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god's servant's blog

this used to be god's garage

Posted:Feb 28, 2020 5:24 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2020 12:34 pm
I am NOT crazy! well, maybe, but I have been losing sleep for valid reasons and can prove it now. not being able to sleep well messes with me physically due to my MS. I have been crazy sick from these garbage pickers. it has cost me my job and my relationship with my parents.

they generally will come back EVERY hour on the hour ALL night (even though this particular instance is isolated and MUCH shorter), and MUCH quieter. also the phone lying on the window sill did not really catch much of the noise I hear in bed.

STILL, I have it on tape. I am hoping the police cut this incidence short. also, SOMEONE stole the buzzers out of my window again (pictured). the screen was not ripped much further. the police also noted the buzzers in my window when they came. theft rept # JD161932 2/23/10 (0430).

I had a siren set up, but I did NOT run it to not further foil the recording. I started recording around 11:15 last night, and I got a free program to edit the wav (I have been trying to edit it for an hour now). it began about an hour after recording, which would have been 12:30am or so.

I had the white noise machine blasting wave sounds in the back ground. there is SO much general noise in this building late at night that I NEED the wave sounds to sleep anyways. but the hoots and hollers and dragging of the wagon(?) STILL can be clearly heard.

I have not been able to post the wav file here, but I have it!

i came up with a quieter way
Posted:Feb 25, 2020 5:45 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2020 5:29 am
I thought about it the last few days. my landlords (my parents) think I am crazy and making this up, and my IL firearms card has not come in the yet, so I was going go out there in my shorts and try film this, but I have been afraid. last night I put my smart phone in the window and set it take pictures (which include sound). I will try set it film also, but there is not much see from my window.

it was supposed snow all night (which it did not), but the garbage pickers never came. my phone ran out of juice and I got nada. I have a usb powered outlet that was powering my white noise device (which is also in the window) so I hooked it up my phone so I can leave my phone charging and filming ALL night. the white noise thing is worthless against the noise the drunken garbage pickers make anyways.

maybe I *am* crazy, but I will be able prove that this is happening. the little black things that are showing in the window are electronic buzzers that I have set up against the noise. I have also taped the gaps in the window with black duck tape.

the broken screen is because people have stole them in the past also. the garbage pickers do not like the noise, I can hear them groaning when I turn them on. I have tried to repair the screen with screen repair tape since.
someone stole my siren
Posted:Feb 24, 2020 6:29 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 6:33 am
I had my siren placed between my screen door and my outside door. NOT the greatest place for it, but it worked and could be heard by the garbage pickers. evidently, it was also heard by other tenants in the building. someone came knocking at my door at 4 am and ringing my back bell. I screamed that I had a gun and ignored it.

in the morning, my siren had been pulled out of its place and was gone. I don't just leave the siren blaring for a long time, I have a remote control outlet and shut it down as soon as the rowdy garbage pickers leave.

it was only $9 on amazon, and I ordered another one immediately. I also ordered another supposedly LOUDER one from amazon and locked my screen door and pulled my back door bell.

I also filed a complaint with the police about the robbery, hoping it would lead them patrol my building more regularly. unfortunately they did NOTHING last night, the garbage pickers were back, and I had NO siren last night.

I was worried that it might have been my mom, but I have seen her since and she said nothing about it

i decided to go out there late at night and film the drunken garbage pickers
Posted:Feb 15, 2020 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2024 7:43 am
I thought about this for a while, and it has been COLD here. so I haven't gone yet. I also called the police and told them that I planned to do this.

ever since I called the police and told them. the garbage pickers have NOT really been continuing to make a lot of noise. I don't know if the police have FINALLY been looking into my complaints (and phone call) or if it has been TOO cold out for the garbage pickers. it also could be the siren I have been blasting that brought the police here (FINALLY).

in any case, the garbage pickers are NOT making a lot of noise here and I am sleeping thru the night.

