" (I'd always planned a random interjecting conga to pop in, and when I was finished, it just seemed appropriate to acknowledge it in the name. (It's on my soundcloud list of sounds -song tracks- and u can find it there by looking me up under Gavin Lee Sutherland.)

I still pop into SFF and FB daily, just like I do here. But I confess that I usually find nobody chatting in BC so I don't stay here as long. Hopefully that will gradually change.

GBU all,


Nightswitch. Upload tune I've been working on for weeks.
Posted:Mar 29, 2013 11:29 am
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2013 4:40 am

Hi folks!

In case u'r wondering where I've been, I've spent most of my time for the past month or so tinkering with my recording and other computer stuff.

Just wanted to tell folks I'm almost done with this project, and I learned a LOT doing it!

Anyway, I've uploaded onto soundcloud my latest revision, and for now I've titled it "Nightswitch -STILL a work in progress!!!"

If you decide to check it out, I am complimented and appreciate any comments you may have.

GBU all,

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To friends who have my email
Posted:Mar 22, 2013 3:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2013 7:34 am

Hi folks

Lost all my email contacts when my other computer shut down. Hoping those of u who have my email at 1817 will send me one so I can rebuild my contacts list.

TY and GBU all,

Hi folks!
Posted:Mar 5, 2013 9:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2013 9:41 pm

Been dealing with a LOT of computer probs lately! Hope to be back here more often soon!

GBU all,

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Where's Gavin been hiding?
Posted:Feb 28, 2013 7:42 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2013 10:22 pm

Blog Stuff


My thoughts and plans for today:

Gonna post this on FB, BC, and SFF. (Everyone knows what FB is, but BC and SFF are social sites with blogs and chatting.)

For about a month now, I’ve not been getting into blogging or chatting online as much as I used to. Daily I check all three of my social media sites, and maybe copy and paste or share some items, but I haven’t written an article myself, or spent much time in any chatrooms.

It all started when I got deleted from SFF unfairly several weeks back. When that happened, I just started moving into other interests that I’d been ignoring. Later, when SFF found out my deletion was unfair, they re-instated me, but by then I’d just moved on and haven’t been that motivated to spend so much time online these days.

I still spend lots of time on my computer, but lately I’ve been getting back into my music hobby.

And I’ve also been taking care of business and chores I’d been ignoring. I’ve seen more TV too!

Anyway, if anyone is wondering about me, that’s why I haven’t been around as much lately.

Today, along with checking my social sites and emails, I hope to file my IRS return, and get new tabs for my truck. But I hope those items won’t involve my whole day.

What I really want to do, is get back to playing around with my music.

Yesterday, I uploaded onto Soundcloud (site for musicians to upload music) a version of a piece I’d composed a few years ago using Sibelius, (A computerized program for musical compositions and notation.) In order to make it possible to upload, I first had to convert the files to MIDI, then paste them into the MIDI tracks on Pro-Tools. (A computerized recording and video program.)

Then, I had to reassign new instruments and adjust the sounds. Next, I had to do a mix. Then I had to convert the whole project to an MP3, so it could be uploaded onto the web. Sounds easy enough, but for me it was a lot of new technology!

My problems come from trying to convert so many files. What comes out sounding good on one system, sounds different on another. When I do a recording in my studio, I can adjust it exactly the way I want it, and get it sounding fine. But when I convert it to MP3, then it always changes. Sometimes drastically! Then, I have to do a remix of the original files, and make a whole new MP3 that compensates for the previous problems. Once I get that right, and when I upload it to the web, I often have to repeat the entire process again!

Making the music is not my problem. Recording it properly is, and then mixing, and finally putting it out in a format that can be shared easily.

Anyway, I’m still having fun. And my plan for today is to do still another re-mixed version of the tune I put up on Soundcloud yesterday (Spudknucker’s Reveal), and hopefully it’ll sound better. Usually, I send my tunes out en-masse to everyone on my email list too, so folks can save them if they want to. But I’m not sending this tune out in emails till I get it right. I’m leaving the version from yesterday up, and will leave it there for a while. Folks might find it interesting to hear how the recording process evolves for me.

I’m just an amateur at sound engineering, and I’m sure someone more experienced wouldn’t have any trouble doing what I’m trying to do. (But for them, it’s probably a job, whereas for me, it’s just something I do for fun.)

Just letting folks know what I’ve been up to.

GBU all,

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