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Travelmaster1 31M
2 posts
12/5/2021 3:55 pm
Love is amazing !

One of the most amazing feeling in the world anyone can experience is love ! The feeling that can link two hearts from near and far ! From the highest mountain even the lowest valley without internet connection and without any addition but pure power and superior connection ! No one should ever give up their peace of mind ! Happiness ! Joy ! and pleasures in life fall in love ! More or less love should always compliment and enhance the love we already in our hearts and soul and enrich the very essence of the love we already possess ! Love do not make another person happy but rather compliment the happiness another person already in his or her heart ! As we already know happiness is the evidence of a grateful heart ❤️ No one is responsible for our happiness! Each individual is responsible for their own happiness! We are all motivated by different reasons , conditions , social and economic status of ,how and why we choose love another person ! Most importantly we are responsible for the person we choose allow in our lives be our lover ! The person we choose love can compliment our life or cause much pain and suffering! Finding mutual respect and understanding is as the most important foundation and weight bearing pillars in a strong and healthy relationship ! Finally the one that destroys or builds a relationship is the one attitude ! Attitude is by far the most important thing is a relationship of all levels because attitude can make or break a relationship ! The way we choose respond the situations, the interactions , the actions , the conversations the conclusions that we share together ! Without forgiveness you can just stay by yourself !