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Urban_Hermit 68M
152 posts
4/30/2020 10:33 pm
Is Africa dying?

I've looked at several clips Africa's situation at the moment. There's the locust plague across East Africa, food is running out.

In Zimbabwe there's no work, food is running out, no money left from corrupt governments. They've appealed the UN for aid but because of the previous corrupt government pocketing the aid money in the past for themselves they have been refused.

Food is running out in South Africa, they killed many farmers who knew how farm the land, food shortages was predicted just because of this when it was happening & now with the virus it's worse; police are forcing people indoors, even whipping that are playing in the streets go back inside their house that has no food. One African lady said she'd rather run roulette with the virus than face certain starvation, she needed go out and find food.

In another clip trucks full of food were not allowed across borders because the markets were closed, they had food but could not deliver it, it was rotting away in the back of the trucks. One lady farmer who grew and sold rice said she couldn't sell it. It wasn't being delivered, she couldn't get paid and so it goes, on and on the ripple effect.

People are desperate. In one clip Nigerian doctors were refusing to work because they were only getting between $3.00-$5.00 per day and it cost them more in transportation costs to get to work than what they were being paid. This is not good. At this point in time I can't see it ending well, I fear for Africa. They need our prayers.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Urban_Hermit 68M
317 posts
4/30/2020 10:33 pm

God bless

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Jogger246 31F
17 posts
5/23/2020 10:35 am

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