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Tropical_Man 67M
6573 posts
11/28/2011 4:21 pm
The Jesus People Days

I became a Christian in the 70's. I was almost 16 years old. Pretty soon I left my original place in the Kingdom and became like many. Seeking the Holy Power of God. I became involved with the Jesus People movement. I hear many friends speak fondly of that era. I have to say that it may have been enjoyable, but to be honest I have to say that a lot of what was being taught just was not in line with God's word. Much of it was very legalistic and also in its own way elite.

I can remember being a part of the Methodist Church in my small town in Ohio. Because of what I was being taught in the small interdenominational bible studies I attended, it placed me at odds with my Pastor. Today, I would as a man approach things differently. I dont know, for some reason people have a desire to beat the system, be different. Be unique. If only I paid attention to where it says there is nothing new under the sun. Because there is not.

God is indeed the same, yesterday, today and forever. However, his covenant with mankind did indeed change. The problem with most doctrine is that they are some form of mixing a dead covenant with a new covenant. When you do that, you end up with half truths and confusion to be honest.Most of us who have been part of an organized Fellowship have suffered from these types of teachings.

Christianity is simple. Jesus took away the sin of the world. Believe on him and receive forgiveness. Allow him to live through you. That's it. It boils down to this, Love God with all of your being. Love your neighbor as yourself. We need to enter into a Love relationship with Jesus. That is what God is all about. relationship

However back in the day it was a lot of bad teaching. It was about power and overcoming. You do this and God did that. People would go around and say so and so has "the Spirit", which meant that someone had experienced the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit". So, God who is not a respecter of men has haves and have nots? Just inviting Jesus into your heart as Savior was not strong and powerful enough to overcome all of life's obstacles? To have real power to overcome, you need the Supercharging of the Holy Spirit in this so called Baptism of Fire?

I bought into this for almost 30 years. There is nothing humble about it. Its pedestal promotions of something beautiful and making it mans way of thinking while forgetting to rightly divide the word.The best time for me, and also the scariest time for me was about 10 years ago when the Holy Spirit shared Covenant with me. i just naturally thought Christianity began in Matthew 1:1, or better known as the first scripture of the New Testament. But it doesnt. A new Covenant can only happen with the shedding of blood. Hebrews 9:22.

I still believe in the gifting the same way as I always have. That did not change, except perhaps how i view a Prophet. The reason for that is that we all as believers have the same Holy Spirit in us. A Prophets words should not lead us, but only be a confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has already told us. They didn't have meetings to speak words over people.In my opinion, that is dangerous and falls into the realm of Christian Witchcraft. For me it is that simple

You know, I was in the deliverance ministry for five years. But when I look after the cross and Christianity has begun, you will not find one place in the scriptures where a born again believer has a demon cast out of a born again believer. You will not find a place where a born again believer is oppressed. It can not happen. The Holy Spirit permanently resides in the believer.But its interesting. before prayer over a person, we would basically prime the situation by saying this could happen and that could happen and we would give a low down on spirits and what they did and how they would effect you in daily life.

The truth of the matter is this. You want freedom? Spend time with Jesus. You want to get rid of wrong thoughts and desires? Renew your mind daily. The word says we are formed in God's image. The word also says God is Spirit and we must worship him in Spirit and truth. The word also speaks of the flesh, which better known as the Soul. Our, mind,will and emotions. If they lead us, we are in trouble. If we seek our desires over his, then we will fail over and over again. Its simple, not hard.

God Bless

Tropical_Man 67M
6389 posts
11/30/2011 4:47 am

Neets. Christianity begins when? Atonement. You use scriptures that are not even after atonement.We are speaking of Demonic oppression, where exorcism is needed.

What in the world does imprisonment have to do with demonic opression? It has to do with the actions of mankind.

Jody you are 100% correct on thaat with Neets.

Jody, Jesus had 2 natures on this earth. One divine being God, and the other being man, born of flesh.

Men and Women marry and are called one, but yet they are 2 entirely separate being. Both in need of salvation.

Being a Christian unites the permanant part of man which is the spirit with God who is spirit. But yet the soul is still in play, the mind emotions and will of a person.