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Tropical_Man 68M
6573 posts
1/5/2012 7:18 am
The Kingdom we do not see with naked eyes

The Kingdom we do not see with naked eyes

I am told that the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. How do we have this Righteousness? What can we do to have this. What physical action can we take? How can we earn this? Some people spend their lives trying to convince their mate that they are worthy of their love, and usually never have that love. It seems we as people feel like there is always something more we can do to be loved by God.

The word says in the Gospel of John that God is Spirit and in order to worship him, we must worship him in Spirit and in truth. The word also says that we were formed in God's image. Not the shell, the eternal part of us is our Spirit. If we look with Spiritual Eyes we can see the things of the Kingdom of God here on earth, which is separate from heaven.

What were the Jewish people ever able to do to make themselves righteous before God? They could not. That is why Jesus was sent, not only for them, but also for the world. John the Baptist, the crier in the wilderness said, "Behold! the lamb of God who what? Takes away the sin of the world". The sin has been taken away. All you have to do is believe. *For it is by faith you have been saved by Grace and not by any work that you can do. Believe... just believe

There is a song that goes "To obey is better than sacrifice, I wan more than money; I want your life". Unconditional love is what we have from God. Even before we choose to believe or not believe. He loves us and cares for us. The word says he loves the sparrow and provides for the sparrow, how much more he loves you and me. OPh how he loves you and me, oh how he loves you and me.

What about "Faith without works is dead?" Yes what about it. It is not a statement about a persons salvation. It simply means that if you believe and Christ is in you, the overflow of that relationship will be one of Christ living through you and doing things. It is more about a perspective towards ones self that means, look at your relationship. Are you allowing Christ to live through you? Its not one of condemnation. It is one of inner perspective.

Many couples have deal breaker interactions. Win the argument, get their way or it is over.Christians seem to always be looking for someone who doesn't perform in life as well as they can and look for deal breakers between God and people. Well, God is not looking for that. He sent the ultimate Deal Maker in Jesus. Believe. We are asked to believe and allow God to live through us. It is that simple.

Spiritual eyes are important. If you ever watched the movie the Matrix, there was a whole new world out there that was just as real as the one you could see. When a person took this one pill in the movie, they could see what was real, but invisible to them otherwise. On one side we are all about ourselves, but there is another side where we can be all about God.

People often speak of how they can not wait to go and be with Jesus. But...doesn't the word say that he resides in you? They speak of heaven and this great adventure. They speak of streets of Gold and this great everlasting pretense of God. Yes it is awesome. Heaven will be beyond our expectations.

But what are we missing here? The Kingdom of God that we do not see with the naked eye. The bible speaks of a banquet place made for all believers. This great banquet. But what if I said that it was here and it was now? God says he will meet all of our needs according to his riches and glory. Jesus stated that he came to give us life and give us abundance. So what are we missing? Spiritual eyes? He said he would never leave us or forsake us.

Years ago I had a vision. I was in this huge white room, all white. There was this endless banquet table with the biggest spread you could ever imagine. I kept just walking around that table. The Ii heard this voice behind me. It took me back a little. I knew it was Jesus. but it startled me. How did I know it was him? The word says that my sheep will know my voice. I did not feel I should turn around. Just listen. Now I remember the word states we can not in this lifetime look upon God's face. So it made sense.

Jesus said: Why don't you sit down? You have been walking around this table ever since we met. All of this is for you. But then he said, let me serve you what I know you need. My mind went to our . We do not give them a car when they are 8 years old. They aren't ready, but it is theirs someday when the time is right. This is how God is with us. he knows what is best and when. The issue is, will we sit down at God's banquet table, or will we just look at it and walk around it.

The word says we have the mind of Christ as believers. Do we use it? The word says we are righteous before God because of what Jesus did. Do we accept tht or do we try and become righteous on our own efforts continually? The word says there is a Kingdom of God, a spiritual Kingdom here on earth. Do we focus on that? Do we participate in that? Sometimes we just look through the wrong eyes. Its a choice. It is also one that if you enter into it, the fellowship with our God is so beautiful as it becomes about him. We actually enjoy this life here because we know he is in control. We realize that he gave us this life as a gift and a blessing and not a frustration. Be blessed! Enter in with Spiritual Eyes.