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Meriam's Guy

How would you kiss sleeping beauty?
Posted:Jan 13, 2008 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2008 5:12 am

How Would You Kiss?

If you were the prince who ventured upon Sleeping Beauty in her trance, you would kiss her on the . . .

1. forehead.
2. chin.
3. nose.
4. ear.
5. eye.
Posted:Jan 13, 2008 7:21 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2024 5:55 am
you are:

The breath inside of me

The moment I wake up each Day

The smile that forms on my face

The place inside me where no one else reaches

The last thought I have before my eys close for sleep

The dream that I have every night

The fantasy burning bright

The Best friend I could ever have

The only Lover I ever desire

all of this and more....

You Are:

@ 08 DLT
The History of Keith Green
Posted:Jan 13, 2008 5:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2008 2:59 pm
Keith Green was 15 the first time he ran away from home. He started a journal that ran for years as he looked for musical adventure and spiritual truth. Keith had a Jewish background, but he grew up reading the New Testament. He called it "an odd combination" that left him open minded, but deeply unsatisfied. His journey led him to drugs, eastern mysticism, and free-love.

When Keith was 19 he met a fellow seeker/musician named Melody. They were married a year later -- but his spiritual quest continued. Then when he had nearly given up hope, Keith found the truth he was looking for. He was 21 and he never looked back.

What once confused him now made sense as he proudly told the world, “I'm a Jewish Christian." As soon as Keith opened his heart to Jesus, he and Melody opened their home. Anyone with a need, or who wanted to kick drugs, or get off the street, was welcome. Of course, they always heard plently about Jesus.

Not only did Keith's life take a radical turn, but as an accomplished musician and songwriter, so did his music. His quest for stardom ended. His songs now reflected the absolute thrill of finding Jesus and seeing his own life radically changed. Keith's spiritual intensity not only took him beyond most people's comfort zones, but it constantly drove him even beyond himself.

Somewhat reluctantly, Keith was thrust into a "John the Baptist" type ministry–calling believers to wake up, repent, and live a life that looked like what they said they believed. Keith felt he would have met Jesus sooner if not for Christians who led double lives. He made audiences squirm by saying, “If you praise and worship Jesus with your mouth and your life does not praise and worship him, there's something wrong!"

The radical commitment Keith preached was also a desire of his own heart. He said, “Loving Him is to be our cause. He can take care of a lot of other causes without us, but He can’t make us love Him with all our heart. That’s the work we must do... Anything else is an imitation.”

Keith's songs were often birthed during his own spiritual struggles. He pointed the finger at himself, penning honest and vulnerable lyrics–but he left room for God to convict the rest of us too. He knew the journey to heaven often winds through muddy valleys, and saw no value in portraying things as otherwise.

With Keith's honesty, he would have chafed against a glossed-over reading of his own life. After all, Keith was in the spotlight as he grew in Jesus. He made mistakes. We miss something essential when we overlook the frailty and humanity of those who've gone before us. Keith was far from perfect, but he honestly hungered after righteousness–constantly asking the Holy Spirit to, "change my heart, convict me of my sin." And when he was convicted, he took action. If he needed to repent, he repented. If he needed to phone someone to ask forgiveness, he did.

For Keith, meeting Jesus was one thing. Becoming more like Him was another. After striving for years to measure up to God's holiness, at times questioning his own salvation, Keith came into a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross–both to forgive his sins, and to clothe him in His own righteousness. It wasn't that Keith became less concerned with purity and holiness. But he was now motivated more by love and less by fear in His pursuit of Jesus.

While on earth, Keith struggled with the same things we do–discipline, deadlines, problems crying for attention. He had music to write and a growing family. And he was also discipling the 70 believers who had come to be part of Last Days Ministries–the ministry he and Melody expanded from the outreach that began in their home. But he learned, in the midst of it all, the importance of pausing simply to behold the glory of God and to enjoy His presence. That is perhaps, more than anything, the legacy Keith would have wanted us to remember.

In seven short years of knowing Jesus, the Lord took Keith from concert crowds of 20 or less–to stadiums of 12,000 people who came to hear only him. His recordings were chart topping–and when he began to give his recordings away for whatever people could afford, some misunderstood. His views were often controversial but never boring. Television and radio appearances became the norm. Still, Keith's heart was to please the Lord and build His kingdom, not his own.

