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Tropical_Man 68M
6573 posts
9/15/2011 10:10 am
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, oh I believe in Yesterda

They say that if you do not learn from the past that you are more than likely going to repeat the failures of the past. I can see that. Many people for whatever reason give an abusive relationship a second chance. They also end up choosing another partner very similar to the one they had that almost destroyed them. Why? Perhaps it is easier to ask...why is the moth drawn to the flame?

For years now a scripture rings in my heart, "It is not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord". But why do we continually seek his power and not his face? It seems as though we always want answers, and want them immediately.We live in this little world where when all goes right, somehow we are all under Gods blessing...for that moment. Yet when things are out of control a little, or we are not comfortable because of circumstances that it is an onslaught of the enemy. The word says it rains on the just and the unjust.It also says that we are to walk by faith. What does that mean? It means we trust God. If we trust him, and he is all knowing and all capable; why the constant roller coaster ride of life of Zaniness? Somewhere we aren't trusting him.We have all been there.

You know, it says the gifts of the Holy Spirit are there for the edification of the body of Christ. They are there until Christ returns. The Holy Spirit, it says is given to the born again believer to comfort us, and to teach us all things. In 1st John 2:27 it speaks of how a person comes to a place where he needs no teacher other than the Holy Spirit. Hmmmn. That would mean spending time with the Holy Spirit. I believe in the trinity. One God, yet three separate offices. God the Father, God the , and God the Holy Spirit. Its like water. Ice, mist, and regular water. All still water, yet in the different forms doing different things.

I have been like everyone else. We all get sidetracked. We all get caught up in things. But do we learn? Think on this. When have you ever seen the Holy Spirit draw attention to himself? When have you ever seen him glorify the gifting that he has for each believer? The simple answer is that he does not. But there is one thing the Holy Spirit always points to. The Savior. Jesus. He always points to Jesus. Religion is a funny bird. It has no life, but it has a lot of opinions and a lot to add to things that need no addition. The work of the cross is a finished work. Lacking in nothing.

Yesterday I got accused of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. What did I say? I said the Holy Spirit is not our savior. He did not die on the cross. But he always points to who did. I am sorry but that is true. I could go on and say to that person that, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is dying without ever believing in the Christ that he sent your whole life telling you about. The door is shut then. There is a side of me that would like to slap all of these people that teach such crazy things to people.

You can pretty much take things out of context and create all kinds of things with the scriptures. It happens all the time and it will continue to happen.That's why I ask people...why didn't Jesus teach tithing, or his disciples which he trained? The truth is it is simple. In the New Covenant, everything we have is Gods. He teaches giving. We give as the Holy Spirit leads us. its not always about money. Time is very important. Look at today and their families. In many instances parents buy off their by buying them things instead of being intimately involved in their lives. The false teaching of tithing is no different. God says to obey is better than sacrifice. Tithing is sacrificial. Giving is obedience because it involves all of you. Giving also is unlimited.

The things of the spirit, if you have a settled peaceful outlook towards God should be peaceful. Not viewed in a Supernatural way. Why would I say that? Well. its because if we know God and get to know his heart, we understand his capabilities and they become like a second nature in our relationship with him. Jesus said that only a evil generation constantly looks for signs and wonders. Think about that. What if your friends only liked you and hung out with you based on what you could do for them? How would you feel about your friends.

People often say sin of Christians grieves God so much. I would answer that with hmmmn. I bet it grieves him a lot more that we establish a relationship with him based on what he can do for us, than the natural love relationship he desires. Back to your friends. I am sure we all have relationships with some friends totally based on love, respect and mutual desire to be a blessing right? That's what God wants too.

There is a little dirty secret here that we seem to overlook. People sin. They always will. Hopefully it is not a destructive kind in our lives. We always will. If we could be perfect, if we could overcome in the way we like to think we could, then Jesus Christ would never need come. God understands this. This is also why he is not as grieved as we think he is. That doesn't mean we should not make an effort to live a Godly life...or should we?

Jesus said: The words I speak are not my words, but the words the Father gives me. He also said the miracles were the Father doing things through him. Now he also had that power, but if his own divine nature fulfilled the law...that would have been cheating.Jesus had two natures and people forget this. What Jesus did was abide. Allowed the Father to live through his natural nature of being a man. Then Jesus states to us, that he, Jesus is the vine (life source) and we are the branches. He taught us to what? Allow him to live through us. Once we receive him as savior, allow him to do it. Paul did it. In the end he was saying, it is no longer him living but Christ living through me. That should be our vision

Yet we continually focus on us doing something. Something Christ did for us that we will never be able to do. Overcome sin. What about the relationship? Paul spoke about the mystery of the Gospel. Do you know what that was? The bible says the the mystery of the Gospel is "Christ in you,your hope of Glory. Yet man also turns this upside down by creating a works doctrine that states "Do you know who you are in Christ'? This makes it about us and we create all of these little programs in churches and other ways to make a place for us to be able to point at something we can accomplish and feel accepted. When the truth is...... who is Christ in us? Do you see how wrong and futile that is. It is just as futile as seeking out crowns someday by your works.It says at the end, we do what with these crowns? We throw them at the feet of Jesus. Hmmmn.

Think about the Prodigal sons' brother. Always doing what was right. Always around his father, and yet he didnt even know his fathers heart. if he did, he would have known the hurt his brother hap placed there. he also would have known the longing of his father for fellowship with the prodigal . He would not have spurned the celebration of his return, he would have rejoiced with his father, because he could have felt what the father felt. Instead it was always all about him. Creating a little world in doing what he thought he was supposed to do, that was in fact a loveless world of duty that missed out on real life.

That's what we as Christians do when our focus is on not sinning, overcoming sin. Pointing out everyone else s sin. There is no life in that. There is life in Christ when we surrender to him. When we allow him to live through us in a love centered relationship with him. Each day spending time with the Holy Spirit as he teaches and comforts us. Intimacy with God. Its found in Grace. Its never found in law keeping. If you allow God to live through you, how are you failing?

Instead of the natural relationship he desires with us, we do things that never happened in the bible. We have meetings where so called anointed prophets speak words of knowledge over us. Do you know what the Holy Spirit means? It means anointing. The Holy Spirit resides in you. This means anointing resides in you the believer. So, you need to go to someone else to hear what the Spirit of God wants to say to you? You cant sit still and hear him inside? That's very dangerous. I know prophetic. The only thing someone should ever tell you should be confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has already said to you. Never a leading. Run from that stuff.

Its all so simple. if it wasn't it wouldn't be for everyone. yet people add and add and add