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Tropical_Man 67M
6575 posts
8/18/2011 4:23 am
Is God's Family really different?

Is God's Family different than Earthly Families?

In a normal family here on earth, once born into it; you are a part of it. There is an old saying that you can pick your friends but that you can not choose your family. That is true. In the earthly families you would have to go to some very extreme circumstances in order to be thrown out of the family. But other than that, people know that life is a myriad of choices. Successes and failures.

The good earthly parents try and find ways to point their in the right directions, They use logic, discipline, understanding and love all woven in patience. Just because one of their is not as orderly, not exactly with the program does not mean they are not a member of the family. membership is not based on their performance, it is based on being born into that family. It is true with babies that were adopted into the family as well.

The Apostle Paul in his writings had a big problem with the church in Corinth. There was a lot of sexual immorality taking place. One of the problems when Christianity began and the gentiles were added was that the humanistic Gnostic thinking was that there was no sin in life as long as it was not hurting anyone else. Pretty much what is taught in today's world. Now what exactly did Paul say about this? Did he bring out the old sheep and goats' thinking?

What he did do was tell them it was wrong and implored them to stop doing that. He did not call them unsaved heathens. He called them babes in Christ. Isn't that interesting? Here were these people who had accepted Jesus Christ as savior back then and having sexual relationships out of marriage and the Apostle Paul did not disqualify their membership in the grafted in family of God. Instead he called them babes in Christ.

I am not advocating living an immoral life. What we do here has natural consequences, such as the break up of marriages, unwanted pregnancies etc. But the point made here is that Paul did not disqualify a person from being a Christian based on their performance. Instead he was pointing them in a better direction. Explaining what was wrong here. If they had by faith received Jesus Christ as savior, their faith had saved them, not their own ability to be good. It is all about what Jesus did and not about what we can do.

I think it can be summed up by the parable of the late worker. You know the one where the worker came late and received the very same pay that the people who had been there and labored all day. Remember how upset the people that had labored all day had been? They felt disrespected.

Before I go any further, I will add Paul said that each day we need to offer ourselves up as a living sacrifice to God. Each day we should renew our minds. Meditate on the things of God. Allow him to live through us. For a plant to grow it needs attention. Our Spirit man inside us needs attention daily just as our teeth and body do. Its a natural progression.

We are all at different levels of understanding. Some are mature in some areas and not so much in others. our lives are pretty easy for people to view and scrutinize. Thats why we are told to what? Pray for each other. In a biological family, you would pray for your brother or sister in their short comings. You would hope for the best in their lives. It is the same way in your spiritual family. God is not looking for reasons to disqualify them anymore than you should be.

We live in a fallen world. It is easy to be deceived even in the slightest ways. There are many boxes out there that people live in. Cults such as this is the only bible. This is the only church. Our ignorance does not disqualify us. Our ignorance can disrupt us and rob us of many blessings in life. But that is not the same thing as disqualification.

God is not a man that he should lie, neither is the of man that he should repent. The word states he no longer calls us servants but friends. It also states that yes, we may be great parents, but he is the great Father. So much better than we can imagine. We all have our ways. We all have strong points and weaknesses. Yet God tells us that our ways are not his ways. Even at our best we shall always come short of the Glory of Christ. Yet the good news is that because of what Jesus did, that God calls us righteous in his eyes, worthy of him.

The bible says we are righteous by faith. It says we are saved by faith and not by works lest any man should boast. The bible tells me that it is faith which pleases God. Not perfection. Not always doing everything right. Not being there from the beginning of the day working in the field. Does love mean perfection, or does it mean heart towards? Just as our own will fail, and we pick them up and dust them off and encourage them in much more do you think the heavenly father is at work doing the same thing?

God didn't just pop into our lives. he did many things over time to reveal himself to us. In that same sense he is always at work in our life as Christians, correcting us and blessing us. All things. Sometimes we get so selfish that no one can see the Jesus in us, but it does not mean that he is not there. It means we are spending a whole lot more time pleasing ourselves than we are allowing him to reign. We all do it.

If God is at work even in the most messed up Christians we know, shouldn't we as a brother or sister just at least say a prayer lift them up to see their father and take their eyes off of themselves? We aren't perfect. Our ability to do good versus doing evil is not what makes us right and separates us from the professing Christian who outwardly appears a mess. Our only righteousness is found in Jesus. That's it.

RichardPyle 78M
701 posts
8/18/2011 8:26 am

Agree very much with your post. I hope it will be an encouragement to those who deal with their mistakes in life.