And in the last few months of his life, the Lord turned Keith's heart once again toward the lost. He wanted to go back out into the streets, the prisons, and the nations to reach those without God. He wanted to sing to them. He wanted to tell them how much Jesus loved them. However, it was not to be.

On July 28, 1982, there was a small plane crash and Keith went home to be with Jesus. The crash also took the life of his three year old Josiah, and his two year old , Bethany. Melody was home with their one year old, Rebekah, and was also six weeks pregnant with their fourth , Rachel. Keith was only 28 years old.

Although Keith is now with Jesus, his life and ministry is still making a huge impact around the world. His songs and passionate delivery are still changing lives. His writings are translated into many languages. Keith once said, "When I die I just want to be remembered as a Christian." It's safe to say he reached his goal, and perhaps, a bit more.

Keith Green was simply a man of conviction. When his convictions led him to an eternally worthy object in the person of Jesus he sold all that he had–ambitions, possessions, and dreams–to possess His love. In so doing he became a man of devotion. He also became a man remembered, and still missed, by millions around the world.

The only music minister to whom the Lord will say, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant," is the one whose life proves what their lyrics are saying, and to whom music is the least important part of their life. Glorifying the only worthy One has to be a minister's most important goal! – Keith Green
What if it had went further?
Posted:Jan 13, 2008 4:44 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2008 3:00 pm

The twins in England that had married and later discovered they were twin brother and sister.

What if they had before they found out? I have been mulling over this all day long. Would you destroy that family if they had a together?
Can you marry your sister/brother?
Posted:Jan 12, 2008 3:59 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2008 3:03 pm

I was caught offguard a little today by a story in England where a brother and sister who were adopted at birth married and later found out that they were biological twins. What a mess. Two people deeply in love and it forbidden. The judge ruled the marriage to be no marriage.

I am adopted. My sister who didnt know I was her brother, and neither did I know...wanted to go out with me. We lived 5 miles away. Illegally adopted into the same county.

My sister is one year younger than me. I was 6 months old when I was asopted in Morrow County in Ohio. My sister was immediately put up for adoption upon her birth. I had been born at Mansfield General Hospital in Richland County in Ohio, which is alongside Morrow county, She was born in Mt Vernon Ohio 375 days after me. Knox County which is where both of our parents are from.

The county brought her to my parents home with the intention of them possibly adopting her also. She was very sick, and my parents were poor. She ended up being adopted in the same county as me, 5 miles away in Mt Gilead, Ohio.

Her grandpa worked with my father at HPM in Mt Gilead. One day when I was 4, he brought her to the house to see if we looked alike. I still remember that day. Her parents knew and my parents knew. But there was a secret few people wanted anyone to know.

I saw her maybe 3 times in passing until I was out of High school. Once when maybe I was ten. Her family owned an appliance store in Mt Gilead and we bought a stove there. She happened to be in the store when we went. She was very beautiful. The few times I ever saw her, you just noticed her.

The year after I graduated I was involved in a Christian youth group in her town. I had went to her school that day to meet a sophomore friend of mine named Mark. He helped lead the group. I was sitting on the bench outside the office, waiting for school to end and meet up with Mark.

Then a mutual friend, Davey came by with this beautiful girl. They had just gotton out of frivers training class and were coming back into the school to drop off books. Davey came back to me and said, hey she thinks you are really good looking,do you want to set me up with her?

Well, looking back I was kinda shy. I asked him what her name was and he said Lynne *********. I recalled that name being mentioned between my mom and another lady once. A lady who was friends with my family and Lynne's family. So that night, February 18th 1975 I asked my mom if she knew who this girl was.

She immediately became uptight and asked me who had told me. I said, no one has told me anything but you had better tell me something. Thats when she told me that Lynne was my full blodd sister. I have always felt like God was watching over me.

But if this story is true in England. I dont know what to say. Nomatter what they do, their lives are changed forever. My life wqas changed forever that night in 1975.
When does America Matter?
Posted:Jan 11, 2008 5:52 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2024 5:55 am

When Does America Matter?
written by my , Cory

When does America matter?
Posted January 10, 2008

First I wish to say that I know this doesn’t apply to all or even a majority of conservative minorities.

