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My Blog of Thoughts

This is my place to rant and rave about my day and thoughts and such!

Posted:Apr 6, 2006 6:59 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2006 10:01 am

My are a blessing from GOD!! Not a day goes by that I am not truly thankful for them.

My have been through a lot in their short lives and sometimes it is hard to understand why.

Let me share about my and tell you why I share this story.

I have basilcally raised my boys on my own their entire lives, this can be explained further if need be. We have gone through the plains to the mountaintops together. They bring Joy to my heart every day!

My are sooooo special to me.

Last year, my boys were playing in the front yard of our home. Mind you we live in a small laid back town. play outside all of the time. You don't worry about your cause everyone looks out for everyone else.
I live on the main street leading to our school compound . We live in a school zone (which mind you is not enforced).

Anyway, on that Monday afternoon I had been outside watching them play and came into the house to turn the oven on to start dinner. I was nearly to the front door when I heard what sounded like a big plastic trah can being hit by a car. I looked out my front window to see a laying in the street, underneath a car. I screamed my baby has been hit!

I ran out of the door and down the steps of my house adn when i turned the corner to go to the street, I saw my olderst on the edge of the street and my driveway, the neighbor from next door was with him. I went to him to tell him everything was going to be ok. When I got to him, i realized that he had been hit by the same car. BOTH OF MY WERE HURT!!!
I cannot tell you what this does to a mother's heart. Where do you go, which do you tend to??? A million thoughts ran through my mind and all I could do was cry out who did this????

My neighbor is a nurse as well and she was tending to my oldest , who had been thrown 30 feet.
I went to my youngest who was laying in the middle of the road half way under a large car. He was laying on his back and crying, "MOMMY!! My head hurts, my back hurts" I knelt over him trying to comfort him. I want my babies to be comfortable, Trying to keep him from moving and thinking the ground has to be sooo hard under his head, I placed my hand under his head to make it more comfortable, You can imagine what I felt. Waiting for the ambulances and paremedics seemsd like forever, there were more people standing around than I have seen at nearly any function here in town. All I could do was cry for who did this??!!

After watching my be loaded into a helicopter and flown out of my site, I had to ride the hour and a half to the hospital. Not knowing if my would be alive when i got there. About 30 mins into the ride an overwhelming peace came over me. The tears stopped and my shaking was gone!! I said, They are going to be ok!! They are in God's hands now.

Upon arriving at the hospital, i went to the front of the line in the er to ask for my . I was taken to the room where my youngest was and spoke with the drs and nurses. I was then taken to the room where my oldest was. The same thing. lots of tests, xrays ect.

When they were moved to a room finally, they wheeled them out on their beds one behind the other and the oldest was in front. When they reached the room, he leaned up as much as he could in his bed and looked over his shoulder to see his brother, and you could see PEACE wash over his face.

I have to tell you that when they loaded them into the ambulances to take them to the helicopter, all each of them could do was ask about the other. My are 17 months apart nearly.
After getting into the room I asked them if they remembered or knew what happened. My oldest told me that his brother went into the road to get the frizbee and didnt look. " I saw a car coming and went to get him out of the way. I didn't want him to die alone!!" I couldnt say a word. Then I asked him if he knew he was going to get hit he said " I knew i couldnt get him out of the way so I got between him and the car and when I knew i would be hit i closed my eyes"

I tell you this story not to brag but to share with you something of why i believe the way that i do!
This shows me that I have taught my in the ways of the LORD. Sacrifice, LOVE, devotion, concern. Among other things. My young acted selflessly to save the life of his brother. Both of the boys had swelling on the spines. THe youngest only had closed head trauma, the spine and multiple abrasions to the head and body. The oldest spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair and then an aditiona month on a walker. He had a broken hip, head trauma, and many abrasions. He has trouble learning now as a result and things are not easy for him anymore. He knows there are a lot of things that medically he cannot do now, but I guarantee you, His brother nor I will never forget what he has done. And there is not a doubt in my mind that if they were ever in a situation that one was at risk, the other would put his brother before himself.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and many have come to the Lord through this. THe man that hit the boys was a 77 yr old professing atheist. My speak to him every time that they see him now and he has shown signs of an interest in Scripture lately. Please pray for him. My wanted him to know that they were ok but if they had of died , they would be in HEAvEN with their FATHER!!!

