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mikecrcrn 50M
29 posts
1/2/2018 8:05 am
Living on the edge

Turbulent times await those who whoa upon the earth, welcome to the year 2018 where many say, This is the year we take the express elevator to Hell, Going down
personally, I say we got time left, But??? then again who knows maybe we are on
a final collision course to the final day

in any event as glum as that may sound to many of you reading this blog today
the good news is? that, Only means that the time to clean out the world's trash
problem is soon at hand

No more annoying neighbors, friends, family members Oh you'll miss them when they are gone just not the crap they put you through in life, Single men and yes
even the woman can finally relax, No longer needing to worry about who that
special someone is that was "Suppose" to be in their life a long time ago and
just never got there

the sick/dying healed - the end is near be vigilant