I’m finding a more and more disturbing trend growing. I am finding more and more conservative minorities wanting to vote for Obama simply because he’s black. Nevermind how unbelievably liberal he is or how much populism and feel good political speak he’s using at the moment(hello Mike Huckabee). Why does one look at the records of everyone else and ignore Obama? Because he’s black? I thought we had gotten past this in this country or at least were making major progress. I guess the pundits were right and I was wrong.

Now I appreciate the honesty of some of these minorities just flat out telling me “oh I’ll vote for him because he’s black” which I think is ignorant, but honest so I’ll take it for what it’s worth. Others seem to find some way or reason around voting for him. Almost lying to themselves about who he is as a politician. They tell me he’s inspiring. These are conservatives mind you. Of course, you’re not fooling anyone. It’s because he’s black. At least be honest about it. His issues differ very, very slightly from that of Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. So why not them? They aren’t minority. I think it’s just as ignorant as someone saying they will vote for someone because they are a woman, or because they are a southerner or think they are good looking etc etc etc. I have to wonder how many good leaders we’ve lost because of this kind of ignorant thinking.

So some ask me “Cory what about the struggle?” Liberal policies are bad for minorities. They don’t work. They have NEVER worked. They are empty promises that do not come true. They don’t work for you or for anyone else, but instead word for the politician. Frankly as Clarence Thomas has found out the hard way if you believe differently than the “feel good” liberal politicians that any protection your skin color brought you with these people goes out the window. Racist slurs and stereotypes are all fair once again. Let’s take a look at Obama’s record and sayings shall we?

He voted against banning partial birth abortion. He believes the constitution is a living document and not in favor of constructionism. Voted YES on expanding research to embryonic stem cell lines. He supports Roe v Wade. He believes in more regulation when to “protect home mortgages.” He says Bush’s economic policies are not working. Voted NO on 40 billion in reduced federal spending(yet criticizes Bush’s spending). Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs effectiveness. He wants to end tax breaks for “companies that send jobs overseas” yet that’s a big reason they send them overseas in the first place. He believes in the term ”hate” crimes. Voted YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning. Voted YES in banning drilling in ANWR. Believes in so called “age appropiate” sex education for kindergarden. Doesn’t believe China to be an Enemy. He’s willing to meet with dictators around the world without pre-conditions.

He has a record(albeit short because he’s only been a senator for three years) of being in favor of much government intervention in business. He is a severely progressive tax hiker. I don’t even want to get into national health-care. What plans does he have for national security? What plans does he have for illegal immigration? I know he’s voted for amnesty and for illegal aliens to participate in social security. I know he’s voted against both Roberts and Alito to the supreme court. Oh yeah, one little thing. He’s against the Iraq war. Yes I expect this of him being a liberal, but we are talking about so called conservatives voting for this man.

I could go on about his record. That’s not to say there aren’t a few good points in with his voting, but his record is overwhelmingly liberal. This isn’t an indictment of the man personally. I don’t know him and I don’t care. I’m not here to get into the rumors of his life. I’m talking about looking at mans record and telling me as a conservative you could vote in favor of him. I don’t care if people agree with him on these issues and vote for him. That’s to be expected. But if you’re willing to put all of your beliefs behind you and what you say you know is good for America to vote for a man simply because of his race or skin color then don’t ever call yourself conservative. No self respecting conservative would completely sacrfice their values for something that trivial.
Annual Darwin Awards are out...........
Posted:Jan 10, 2008 4:11 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2008 11:54 am

The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of
the human genome by honoring those who
accidentally remove themselves from it...


Mole Hunt
2006 Darwin Award Nominee
Confirmed True by Darwin
(10 January 2007, East Germany) A 63-year-old man's extraordinary effort to eradicate a mole from his property resulted in a victory for the mole. The man pounded several metal rods into the ground and connected them to a high-voltage power line, with the intent of rendering the subterranean realm uninhabitable.
Incidentally, the maneuver electrified the very ground he stood upon. He was found dead at his holiday property on the Baltic Sea. Police had to trip the main circuit breaker before venturing onto the property.