I share this for several reasons and not one of them if for sympathy, First of all I use this as my own lesson of selflessness, I also use it as a lesson of faith. It has been a reminder of how MERCIful AND MIGHTY MY GOD iS!!! Please take to heart the lessons we can learn from our !!
God Bless you for taking the time to read this
Relationships II
Posted:Apr 6, 2006 6:31 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2006 6:17 pm

Ok forgive me for posting today but couldnt resist. I have gotten a lot of comments and messages regarding my first post on relationships, so I thought i would post more. I beg forgiveness for forseen typos and such as I am heavily medicated today! lol

Ok I agree with what most of the responses to my previous post have been. I believe that relationships should consist of equally yoked partners. I believe that it is a lot easier if they are of the same religious group or denomination, not saying that different denominations can not work. I believe that Communication is key but not just with your partner. I think that not only should there be OPEN Communication between the two of you but also both of you openly communicating with GOD!! PRAYER!! I find it od how many people claim to be Christians yet being a close friend or dating or whatever the case may be, are uncomfortable praying with you? I understand sometimes it may seem awkward but I feel this is very important.
I also believe that you should spend time studying God's word together... not just at church.. I have my Bible study time every day but also try to have a time of the same with my . I belive that this is an expected part of being a GOdly parent. I know the days are hectic and a lot going on, sometimes seems as if there are not enough hours in the day.... I still TRY to do my best to spend time in HIS word with my . It does not get done everyday as it should but that should be my goal. I also believe that said family, or partner or whatever should try to attend church together. I also think this is key!

There should be support and building up of the other. I think that positive reinforcement is key to a childs development. I also think that it is key in a relationship.

There is a lot to be said about trust. Not only should I be able to trust my partner in big things but also in the small things. This being said, there will be mistakes and let downs in every relationship but I beleive that you should be able to openly trust your mate!.

THere are some of my thoughts on the matter for today... and yes yet again I could go on and on about this but I will save that for another day!
Posted:Apr 3, 2006 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2006 12:12 pm
Well my thoughts on relationships....

1. If God is not the center of it... it WILL NOT work!
2. I choose to put my mate before myself.
3. I know from experience that blending families is a hard thing to do but can be done with great success.
4. I do NOT pretend to know all the answers, just know what I have learned from life experiences and The LORD's Word
5. It is quite easy to fall into "like" with someone.... Love is soooo much deeper.
6. Love is unconditional
7. There will be mistakes
8. There will be pain
9. There should be open communication
10. THere should be a LOT of joy!!

No matter what your relationship is with others I belive that all of these come into play.... Though these are just a few, I could list many more, I begin with these.

If you so choose, please respond with The most important thing that you find in your relationships!!! I would find them very interesting to know!
Its been a MONDAY
Posted:Apr 3, 2006 3:39 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2024 12:48 pm
Today is Monday, How was yours? After waking up late this morning, my alarm didn't work. I need prayer for one of my patients. Bad situation at home. He had a really rough day today. My hot water heater had a leak this morning.... One of my other patients has to have his hot water heater replaced today and one of his cats was found dead..... How was yours?

My boys made me smile today because we prayed before school and they prayed specifically for me!! Doesn't it feel wonderful to know that there are prayers just for you? I felt God's grace today despite all the negatives. I know that He has a greater plan than I can see, and I will trust Him to guide the way!

It has been one of those days!
Posted:Apr 2, 2006 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2006 8:00 pm
Ok so it is a Day to Praise the Lord. The one day a week that we set aside to Worship and such. Well why should today be any different than any other day ??? Shouldnt we have 7 days a week to praise HIM????

Its a beautiful day outside.... have been playing all afternoon which gives me time to do the things here in the house that needed to be done all week.

Searching for a church that will teach the WORD of GOD and be a place of refuge.... seems to be non-existant in this area. I will no matter what my circumstances Praise HIM and Bless Him!!!

Rejoice in HIM.... this is after all HIS day!!

What a joy it is when you wake your up and they are excited because it is the day we go to church!! Brought a smile to my face
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