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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Female US army general has something important to tell me. lol
Posted:Oct 20, 2015 2:10 am
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2017 7:41 am

I'm very excited about this new prospect. A very important Woman general has chosen me (a hermit) and has something very important to tell me.

I've even got her personal email first letter to me. Wow!

Of course when we get together (I hope she doesnt need a loan from me to fly and see me due to the poor pay she's on or some mix up with her finances) I'll need to teach her English .... You know, things like where Capitals should go, where you need to use the space bar, double fullstops are not a good sign of education, but then none of us are pefect are we? Typing all those reports generals have to do must make interesting reading. lol

I wonder how many woman generals the U.S. has got? Seems to be plenty out there. Just thought I'd share her 'expression of interest'

Hello Dear,

I love your profile

My name is generalmargaret wood ward..USA Army general,I hope this mail will find you well and healthy and I hope that my communication with you not to offend in any way I came across your profile today and i become interested to be your friend,i am honesty,trust,love,caring,truth,& respect,I have all this qualities in me and i"m seriously looking for a life partner,Please i will like you to contact me through my email address (generalmargaret14 at ........)I HAVE SOME THING VERY IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU,

Yours Friend
Fellas, here's the next scammer
Posted:Jul 28, 2015 7:51 am
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2018 2:16 am

I am single female looking for someone special,an honest,trust worthy person a man that can make me happy and am willing to relocate so soon actually some times feel so lonely I hope you know what I mean so if you are interested in hooking up for more private conversation give me a reply at(email was here)I'll get back to you with more infor about me and my pictures thank you!!

Claims she (if it's a she) is 23 years old. I could be her grand dad's age. Do you recognise the similar lines to others (or the same) scammer. "Willing to relocate" "Hooking up for more private conversation" and always will send pictures ....
Just another scammer (no pic)
Posted:May 12, 2015 8:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2015 4:26 am

Babe,I don't want you to come here because my place is very dangerous now and it better,if you send me the money for me to be able to get my passport and visa so I can come and meet you over there because you are very busy yourself and i can't wait anymore and I just want you to help me as well because my mom is very sick,please try your best and send me even if 400 Euros,i will appreciate,please
Please do your best for me
12/5/2015 11:48 pm
Glad BC is back with chat.
Posted:Nov 3, 2012 5:00 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2023 8:42 am

I dont know who owns or runs BC, I've heard all sorts ... but I appreciate the fact that BC is up and running again. I love some of the 'old timers' here that I've chatted to in the past and look forward to chatting to them again. Sadly in the past BC had degenerated to a lot of 'slanging matches' with some unsavory types coming in and wrecking it for everyone else. Maybe the the owners were sick of all the complaints. I would have been too had I been them.
I had not a clue BC was up and running again. I just clicked my old 'favorites' icon and thought I'd just look one more time before deleting it .... and I was in again.
Not many here today, maybe not many know. I'll certainly try to tell others I know it's up and running again. Could take a while before some of the old crew are back, but I'm a patient man. Will enjoy watching it grow. Hopefully this time the bad guys will stay away. Today is the 3rd Nov 2012 that I'm writing this. Cant remember when BC shut down, a year ...? More or less? Not sure. Anyway. God bless all who come here with a kind heart, and God bless the guys who got it up and running again. Thanks

Compassionless leadership.
Posted:Nov 28, 2011 4:42 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2015 8:44 pm

The church of Pharisaic Christianity, or it's other name, The church of Compassionless Eldership - one is a branch of the other as they have the same constitution, legalism is a parra-church offshoot of this group and flows naturally through a lot of churches as fallen nature follows similar predictable patterns.

These are the individuals or groups within the true church, or whole churches with corrupted leadership around the globe claiming to be the church but are really feeding their own flesh. It’s a loose organisation demonically inspired designed specifically to destroy. These are blind leaders of blind leaders, teaching each others principles of man. When they see the sheep only reach out where they will be seen to reach out, do things that are noble for recognition. But the real 'fringe dwellers', those on the outer, the non charismatic poor, (I say non charismatic as those who are more charismatic, who are strong enough able to share their sad story are more noticed, some are too crippled inside and it takes years of nurturing in the right fellowship for them to be healed and be able to open up), blind lame and hurting in all sorts of ways etc are largely ignored until the light shines on this and then of course they are forced to be seen to do something about it, just like politicians.