The precise date of the sexagenarian's demise could not be ascertained, but the electricity bill may provide a clue.

Girls vs Boys
Posted:Jan 9, 2008 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2008 8:09 pm

Differences between boys and girls

"Equal" is not always synonymous with "the same." Men and women are created equal. But, boys and girls are not born the same.

1. You throw a little girl a ball, and it will hit her in the nose. You throw a little boy a ball, and he will try to catch it. Then it will hit him in the nose.

2. You dress your little girl in her Easter Sunday best, and she'll look just as pretty when you finally make it to church an hour later. You dress a boy in his Easter Sunday best, and he'll somehow find every mud puddle from your home to the church, even if you're driving there.

3. Boys' rooms are usually messy. Girls' rooms are usually messy, except it's a good smelling mess.

4. A baby girl will pick up a stick and look in wonderment at what nature has made. A baby boy will pick up a stick and turn it into a gun.

5. When girls play with Barbie and Ken dolls, they like to dress them up and play house with them. When boys play with Barbie and Ken dolls, they like to tear off their appendages.

6. Boys couldn't care less if their hair is unruly. If their bangs got cut a quarter-inch too short, girls would rather lock themselves in their room for two weeks than be seen in public.

7. Baby girls find mommy's makeup and almost instinctively start painting their face. Baby boys find mommy's makeup and almost instinctively start painting the walls.

8. If a girl accidentally burps, she will be embarrassed. If a boy accidentally burps, he will follow it with a dozen fake belches.

9. Boys grow their fingernails long because they're too lazy to cut them. Girls grow their fingernails long - not because they look nice - but because they can dig them into a boy's arm.

10. Girls are attracted to boys, even at an early age. At an early age, boys are attracted to dirt.

11. By the age of 6, boys will stop giving their dad kisses. By the age of 6, girls will stop giving their dad kisses unless he bribes them with candy.

12. Most baby girls talk before boys do. Before boys talk, they learn how to make machine-gun noises.

13. Girls will cry if someone dies in a movie. Boys will cry if you turn off the VCR after they've watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" three times in a row.

14. Girls turn into women. Boys turn into bigger boys

ancient dragon
Never say goodbye, just say I Love You
Posted:Jan 9, 2008 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2008 3:45 am

Never Say Goodbye, Just Say "I Love You"

By Fran Hafey/Mysti

As long as I can remember, with my and husband, when we would part, I wouldn't say good-bye, I would hug and kiss them and always say "I love you."

We even say it on the phone each time before we hang up.

I would tell them, that as sad as it may be, that when they walk out that door, we may never see each other again. At least not in this lifetime or realm.

I'm happy to say, that even now, all my do the same thing. As they're leaving, they always hug me, kiss me and say, "I love you Mom."

How do we know we will see them again? We have faith of course, but how do you treat your loved ones? Do you take them for granted?

I've seen people that when they meet strangers, they're polite and nice, exchanging pleasantries and later, have seen them talk horrible to their very own families.

Why is that?

Many say it's because we can be ourselves in front of family and that we're more at ease. Well, that's a horrible thing to say, because if that's true, then who are we trying to fool if we're rude to them and nice to strangers?

I agree, that I'm able to express myself about some things to my family that I may not be able to with others, that I don't know. I can share things and get things off my chest, but I never am purposely mean or degrading. I've heard that many feel we can do that because we feel that family will never forsake us because they are family. Letting out our feelings is one thing, but being nasty is another. Emotions are all a part of being human, but that's not an excuse.

Recently, my Dad was hospitalized with a mild heart attack. This had been happening a lot lately, but both times after he and my Mom had taken trips to visit family and friends. They would drive about ten hours, stopping to rest and then when they returned home, my Dad would go in the hospital, having complications.

My Dad has had trouble with his heart on and off for years but had been walking over six miles a day and eating a very sensible diet and had stopped smoking twenty years earlier. He has Rheumatoid arthritis, but he is a real trooper, never really giving into it, but continuing to work hard and keeping the homestead looking wonderful.

After many tests, finally, they did one that showed his heart was ninety percent blocked and did immediate emergency surgery, performing a double bypass to the heart.

