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RockyG666 62M
1953 posts
12/27/2015 6:50 pm

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2/24/2016 11:23 am

celebrate recovery

I have been asked to lead a bible study at my new church, celebrate recovery. I have been attending alcoholic anonymous, as well as other drug related programs since I have given up all forms of getting high other than that of jesus since the 8th of januaray last year. it is almost a year now. thank you lord for that and for something else I can serve others with.

other programs acknowledge god, but I think this will be more directed to god. thank you lord for freeing me and helping me find my way back to you.

Urban_Hermit 68M
317 posts
12/28/2015 3:21 am

Excellent. We sometimes go through stuff to be a comfort for another going through stuff. Seems God is using you in a wonderful way.

God bless.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

RockyG666 62M
1357 posts
12/28/2015 6:44 pm

thank you for your support. I have been thinking too, that god has let me use this fault to prepare others with thru my weakness

farmerdon 75M
9 posts
1/1/2016 9:15 am

That is wonderful. I often think that people who have gone through things themselves can be more of a help in some ways than those of us with textbook knowledge. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best

RockyG666 62M
1357 posts
1/1/2016 11:07 am

i am kinda hoping to be useful in this capacity, Lord knows i have messed it up BIG til now

nacari628 67F
36 posts
1/13/2016 7:37 pm

Our Lord is Misericordioso.-
God has a wonderful plan for your life.-

Numbers 6: 24-26


RockyG666 62M
1357 posts
1/15/2016 10:33 am

thanks. god bless