A friend who is a Christian told me this and it stuck in my mind, he said, "The way I see it today the church is really a business. If you're struggling most pastors wont care or come and visit you, if you stop paying tithes however, then they notice you." Sadly I know which churches he'd been to. The power hungry pastor of his last church had several 'body guards' one to even stand at the door of the toilet while he went. The body guard goes under the title of “Armour bearer”. This was only a small church, the typical one pastor 100 congregation, now why the need for body guards? He'd never been assaulted or abused ...... this pastor was un-correctable. They had to walk behind him a certain distance, perform certain functions, if he was taking his coat off one had to rush & take it from him, just like a butler. This little man has got ‘king syndrome’. He started changing over time becoming worse. He also used the bible every time someone was 'out of order' in his eyes to make a sermon on the issue that was at hand and denounce that 'rebellion' which would then of course turn the flock's attention to it and unless the one in question 'repented' life was very uncomfortable for the individual. One example my friend gave was he went to the loo during the service and was basically accused of not being interested, the pastor thought he'd walked out being disinterested and felt an affront. This had to be denounced. He told my friend, “You can’t just walk in and out of God’s presence like that.” Another time his young was asking her sister a question about what that pastor had said, she was thought to be talking during the service, not paying attention and publically admonished. He said naming my friend to all, “So is this how you bring up your ?” My friend was very much embarrassed by this and didn’t know what to say. This small church has become a ‘little man’s king syndrome cult’. He wants to glean a bit of glory for himself. These and other actions ended up in them leaving, it ripped their heart a bit as his wife was a long time leader of the Sunday school, she’d connected and befriended many and they had many older friends there too.
My own experience in life has made me write this little thing below. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Lord and his true church completely, this is just an observation with a humorous slant to make a sad point, if your eyes open to something, that’s all it’s meant to do. Hopefully it will lead to correcting a problem, not leaving the church. My goal is to create compassion with a bit of sight as we are all fallen, we can all claim to love God, but loving our neighbour is where I’m focused for this.

The School of Compassionlessness

Heartlessness is a compulsory course to take in the school of compassionlessness. It doesn’t always go by that title but it's the main reason for the college's existence.

The main subject topics are,

1. Ignore your neighbour's real needs while pretending to care, feed yourself & glean what you can and how to do this without being conspicuous.

2. Manipulation is a favourite subject within this course (and a few of the other courses too), we cannot go into all that this subject offers as it's almost endless, endless as the world’s fallen imagination. Each year brilliant students add their own input to the lesson and we revise the course incorporating the new concepts. This is one of the most exciting courses as it's always evolving. You too can have a part to play and be recognised for your ideas as each new manipulation invented will have the name of the inventor attached and you'll be recognised officially as dynamic and inventive. Others coming through will to look up to you. This is a feature no other college offers. It's a real ego boost. It's better than recognition of prior learning if you are creative.

3. Buy the best of the best, live expensively on what you can get out of the flock while saying life is tough for leaders. You only live once so enjoy it to the max. This is the fringe benefit of being a called shepherd, you can pander your wolfish tendencies. Politicians do it all the time, why shouldn’t you?

4. Stress your stress, let them know how hard it is to lead, exaggerate expenses and convince them they need to put more in the offering plate. This way you can get cash for stress & the flock really doesn’t know what pressures you face trying to spend that money. It's hard to decide what to buy, that's enormous pressure.

5. Suppression. Now this is an all time favourite as well. It's really the backbone of the movement. If you got them suppressed, you are on top.
You can learn how to rule by domination, fear, legalism, lots of rules, your own of course with scripture attached to prove them, (even if slightly out of context) and also by the more gentle methods of deviousness etc which are mentioned in point 7. We tailor make to your nature here, if you are quiet & sneaky or aggressive & violent, we'll teach you how to win whatever your personality. You’ll learn the ‘docking principle’ (cutting off their tails) with new sheep. A little pain will change their focus from others to self. Those newly born again are too new to know our ways. They just want to ‘skip in the fields’ and help people even if they don’t really know why, they tell what’s happened to them and this is both dangerous and useful. We want the outside world to know we are really good, but we really need to ‘direct’ their thinking to be ‘correct’. This is a very challenging area, we lose a few that refuse to conform but overall our methods keep a great percentage of those who are ignorant until taught ‘properly’. Mat 23:15 (this is a ‘secret verse) All of Mathew 23 is to be avoided quoting at all costs. We are trying to print some bibles with this chapter (and some others) missing. Only have working bees at your church, never allow independent ones where sheep help sheep, if this starts then begin some more around your church so that will take their time away from that kind of thing as the church has priority. Keeping them busy and focused on trying to please you can take their mind off a lot of things. Make sure that marriage is only allowed within your circle of fellowship. This filters out ‘unwanted types’. Never mingle with other churches other than our own ‘brand’. This ensures that families and friends will not blend with them and be polluted by their word as we and we only have the ‘true word’ and only our church is going to heaven as the others haven’t got it quite right.

