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Travelmaster1 31M
2 posts
12/16/2021 9:17 am
What is your role in a relationship ?

Relationships are very many and can be amazing
We have different relationships in our life
Work relationships with co workers and our bosses
Relationships with our family ,siblings ,mom ,dad ,step dad,step mom
We all know what is expected of us in a relationship
At work we get success by team work
Working together as a team
We are required to respect our co workers and our bosses
Regardless of our relationship we can all agree
Respect is certainly required to get along in harmony !
We should all have respect in a romantic relationships
We meet people online or at the supermarket
Love can find us anywhere
Nothing is as important as attitude
The way we choose to react to situations that present itself in our relationships
Attitude can make or breaks a relationship
The choice of words ,tone of voice and level of kindness means allot
Sometimes it is not what we said but is how and where we choose to do so.
In a romantic relationship it is important to have compatible attitudes
Rather than screaming to the top of his or her voice to express a matter
A softer tone with less hostility and a tip of kindness can calm a situation
The message intended can be more effectively delivered and received
Most people react much better when the sender of that message is kind
We all have a responsibility to show kindness to each other
Jesus is a perfect example to us about relationships
He is without sin but he is quick to forgive us from our sins
We do terrible things and deserve judgment of punishment
In return he choose to show us love and encourage us to do better
Yes I agree we are not perfect
Our role in a successful relationship is be kind to each other and forgive quickly
We are not going to love a person who is without sin
Or a person who is capable to always do everything rite
But we should take time to understand this person we want to love
We should time for communication in person face to face
Give yourself time for in person interaction
Do not rush in for an idea of love and compatibility
Take time to be you and allow them to be them
Be honest about your desires and let them know how you feel
Do not try to change anyone
It is not your responsibility to go around trying to change a person
Love them as they are both the good and the bad
You can run away from one person and run into a much terrible individual
Being single do not have to be a bad experience
Happiness is our responsibility to ourselves
It usually starts with an attitude of gratitude for the little things
We are not responsible for anyone happiness
They are responsible for their own happiness
But we can find a person who can compliment the happiness we have inside
Let’s ,love ,live and maintain a happy and peaceful life
With or without the attention of a friend or lover