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Tropical_Man 67M
6573 posts
11/17/2011 2:40 am
the magical mystery tour, its coming to take us away

God is attentive. More than we realize. But his attention is not like this harsh task master that lays in waiting for his creation to fall short so he can deeply discipline us. We were created to have a relationship with him. A personal one in which he is our Lord, he is our provider and one in which he has unconditional love towards us, the human screw ups. Some of us are pretty good at messing up a lot less, while others are a walking disaster blown in the wind, sucked into every possible whim know to mankind. Others are in the bondage's of physical, emotional and other addictions.

So, do we concentrate on our failures? Overcoming the lures of the world that are so self destructive? We could. Many teach doing so. But is that really the answer? The father of the new testament once proclaimed that he found himself doing the very things he did not want to do. Hard as he tried, he just ended up doing them. So where is the answer?

Well, later on he made a statement as his life in Christ went forward and he matured that it was no longer him living, but Christ living through him. So what changed? Here he was with his own personal struggles, just as you and I have our own in differing areas. The more he tried to overcome them, he found himself failing.Doing what he didn't want to do, whether it was his temper or other goofy things.

In Jeremiah 31 we are told that in the New Covenant God was preparing (through Christ) that right and wrong is written in the hearts of all born again believers. We just know. We are under much more grace, as we are now only justified by what Jesus did on that cross and not by being a law keeper. But what ios the answer really to the victorious Christian life?

I do not think it is nearly as hard as men often make it out to be. Actually I think it is simple. Yet men feel like they should always be doing more. To many, it is a mystery. Paul agreed. Yet he said the the mystery was, Jesus Christ, our hope in Glory. That is the mystery.

If our focus is on something that no man could ever do except Jesus, and that is being a law keeper, then we set our self up to continually fail. We will, its just a question of when, and not if. So why keep trying to approach life in something we have failed at and will always find new ways to fail at? I do not believe this is God's intentions. Remember, Jesus came so we could have a relationship with God, not just be better people.

So what is it we miss? Well I think it is our sights are too much focused on us performing and not enough on the relationship. If you are married and all you do is keep a bunch of rules that you think you should be doing as a married man or woman, its pretty much a sure thing that you are missing out on the real focus of why you are married. To love each other and be help mates in the world you face and also the spiritual realm. Love means protecting, but it also means enhancing and encouraging as well as the intimate moments you share.

It's like this with God. Do we love him by concentrating on keeping rules, or do we love him in intimate and ways of close love? It makes all the difference in the world, and it makes the relationship one of deep meaning and continual growth. That's what the journey of life and fellowship with God parallel. Love Relationship.

One might say that its easy to do this in a man wife, because they are there, can orate words and actions which may be easier to understand than God. That's why people get caught up ion rules instead of real intimacy with God.Because we aren't shown how to do this with God. We listen to others, but how much do we wait on God to hear his heart?

So what is the answer? Well it is found in the bible. Focus on these things. No matter what your past was, the bible says that you are a new creation in Christ. It says, behold... or hey dude or dudette all things have passed away. The bible talks about being born again. When we are born again, we are like that little that is totally new to the world.

The word says we are buried with Christ and resurrected into this new life. So we are new. Totally new in him. That is a lot to think on. We may have been nice people before, or bad. But now we are new. What else to think about? Well the bible says that we have the mind of Christ in us. So, you know when we go to school and if we use our normal minds and apply our self we will find successes in school. So, we had to use it to do well. Yet we have this mind of Christ. Do we allow that mind to be used when we consider the things of life? We have it, but we have to use it. Reading your bible is one way of using that. He will teach us. The bible also says to daily renew our minds. That is not that hard.

If our focus is on Jesus, then we will also remember he told us we can not go wrong if we love God with all of our being and treat our neighbors as our self. But the focus is on Jesus. Thios is all part of abiding. Jesus said that he spoke only the words the father gave him and the miracles were the work of the father doing them. He said he is the vine and we as believers are branches. Life comes from the vine, and is not found being made by any branch.

Paul stated that it was no longer him living but Jesus living through him. Jesus stated to trade in our burdens for his, because his are light. When it starts becoming about Jesus, and a love relationship with him, then the empowerment is within you each day. Otherwise it is about you trying to earn something that is free. Life is hard, but God lives in you in the form of the Holy Spirit. he is always there.

God Bless