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Reverent Agnostic

Exploring modes of Christianity that aren't trapped in fundamentalist evangelicalism.

Divorced Christian Dating and Fun
Posted:Jan 6, 2007 2:15 am
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2007 2:27 am

So I updated my off-site blog tonight. I won't even TRY to reprint it here cuz those of you who hate [not me, but my sinning] will go to town on it. which i can handle. but whatever.

Anyway SEX TIPS FOR CHRISTIAN GIRLS is the name of my blog and i'll put the link in here

Basically, the post is about divorced Christians and how "dating" is a practical way of being. Pretty healthy if you ask me.

in touch,
The lie of men who "honour" women: something i learned today
Posted:Jun 23, 2006 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2010 1:16 am

in writing a response to some guy's anti-woman hatefilled generalizing comment on another blog post i figured out something about men.

and this isn't about Men in general but lots men i've known. most Men i've known haven't really been a physical, mortal or emotional threat to me.

2 have.

at any rate. men who actually hate women [but dont' know it] often claim to love and respect women. they talk the charm talk and sleep around [showing their love of women in general] and claim to be nice to women. but they also abuse women emotional, mentally and physically. actually hitting women with the baseball bat is only mildly more awful than swinging it menacingly.

so what i'm saying is that some men hate women when they think they don't. but theire actions betray their true feelings. and what i figured out in writing a post in someone elses blog is that the women they love are the ones who won't challenge their dominance over women. women are great if they build these men up. women forgive them for their blunt, insensitive comments. women recognize their painful past often causes their bad behaviour. being generous and forgiving is fine, but if the person yer extending forgiveness to KEEPS picking up the baseball bat or posting horribly insensitive anti-women comments or "jokes", he needs to go to jail....or the equivalent in a the very least being challenged on his rudeness and offense.

so the women-hating men only love women who keep the men in power over them.

advice time..women and girls: men who at times treat you with respect, but at other times hurt or try to hurt you are faking it when they are treating you with respect. you need to be firm and assertive with them. you must call them on their horse turds. you must let them know that you will put them in jail if they threaten or hurt you. you must tell your friends, the rcmp, your mutual friends and take the risk of looking victimized...CUZ YOU HAVE BEEN VICITIMIZED. and because of that, the women-hating men trust that you'll live in the shame and not nail them for it.

but you shouldn't. you should name them as the bullies they are and let them and their social network know that if any threats or attacks [physical, mortal, emotinoal, psychological] come your way, you will respond with lawyers, the rcmp, or in the end in dire times with the kickboxing you've been learning. if you aren't learning kickboxing, get on it, girls!

a gf of mine lives in a big condo. someone she knows a few floors down was broken into one night last month when his wife was outta town and he was sleeping and there 2 year old was asleep in her bedroom. the burglar got some jewelry and the ipod and even went into the kid's bedroom and took the coin jar. so lame. but that's not the point.

the point is that the sleeping guy was freaked out, not only at the thought of burglar in his daughter's room, but that he was freaked out that if he was awake, he would have killed him with his kickboxing. now i know americans are down with having guns at home and feeling ok about killing intruders who wanna steal the plasma tv. but this guy was terrified that if he were awake he would not have stopped attacking the burglar until the guy/girl [whatever] was dead. and that crushed him. but i'd do the same. even if it meant years of therapy to get over killing a guy with my bare feet cuz he was in my daughter's room.

my point is that i found great strength from that story. i'm willing to defend myself against people who emotionally, psychologically, physically or mortally threaten me. be it the rcmp, lawyers, shaming the guy with his friends and coworkers or physically defending myself to the point of mildly or if need be seriously injuring him [or more if necessary] if my life is in danger.

if americans can kill intruders with guns to protect their plasma tvs, i will protect myself against men who claim to respect women, but callously abuse and dishonour them.

if someone posts a beautiful blog piece where love and joy take place and some woman-hating man who claims to respect women spreads a piece of toad turd in there about women, i will not need to use my kickboxing to incapacitate him. but if i go somewhere else to respond to his filth, the post remains beautiful, yet with some unchallenged assualts on women coming from women-hating me.

so. that said. i need to reiterate to the people who backhandedly accuse me of hating men. that only two men i've known have had the capacity and mental tendency to kill or hurt me. they're no threat to me anymore.

