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Travelmaster1 31M
2 posts
3/12/2022 7:57 pm
How about courage

We can get in situations that are not nice
Sometimes because of the actions of others
The terrible choices of others
Can put us in a very bad spot
We find ourselves all alone
Lonely when we should be loved
Disappointed when we should be inspired
Choosing the wrong person to love
Wrong person ? Oh really !
You are not married but you are always fighting
You can not seem to be getting along
You can not seem to agree on anything important
There is no laughter and joy
There is no peace of mind
Verbal or physical abuse
You are with the wrong one
We do not try to love a person and try to change them
We love a person who we can enjoy and share common interest
We love a person who is easy to talk too
We love a person who we feel it’s ok to talk about anything
We are responsible for the choices we make
It takes courage to get out of bad relationships
It takes courage to build strength in weakness
It takes courage to say goodbye
It takes courage to walk away
It takes courage to get what you deserve
Don’t let emotional attachment and the idea of love
Cheat you from being and experiencing the awesomeness of love
True love has no fear
A peace of mind is more richer than 💰 luxury with no peace
Be strong and of good courage
Today is the day to choose wisely
Love yourself before you can love anyone else
And love your neighbor as you love yourself
Don’t be a victim be a lover
It takes strength to build good courage
Fear guarantees failure in a terrible situation
Courage is the beginning of success in a terrible and hopeless situation
Be strong and of good courage !