In the time period, he was in the hospital, which actually was not very long, I never got to go visit him. The hospital was about two hours or more away and two of my three sisters and brother were there on and off with my Mom. We kept in contact, but something just kept me from going to that hospital. All the years he had been in, I had never gone to see him, not once. I always waited until he was home and in a more relaxed environment.

This may have been a problem with me, but I know, years ago, I made my peace with my Dad and I knew in my heart he would once again come home, but I struggled with not visiting him.

When I did plan to go, when he got home, he was rushed back in to have fluid removed from around his heart and his rhythm was not good.

Because of her own fear, my Mom said something to me, stating her true feelings by saying "he is your Dad ya know and he is important." I cried for days, because I had let my own insecurities interfere with visiting my Dad and for what some thought, might be the last time.

Finally, only another day and he came home and my husband and I went to visit. When I walked in, I could not believe this was my Dad. He seemed to have aged at least ten years and he was so pale, even his hair seemed thinner along with his body.

I immediately hugged him, carefully, kissed his head and said "I love you Dad." I was so glad to see him, not just for me, but for him too, because apparently his fear had also wanted me to be nearer to him at that time. A sense he may have had or his fear of not being able to see me one last time, just in case.

My spirit knew his spirit was ok. I had faith he was being watched over. My family doesn't really understand the depth of how much I believe in the spirit relationship, but just the same, it woke me up to a few things about visiting my Dad and how, just in case, I had not said "I love you Dad" the last time I saw him.

I was happy to see him and love both my parents dearly and have made my peace with their passing and my own. I know in my heart and spirit that I will never really say good-bye, just "I love you."
When Letting go hurts
Posted:Jan 9, 2008 3:54 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2024 5:55 am

When Letting Go Hurts

by Mystiblu/Fran Hafey

I can remember times when I had to let go of something I loved, and it hurt.

What about when we must let go of someone we love?

What circumstance would we have that would make us have to give up someone we love?

I have two beautiful daughters and a . I have wonderful relationships with them. Years ago, when I was going through a divorce, my ex-husband got very nasty and lost sight of love and he took my daughters away. They were two and a half and five. The circumstances that led to this horrible act were neither right nor wrong, but it still happened.

My heart was almost broken. I hurt horribly to have two people that were a part of my heart, soul and body, ripped from me the way they were, in the middle of the night. I suffered and cried for many years. My spirit ached.

A year or so after they were gone I met a wonderful man, fell in love and had a . This helped ease my pain. I love them dearly, but I still felt the empty spot in my heart. I was not able to Mother my daughters the way I wanted, but I was blessed to spend time with them. Their Father was always filled with such hatred and pain. I still loved him as a person, although I did not love his acts of hate.

I was an adult, and I acted with love for my daughters. I worked hard to change and be a better person. But, deep down inside, I hurt because I knew I had done nothing wrong, but to be human. I made mistakes too.

I feel I let my daughters go in a sense, so that they would have a better life, instead of watching the fighting and hate going on all around them. I let them go, so that I could grow and be a better person too. They were never very far, they were always in my heart.

It took time for me to forgive myself and to let go of that pain. I had to learn to love again in many ways, but I let go of hate and sorrow so my daughters could feel my love I had so deeply for them.

Today, as I grow Spiritually, I sometimes wish I had known then, what I know now, but I also have learned that all things happen for a reason. I would not change one thing in my past. I know that pain and letting go have made me who I am today.

I have now chosen to look at those painful memories differently. I have let go of the hurt and the sadness and the "what ifs" and I am blessed to have healthy, wonderful relationships with my .

I learned a lot in those years and now share with others how to have their own personal power, to get it and keep it. Others can do hurtful things to us, but we don't have to accept them, we can fight back with love and we can let go of so much of what hurts us. We can love ourselves enough to know we do not deserve to be treated badly. We can stand up for our rights and our beliefs, without harming others.

Sometimes we have to let go of those we love in order to learn and move on. Whether it's letting go of a loved one through death or separation, letting the other person in our relationship grow or perhaps just for a short time, when we are not able to be together for different circumstances.

I know I am here right now, typing this story, because I chose to let go of the pain in my life. I have learned unconditionally, there is a time for everything, there is a reason for all things and I choose to let go of the pain and live life fully.

Sent with love and light,


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