since them, i've encountered 2 others i spotted as those types at parties or as friends of friends. one of the guys was an athlete in a contact sport [which i won't disparage by naming] and was really inappropriately physically aggressive..."just joking" tho even after he was making me and 2 gfs really uncomfortable and we said so. the other i was making out with and he wanted to go further than i did. it was one of those right on the edge of date that most girls encounter [yet mostly don't report]. i stopped it with a minor kickboxing move that merely bruised him bigtime on one muscle.

i ended contact with them without ambiguity. i let them know that if they interacted with me again, i'd maim them. starting with their family jewels. they called me nasty names, but it worked. they've stayed away. part of how it worked is i let our mutual friends know how they crossed a line, so it's out there and if they think they can cruise back my way without anyone else knowing, it won't work cuz already tons of people know.

and in the end, i love Men in general and most of the men i've met in my life have been awesome, even if i haven't gotten close to them or liked them much, they've been honourable human beings and respectful of women.

but i tell ya...the few in the tiny minority who think it's ok to knock women around a bit, need to know that i will do my best to maim them and their future ability to sire offspring. and unlike the guy who shuddered to think that he woulda killed his intruder if he was awake, i'm willing to do so if my life is on the line. i'd be prepared for learning how to deal with it after the fact, but i'd rather deal with killing an abuser than being dead. DEAD. and to the men who think it's funny that a good thing about dead women is they nag less, should give their head a shake, contact their local ywca and take a crisis counsellor out to a nice olive garden lunch and ask her/him about their day.

and those of you who wish to write off my comments and accuse me of being a man-hater, read again what i wrote about the proportion of men in my life i've loved. and if you still feel legitimate to criticize me, you must first share with us all your story that is similar or worse to being a teenage girl with a pre-teen sister and a bruised mother dealing with a jerk dad who picks up baseball bats and waves them back and forth to get his way and make the women in his life honour him.

if your story is in the same boat, i welcome your criticism.

if it's not, your criticism might be met with some harsh reply.
More Canadians think Homosexuality is Immoral than Think Pedophilia isn't???????
Posted:Jun 12, 2006 11:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2006 1:54 pm

this is from my offsite blog but it fits in here too.

so i'm housesitting for a friend's cousin for june. vancouver is odd. there's all these new free daily papers. smily folks thrust them at me at busy intersections and the skytrain stations.

the metro, 24hrs, dose...they all seem to be like the ticker running across the bottom of newsworld. factoids without the backstory.

big headlines are kinda silly too.

today's metro is "Sex before 16 is a sin?"

the prime minister's gonna raise the age of consent from 14 to 16 in canada.

so someone goes out and does a morality poll of canadians and finds that 2/3rds think sex before 16 is a sin. well, that's the headline. the poll question actually said immoral.

now, christians know that extramarital sex is a sin. i guess in canada most think 16 should be the lower limit. i didn't lose my virginity until my 20s, but if i could have done it all over again with the ball and chain of a repressive, anti-woman conservative church, 16 would have been about the time for me.

so that's interesting.

also interesting is that 31% think homosexuality is immoral. i guess that includes bisexuality [for me].

but here's something too wierd. only 81% think pedophilia is immoral. wtf?

what are the other 19% thinking? do they maybe not know the definition of the word? are they for some stupid reason unsure? are they interested in diddling kids and admit it to an annoymous pollster by saying they don't think its immoral?

with all the crap the glbt community and liberal christians get, you'd think people would be a little more freaked out about the lack of 100% objection to pedophilia.

or maybe that's just me.
Christian Wives as a Dependency Problem
Posted:May 13, 2006 2:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2006 12:23 am


Wow: the top ten things that christian women seek in men.

"Single Christian girls are looking for a guy who can provide a stable environment. Translation: A single woman finds a man appealing who has a steady job and loving relationships with his immediate family members. This shows the single Christian girl that the guy is dependable, consistent and able to provide for a family. This issue of provision is extremely important for a any single woman looking for a mate."

wow. mostly i'm speechless. not to say that christian women who think this is this much of a big deal are spineless doormats, but this is the 21st century. an organized religious institution that promotes female submissiveness is to be destroyed. not that the christian church does this en masse. but there's a vibe out there that reinforces women looking for the knight on a shiny white horse instead of stripping off her clothes and riding that godiva white horse to assert her femininity and independence.

well, not that i am condoning public nudity for all christian girls, but come on. i'm a fan of dependable and consistent, but providing for a family? if yer choosing housewife, great. but being married to a house isn't it for me.