I have looked into arming myself with a stun gun for this adventure, and I tried to buy one at amazon. however, amazon will NOT sell me one. I guess you need a fire arm card to own a stun gun in Illinois?

I have applied for a fire arm card and am waiting for an answer from Illinois. it is good to get some sleep lately in any case.
i have been undecided when to leave
Posted:Feb 11, 2020 6:57 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2024 7:43 am
I have applied for a loan for a wolf cub and for a Jayco hummingbird. rv salespersons are worse than car salesmen. whichever one approves me first will be the one I pic

I have been trying get straight answers from satellite internet people and places park a camper in the city while I figure things out. I will NOT call either person on the phone, but they don't mind spamming death while NEVER addressing my questions.

I am trying find out if I can get satellite internet on a camper while I move it around?

I also bought a NEW, MUCH louder siren, that seems divert the drunken garbage pickers here. with that being done, that kind of takes out much of the urgency about leaving town soon.

one of the other problems I have about leaving town, is how to get deliveries? I order from amazon a LOT, and I have medications I need to get by .
i have made a plan
Posted:Feb 7, 2020 11:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2020 5:34 am
I have decided get a tiny home, but have not had much luck considering where put it. Chicago is out as far as I can tell, so I have decided move somewhere else. but where?

I have made a plan get a trailer that jeep can haul, stay in some of the tiny home communities available for a while, see how things go.

then I am NOT stuck in a place that I don't want live. jeep can haul a wolf cub trailer, that is much bigger than current apartment.

I have also planned on trying find a community where I can get help with MS. where it is warmer than Chicago.

I will miss the family, but not the noise or the weather
i set up the louder siren again and got more louder sirens
Posted:Feb 5, 2020 8:56 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2020 5:35 am
I am tired of this game.

the drunken garbage pickers have come back after a BRIEF respite, and I am NOT sleeping again. it is making me sick(er).

I have been calling the police EVERY night, and when they finally show up, they are too late to do anything and make a lot of their own noise. I quit my part time job working for my father (my landlord) last week. today is the first day that I didn't show up when I was supposed to be there.

I got 6 new tiny sirens from amazon and set them all up with remote outlets to launch tonite. I have paid feb rent, so there is NADA my dad can do.
1 comment
the louder siren worked TOO good
Posted:Feb 1, 2020 6:30 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2024 7:43 am
my landlord (my father/boss) got SO mad at me for blasting the louder siren that he finally did something. he talked to the alderman and the police and put up a camera where all this stuff was happening.

I also quit my part time job working for him and have been looking into purchasing a tiny home. I live in a tiny studio apt. it could not be any tinier.

the drunken scavengers have stopped making noise here, but now this is a shallow victory
drunken rowdy garbage pickers
Posted:Jan 25, 2020 5:49 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 12:50 pm
I have been having a major problem with drunken rowdy garbage pickers in the wee hours of the morning here.

I have tried EVERYTHING!

I have tried a megaphone (with siren). I took wave screams and blasted them on my many watt boob box (that seemed to work for a while). I tried earplugs but they are LOUDER than the earplugs can shut out! I got a white noise machine and put it in the window. I have been spending a fortune on amazon trying to get something to shut them up!

I just got my new auto alarm/power outlet to work ! i powered up the alarm earlier to shut up the noisy garbage pickers and it worked

it just took a while to figure out the remote power thingee. But now it is SO working with the remote. this is the last time i need to be woke up at 6 am!

it is advertised as “painfully" loud, but it is more like painfully annoying, but it will work to shut up the garbage pickers.

I ordered another siren and remote outlet from amazon today, as well as ANOTHER supposedly LOUDER siren
HUMANA credited my credit card!!
Posted:Jan 24, 2020 8:11 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2024 7:43 am
they FINALLY did something right....only credit on my credit card is NOT really helping me much right now. i scrambled to pay the $1000+ they made me pay for my meds. I have spoken to american express via chat and they say they will cut me a check soon. thank you american express, AND humana

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