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Wave Angel

Let's talk about the things that are important to, what I expect in a partner, the ocean and friendship.

Mom4Jesus has gone underground because of the SMILIES....
Posted:May 5, 2006 10:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2024 12:52 pm

Mom's blog has been taken over by Thinker and Frank and she asked me to post this on her behalf..


As I posted earlier [post 25615] , I had personally been contacted by 2 Kewl (a very shady Smilie, whose name has been altered for his protection) . His communiqué to me on YIM last night promised information that I "NEEDED to know, " regaridng the HOT, TEMPESTUOUS tirade between the "Smilie Nation" and the "Yendor Snotty's" (as 2 Kewl dubbed our fellow BC-ian), Our very own Yendor has been at the front lines of this fantastic war the news media ( BCN , short for Big Church News) has dubbed:


2 Kewl came to our secret rendevous wearing his patented shades and Harley trike. He handed me an envelope with pictures of each of the SMILIE NATION leaders (including "Wink, Kiss, Thinking and Loser") in a secret convention in Arizona dated April 30, 2006.

Shown in the front row of the convention photograph was our own sweet BC Smilie Advocate, Firecracker. She was wearing her cowgirl hat and was waving a Smilie Nation Flag.

When asked what the "big plan" was, 2 Kewl stared at me through his dark shades and handed me one sheet of paper. It appeared to have been shredded letterhead from P.e.t.e.r. Yu, (Hong Kong)Wal * Mart (CEO and Director of Investments) and was taped together precicely, so that it was again legible.

In the letter, Yu stated that everything was forgiven and if the agreed upon funds were re-deposited to the offshore Wal * Mart account, Kiss would be reinstated as Vice President in charge of International Commerce (2 Kewl informed me that Kiss and Yu had been engaged, but he had "dumped her yellow uncovered backside" for a Michigonian [un named] related to... yendor2 .

2 Kewl then went on to explain that Loser had been in love with Kiss a long time, but she only had eyes for Yu. When Yu dumped her, she moved back with her brother (Thinker), who had just redecorated his Living Room circa 1970's style Brady Bunch...and didn't want to give up his new "pad."

Loser and Thinker then decided how to get even with both Yu and the woman who stole Yu's heart (Yendor's baby sister). They cooked up the plot to skim .01 cent (US) off each Wal * Mart credit card purchase. This programming feat was performed by y.a.h.o.o's "y a h oooooooooo" smilie, Frank. Frank had an in with the hacker community (via live chat) and he stored the binary code information via DOS and used Paypal to keep the funds in a holding pool. To date, they have pilfered over 10 billion dollars in their Swiss account. 2 Kewl said that Thinker wanted to make sure Yu took his sister's broken heart seriously. He was also spurred on, because he was "tired of being overlooked and not taken seriously in the online community."

These 5 notorious "innocent" 'net animations have had a nefarious plot that has FINALLY been exposed by 2 Kewl and Ralph Nader (who was notified of Yendor's one man stance against the Smilie Nation mooning innocent bystanders, by refusing to wear undergarments on their yellow "heinies"), when he did an exposé on the need to CEASE using emoticons altogether just last week (google search Ralph Nader and the Wal * Mart smilie).

2 Kewl said he could no longer stomach the unmitigated GREED of the leaders of this once gentle nation of emoticons.

When asked about Firecracker's The1Firecracker involvement, 2 Kewl shrugged and said that they needed the support, in order for their plan to be successful.

"She was a neccessary casualty...and she truly believes her stand, which is why others would soon follow suit."

When asked about the entire SMILIE Nation's involvement, 2 Kewl showed a sad smile and stated that Thinker and Loser were basically "setting their own kind up," in order to deflect suspicion by the E.A.R.S. (Early Action of the Resistant Smilies), stating that Yendor was viciously discriminating against innocent well meaning smilies (such as Angel and Heart).

"Yeah, Loser and Thinker literally caused a SMILIE riot, inciting the entire nation to think Yendor (and his group) were attacking the babies of the community. Before Heart and Angel could speak up, Wink and Loser threatened the two to silence...or else have their binary code eradicated (and basically kicked off of the 'net for good, forcing folks to use ASCII art again).

Kiss then contacted Frank and the plan was formulated.

2 Kewl says that Yu and Kiss are eloping and then honeymooning in a nudist colony.

So there you have it in black and white, folks.

The information is in your hands...the rest is up to you.

Introducing Me..
Posted:Mar 29, 2006 9:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2006 8:11 pm

This is my first blog entry, so please be gentle..

Love is the most important of all
because that's what Christ tells us
over and over again
love is everything

love for a mate
love for your family
love for your friends
love for your fellow man
"love conquers all"

disappointments like divorce, the end of a relationship...even death
I believe in love, forever

I will never stop believing that my true love is out there and I hope he is
and that he's looking for me
the way I'm looking for him
I can almost feel him soometimes
so close, but yet so far away

I pray for the day when I finally meet my true soul mate
my prince
my everything

this is my prayer for me and for all of you that pray for the same thing

Wave Angel

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