"Coming on in fifth place is the issue of physical attractiveness. Christian single girls relay that it’s important (but not most important) that they be somewhat physically attracted to the man they marry. In other words, when a single Christian girl looks upon you, she should find ”something” appealing about you physically. You may not be a Brad Pitt, but you almost certainly have at least one feature that is above average in appearance."

fifth place is where a man should be "somewhat physically attracted" to the woman. first we tell women to look for a man to take care of them. then we lower women's standards to settle for someone who doesn't totally physically make you yearn for him while romping naked.

this advice is dangerous.

in touch,
The King of Logic Impairments
Posted:Apr 16, 2006 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2010 1:15 am

the guy who wrote about why men need to beat us weak old women more replied to my reply to his sick twisted woman-hating posting:

brace yourself. i don't even wanna get into it about how he seems to think the USA is god's country. ick.

holly -- well, first of all if you read the entire sentence i say something to the effect of "unless they have some other nefarious plot to steal the sovereignty of the US."

but that doesn't matter, because i will stand by the entire statement with regards to clean drinking water. the drinking water of the world is not clean because God is punishing heathens of the third world. notice how africa has been slowly but surely turning away from Christianity into a Muslim continent . Sudan, Rwanda... The UN is blantantly fighting against the will of God. Now if the UN were a missionary organization spreading the word of God in these far off, poor places, I would be in support. But by trying to make the world a better place for people who do not deserve it and should face head on the wrath of God, the UN exposes its true colors.

and you know, there is nothing worse than a woman with education. when you give inherently weak, intellectually inferior people schooling bad things come of it. that's how we got hitler and now why more women than ever are becoming abortion factories. and this is why the bible MUST be taught in schools. it's really the only way people such as yourself will be able to be educated without being swayed by the devil. i'm only saying this because you're questioning my logic. of course my logic may not be infalliable as God's but without the proper spiritual guidance the very fact you're involving yourself with logic is perilous.

in a way, you could be right about the WTO. but the thing is all or at least most of these world organizations are a tool of the Devil. As the preiminent world body, though, the UN is most likely going to be the place where the antichrist will make his mark.
Christians with Logic Impairments
Posted:Apr 14, 2006 11:37 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2006 1:53 pm

A Comment on Women (Why More than 25% need to be beaten)

oh god. what a sick women-hating #$%& this guy is.

his post and my comments are included below. many other people nailed his idiocy in comments as well check them out by googling the title of this guy's blog piece.

the dumb thing about this is that i've heard people who don't promote beating women say the UN is for the antichrist and we shouldn't trust it. that's just a guess. it might be the best bet for world government but the WTO thing is getting bigger too and it's like, only 10 years old and the UN is 60. WTO's rising faster.

anyway these folks who don't trust the UN need to explain away correct things the UN says like kids die from dirty water. having to always justify things must be hard for the simple minded.

in touch,

his post:

A Comment on Women (Why More than 25% need to be beaten)
Apparently 25% of married Syrian women have been beaten. At least according to the UN -- not exactly the most trustworthy organization, given that it will be the vehicle that antichrist uses in his rise to power. But let's assume it's true, and let's assume it's true for all women, in general. Immediately one must question whether 25% of women being beaten is a bad thing, simply because the UN, with it's "study," implies that it is. Anything the UN says is good must be bad, and vice versa. So if the UN is saying that what's happened is bad, then it's most likely good, unless, of course, they have released this study for some other purpose without regard to the morality of the facts, like to hide a nefarious plot to steal the United States' sovereignty.

In this case, I think the fact that women are being beaten is good, but we could be doing better. And here's an example of why. Yet again we are given another example of the inherent differences between men and women, and yet again the inherent differences reveal the inferior, prone-to-evil nature of women. The fact that men are effected more greatly than women by amphetamines is proof that men's brains are naturally more innocent than women's. Man is profoundly effected because he is inherently good and meant to experience pain and suffering without feeling so unnaturally good except when embraced by the love of God. Woman, on the other hand, exists in a drug-like state, because the Devil has so much power over her. And because she's already drugged, real drugs don't have such a powerful effect on her. I would be willing to bet, however, that if you were to run the same tests on Christian women, they would be just as powerfully effected as men. In any event, this is an example of why more than 25% of women need to be beaten, because since women are so inherently bad, it follows that more than 25% of them commit bad, un-God-ly acts and should be punished to keep them in line and bring them to Christ.