6. Submission. Teaching submission at all costs is really easy to prove with Scripture. Slaves obey your masters! Work as unto the Lord! etc. This really smites the conscience of the true believers and keeps them in check. Its crippling effect keeps you in control. Disciples, devotees or volunteers (what ever you want to call them) are wonderful, you don’t pay them anything and because they are hooked they will defend us to the death. They even work when they are sick we don’t send them home because that would destroy their being a martyr mindset. The Taliban, cults and many other religions use this principle too so it works!

7. Deviousness. Remember the verse about being as cunning as serpents and as gentle as doves? Now this one has to be handled with real caution, you can come unstuck if caught out. So use this one very carefully, use subtlety and gentleness with this one so that if you are caught you can look innocent and not really guilty, surely you just made a forgivable mistake ......

8. Repetition, parrot fashion teaching works, it's been proven in sales. Remember any heresy will be deemed to be truth if heard over and over again, just bombard constantly 'how it is' and most will believe it over time. Although you might lose a few, the 'loyalty factor' comes into play and people once committed to your church hate to think they are wrong and will stay and believe the lie usually till they die. It’s a great tactic. (just don’t believe it yourself, this is a real trap to be avoided at all costs, once you believe your own lie you are doomed. Many have fallen to this.)

9. Slip in a 'good work' now and then and magnify yourself in it to encourage the flock to give more. However, be very careful what good work you do, you don’t want to be committed to continuing it for too long or otherwise there might be an expectation for it to be ongoing, that’s expensive, and heaven forbid, even another one springing out of it. We don’t want all that glory to go ‘upwards’ without getting a bit for ourselves now do we?

10. Over prune it till it dies, this is one that will go well with the "I am the vine" parable. This helps with ministries where you are losing your grip and that are difficult to control.

11. "Do not consider it strange the fiery trial" verse this is a show stopper for keeping them miserable and broke. You can blame God for all their problems while making a huge packet on the side.

12a. Delegation is a two part series. Never delegate to the sheep is the first part. Giving power to others who are not 'in the know' and like not like yourself is extremely dangerous, financial suicide.

12b. Delegation of leadership. Now this subject will teach you how to choose someone who is as greedy as you are but still will be loyal to you. They will 'come on board' being so grateful you've let them in on the scam. They will be rewarded handsomely too for their ability to glean and also be too greedy to share it with any one else outside the nucleus of leadership. This control mechanism will keep your unit tight & hardworking. Helpful reading is; "How I operated the mafia" by Don Mussolini. The downside is when one of these rebel, the 'excommunication method' for elders is rather drastic. It can split your income ... errr I mean church, unless someone is hired to fix the problem.

13. Excommunicate. This is extremely useful when things get tough, if they rebel dump them, they not going to tithe anyway so you may as well get rid of them.

14. Confession, make sure you got the dirt on them and this will always keep them in control for fear of exposure.

15. Ensure a spirit of competiveness is in the congregation, this will ensure that each with ambition will try and clamber to the top. This coupled with confusion, (another subject again) will be a brilliant tool if ever there was one to divide the flock just enough to make sure you are in control. You can console the loser while congratulating the winner, 'run with the hare and hunt with the hounds' philosophy really works and has been the principle foundation for this method. When one is chosen over another make sure you have the ‘finger on the pulse’ of those with ambition. You can console the loser with, ‘another day’ while grooming the winner to whatever cause you choose for his/her life. It’s a magnificent way of keeping those in the leadership role of your choice while keeping those chaffing at the bit to do something at arms length till you are ready to use them. This is what is needed to control until you’ve just crushed their spirit to the point where they don’t care any more and you don’t need to do much in the maintenance area of their souls.

