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Tropical_Man 67M
6573 posts
12/10/2011 4:14 am


I do not at all look at Revelation as simply natural consequences that result from spiritual violations. I think that is PART of it, though. But its more a mopping up and removal of leftover insistence's on sticking to the ritual from the old covenant after Christ finished it on the cross. But it is also a picture of how Satan, in futility, had attempted to beat down and out the church using God's former bride turned with the devil. And the Revelation shows such irony as Jerusalem being tagged with epithets that were originally given to ancient Babylon, Jerusalem's greatest foe and captor in centuries gone by, as Jerusalem, herself, became a Babylon.

The Pharisees and religious leaders became the worst enemies of the New spiritual Generation of the church. And it is the church's conquest and successful overcoming to haul down every opponent, using the faith that overcomes the world that is centered upon the blood of the lamb and their union testimony derived from that lamb's death. And that will ever be the church's manner to overcome anything in our day and the days to come. Since the church's first greatest battle was with Jerusalem turned into Babylon, that battle is dealt with in Revelation, since that was the battle of the day in which the book was first given to the church. And it forms a spiritual pattern by which the church will always overcome its enemies. Its the establishment of the spiritual temple and Jerusalem. And it ends by showing the church going forth and conquering with the Gospel.

It is a HUGE issue to see changeover from Law to Grace. It occurred on the cross, (BILL!), but confirmed in Jerusalem's destruction and removal. The issue of that change and that difference is just as much stressed in the entire book of Hebrews, and Romans, and Galatians. So it is in Revelation. Change from Law to Grace is a MAJOR issue in the entire New testament teaching. Jerusalem's demise may not figure as a great issue in our minds, but it certainly did in God's mind. Jerusalem was His bride! It was no little thing for her to turn as she did against Him, and to persecute His new Bride, the church. Her destruction was long-awaited, even as Christ said she was found guilty of all righteous blood shed on earth! NEVER WAS ANYBODY accused of such guilt!

Some more Old Testament references of Revelation: (garnered from research).

John was in the spirit on the Lord's Day.

THe original Hebrew language for "cool of the day," in Genesis 3, when God's voice was heard, actually is "spirit of the day". And this was a day of judgment for Adam!

The reason Adam HID in the Garden when he heard that VOICE, is because it was not just a sound of talking. It was THUNDEROUS! The Hebrew is rendered NOISE.

Ezekiel 1 tells us what the noise of the Lord sounded like. Rushing waters, thunder, an host. No wonder Adam hid! And the picture we see that the Garden entrance of cherubims and a flaming sword is again what Ezekiel saw -- God's glory cloud with cheurbims and his throne above. Fire enfolded in the midst.

Anyway, Adam was judged on this day of the Lord -- that spirit of the day.

And John hears His voice like a trumpet blasting, just as Adam would have heard it that day. There are scores of references in Revelation from Genesis first three chapters.

The sword from Jesus mouth is a common reference from Isaiah. Isa 11:4; 2:16.

Christ appears with white hair, gold chest wrapping, brazen legs burning in a furnace, eyes of fire. Its like Christ is a flaming glorious presence. The high priest wore reds, and blues and whites and golds, which would be the very appearance of fiery flames.

John falls down as if he is dead. And the Lord touches him with his right hand, telling him not to fear. Daniel experienced the same thing in 10:9-11.

When God appeared in a glory cloud in the Exodus, the Egyptians were getting the brunt of judgment, while Israel was safe. Jesus tells John, in effect, that He is come in judgment, but John ought not fear. He is on John's side.

John is resurrected, as it were, when the Lord touches Him, because John fell like a dead man!

And Jesus holds seven stars in his right hand -- the same hand that touched John and "resurrected" him, although John did not actually die. The idea of resurrection life is there.

The stars always symbolized governing powers. That is why flags, to this day, use stars and suns and moons on them. Genesis' 4th day had the sun and moon called RULERS. The stars are the angels of the churches because they RULE and GOVERN the churches.

These stars are responsible for the church's actions.

It is interesting that John writes to seven churches.

Paul wrote to exactly seven churches in the New Testament, named after regions.


By Mike Blume

I enjoyed this part of an article by Mike Blume (Dennis)

Tropical_Man 67M
6389 posts
12/12/2011 3:41 pm

LOL you people are a hoot. You know very little about very little.