And here's another example of why women should be beaten. As I've stated before, God is punishing women by changing their shape so they are less attractive. Now, however, scientists have come up with a formula for the perfect female figure. It is only a matter of time before they or their witch brethren invent some type of potion to make mis-shapen women fit into the formula and thus into clothes that fit and make them look beautiful again. Clearly, the Devil is trying to bring women to his side, and we all know how women can be controlled through their self-esteem. Therefore, it is imperative that we men keep control over the situation with beatings. Otherwise, nearly all women will succumb to their natural impulses and pre-marital sex, abortions, and theivery will run rampant over society. When this happens, I'm afraid, the UN will most likely use the situation to bring it into position to be the world's government, and we will be helpless to stop the rise of the antichrist.

my comment:
"Anything the UN says is good must be bad, and vice versa. So if the UN is saying that what's happened is bad, then it's most likely good, unless, of course, they have released this study for some other purpose without regard to the morality of the facts, like to hide a nefarious plot to steal the United States' sovereignty."

wow. it must be great for life to be that simple for you.

the UN also wants all the poor people of the world to be able to drink clean water like the rest of us.

they say it's because water with deseases, parasites and chemicals kill people. mainly children.

that must be wrong, eh?

you say the UN "will be the vehicle that antichrist uses in his rise to power"

that's a pretty big premise to go on by faith. like, if yer right, they are evil. if yer wrong, and like the WTO thing will be the world body for the antichrist [my econ prof says it already has 149 of 192 countries as members and more than 2 dozen more are in the process of joining], then yer gonna look like a freakin idiot. and kids will die from dirty drinking water and you'll have said that's not true cuz an evil organization said so.

what if world vision also says kids die from dirty drinking water. the world may be a bit more complext then u think.

"proof that men's brains are naturally more innocent than women's"

well. i'm a woman. i think kids in poor countries die from drinking water. u think the UN is for the antichrist so them saying so too makes it wrong. your brain may be more innocent, but it's maybe less wise/smart too. your logic needs some work.

in touch,
Reverent Agnosticism
Posted:Feb 22, 2006 3:45 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2006 10:42 am

Reverent Agnosticism

it's important to take the plank out of our eyes before criticizing the speck in someone else's.

this message is lost...or at best i think fundamentalist Christians.

they go around judging because more important verses in the bible tell them to fix the world and make it in there image, which they believe is Jesus' image.

the theocracy that that Bush guy in the USA is pushing is just that kinda thing. it's all about what he believes. other opinions and facts that don't fit his view don't matter. Iraq had WMDs? sure they did cuz he believes it to be so. forget the facts. they're in charge so they must be right.

the Christians i can tolerate best are not those who go around with the church lady frown condemning everyone and changing everyone. even though they're full of sin too.

MY priorities make it important to love people first, not judge them.

now, i haven't read too much on reverent agnosticism, but i have heard some things on it. i heard it's a kinda humanist anti-religion thing. but i'm not sure about that. the best i've heard of it came from the organist at a church i was at in Vancouver for a while before their sexist views drove me away.

he said reverent agnosticism is something Christians can hold along with their faith in Jesus. it's a kinda humility position where we do our best to understand the bible as best we can and pick our denomination and all that. but at the same time as being reverent as best we can, we should not be so certain as to say that we're right and all other denominations or even religions are wrong.

like, believe in what i believe, but hold open the possibility that when i die, Jesus will mention that i wasn't totally right.

after all, how likely is it for any one religion to have totally got it right when the similar or far away denominations are so wrong. it's an imperfect world and it's hard to see that any one faith is exactly correct.

to believe so, you might as well be President George W Bush where you get to make up whatever you want cuz God put you in charge of all those nukes.

gimme a break!

in touch,
1 comment
Posted:Feb 11, 2006 12:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2006 4:13 pm

I've found this site to be quite interesting.

There are a great deal of quite strict fundamentalist, biblically inerrant people in here. Which is fine with me.

But are there people with other strains of Christianity present?

Are lesbian Christians welcome here or are they attacked, evangelized or made to repent?

Are lesbians seen as hell-bound abominations?

Are lesbians OK if they fight their urges and don't act on their feelings?

As much as I've looked for some sort of guidance from the formal documents, i see little in the way of theological intentions in here.

What I see are a lot of vocal conservative Christians.

To me, "a big church" means a wide tent with all denominations and versions of Christianity, including mutually exclusive ones: liberal vs. literalist, for instance.

So. How broad a spectrum of Christianity exists in here?

in touch,
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