16. Confusion. Now this topic is one of our favourites, it can be as imaginative and creative as you are. All kinds of little spanners in certain works will help you reign supreme. We cover things like issuing slightly different commands to different staff, changing your mind and reissuing orders and only telling some, with each one a slightly different slant on their duty. Overpaying (yes overpaying) staff members, so then later you underpay and they cant complain because if they were not honest in telling you the first time they’ll be too frightened for you to look in the books. You do this in small increments over time to more than double your money back. You stop for a while, then do it again, each tax year to be precise. Double Dutch them, religious jargon that’s not quite able to be understood keeps them impressed but also wondering at the heights you’ve attained to. You can be very aloof so they are too intimidated to ask what it means, or if they do then you can double dutch them even more. Be the only one, or one of a select few to have ‘visions’ that only you or they can interpret and pass onto the flock, it can take months and even years for them to be ‘fully understood’ as ‘gradual revelations’ can take time to work out to your advantage and this is mainly an eldership area anyway. If the sheep know they are ‘penned out’ of this area you’ll keep a real class distinction of shepherd/sheep division.

17. Cover up. This is the final and most expensive subject. This looks at when you've been busted for all sorts of things, the legal angles, the lawyer’s fees, the tactics needed to keep the media at bay or even onside if you're smart enough. It also looks at if you've lost the court case, how to reduce your sentence if convicted etc. We have many lawyers and judges who've we've invited for dinner on numerous occasions and helped out with some of their problems. We have done a lot of financial dealings with many that are on a secret list who can assist in an emergency. We will find the right one for you (for a slight fee).
Extra subjects are;

18. The danger of church elderly ladies. This subject is an extracurricular one with an added fee, but well worth learning.
Remember the saying, “The weaker sex is the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex?” Well in this subject there’s a special feature called, “Look out for the elderly ladies”. This goes into detail about how the ‘elderly ladies’ in the church can manipulate both sexes to their advantage. Many of these have manipulatory methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. They’ve used their looks and in later years their experience to control their husband and families, their friends, their boss and they’ll try to control you too. Their ability to control pastors and congregation has been amazing. This subject opens the eyes of the ignorant and innocent wolfish shepherd that is trying to hold control and not know why he’s losing it. In this series you learn how to break their control while not looking like a bad guy. Also if you can’t control their manipulations you can expose them while concealing yours as you are really the one in authority and call the shots. Hopefully they will leave as they will always hold a grudge and be waiting their chance to bring you down, which is a typical reaction from the power hungry who’ve lost their power. Years of holding control and then losing it will never sit well with them, it’s definitely better they go.
This is only a tiny bit of what this course at our college offers and there are many more courses.

On a serious note;
This note below is based on a Councillor training manual our church has used.
King Herod wanted to kill the , Satan's plan is to kill all, especially those who love God.
Satan's plan to kill is still here today, to kill every 'new born again believer' before they find their ‘feet in Christ’. Satan will use confusion, pressure, physical, health, seduction, rejection, offences, ridicule & abuse, worries of life, isolation, ignorance etc to keep you from relating to and loving God.
Mothers and fathers in the church need to be ready! The newborn awaits your compassion. Mothers/sisters, your love is immeasurable, it knows no boundaries coupled with the love of Christ & the Holy Spirit, yet it has to be wise. Your discernment for the newborn is invaluable. Paul talks about being a mother caring for her own. We don’t let play on the road, or make their own way to church if unsure. We don’t say about the newly saved, "If they are saved, they can prove it by their commitment" and let them struggle to church without a car and flounder.

A wonderful and good friend of mine who is a pastor was told by God that He'd only increase the numbers of is little church when he was ready to receive them. My friend had to be ready to receive. This was a real lesson in the learning for him as his evangelical heart was breaking with a yearning for the lost. We can yearn for the lost, but are we ready to handle the numbers? Another pastor who preached at our church said, "The increase of numbers in a church is directly proportional to the pastors' ability to withstand pain." When he expanded on this I understood why. We can be looking for numbers, but cemeteries also grow in numbers, but with dead people. Yet God will answer all who are truly His and want His will for their lives.

I don’t know who will read this. Take it in the spirit it's given.
Hope to see you one day in Heaven. Be encouraged, hold fast to the faith. Don't let go and till we meet - overcome dear brother/sister.

God bless and look forward to meeting you in eternity.
May your eyes be open, your wisdom increased, your discernment be heightened and enlightened for the tasks you face in your walk.


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