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SayWhat 69F
49 posts
2/5/2022 3:26 pm
Vaping THC is deadly.

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SayWhat 69F
72 posts
2/22/2022 11:38 am

Here I am a few weeks' after writing this post. Folks who continue to vape and smoke pot are playing Russian roulette with their lives. I've quit, one day at a time. That makes me a winner... one day at a time. Thank you God, all the credit goes to Him!

Each day that goes by, I feel better. Not 100% great, but better. My lungs are on the mend. My eyes are clear too. I'm so glad to be alive! Praise God.

Amanda92 29F

2/23/2022 3:54 am

Thank you for sharing, I am so glad you have no permanent damage. God Bless you!