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Tropical_Man 67M
6575 posts
6/18/2011 2:12 pm
On overa-comin' Depresshun

Welcome t'mah fust evah blog, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! ah's hankerin' t'discuss an issue thet is mighty prominent in th' wo'ld an' is also in th' Jedtian community. Depresshun. Now menny folk'd tell ya thet yer born an' raised agin. Inhabited an' blessed by th' Kin' of Kin's an' Lawd of Lawds. Yep...thet is true fer sho'nuff. But thet same Lo'd also gave us scabs thet appear when we lop ourselves t'he'p heal up. He also gave us feelin's t'feel an' embrace th' mighty thin's of life thet we come into corntack fo'.

ah's sho'nuff menny fine meanin' brothers an' sisters will tell ya thet it is ol' slu foot satan at th' bottom of all this. But fum whut ah unnerstan', he was defeated at thet ol foot of th' crost by Jesus. Does he pow'ful haf thet much autho'ity in a believahs life? ah recall th' bible sayin' thet ol vahse of ummm, dawgone it... Choose this hyar day who yo' will sarve. ah also remember some place whar it says thet we sh'd mourn wif them who mourn, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Also in thet thar bible it says thet it rains on th' jest an' unjest. So i'd haf' ta say thet thet includes ev'ryone an' thet life happens purdy much no matter eff'n yo' believe o' does not believe in tha Lawd, cuss it all t' tarnation. Me, ah believe in him, dawgone it. Oh, ah hear it. Pasto', yer on tha inside track. Shet mah mouth! How kin yo' evah be depressed bein' so close t'Jesus an' all? Evah feel like smackin' a varmint when ya hear thet? Or eff'n they say, fine ya werent healed on account o' ya didnt pow'ful haf faif...

Do ya rememba them "life comes at ya quickly" commershalls? They were fun at fust, but annoyin af'a a bit. But it is true. It does hoof it by purdy fast. But ya haf'a take all this hyar inta cornsidareetun, as enny fool kin plainly see. Is ya gonna experience ya life o' is ya gonna live in ragretts ans stuff yo' kin not cuntrol, ah reckon. Its simple. But yo' will hear lotsa' bad missss infamatunion

Menny will tell ya, dont ya knows who YOU is in Jedt? They will lay a blame on ya, an' they miss th' Mahstary of th' Bible itse'f. Whut in tarnation da ya mean Pasto' Will?

Walllll, ah reckon... thet bible says thet "Jesus in yo', is yer hope of Glo'y".....fine thet means its not about us is it? Ya got thet right. Israel nevah figgured it out. Th' did reckanize they c'dnt keep all of them laws an' all thet evvah did was make em sad an' fresterated lots. God sar thet...thets whuffo' he had this hyar great idea of sendin his , Jesus.

An ah racall readin whar Jesus said thet when he went up thar t'hevvin thet he wasnt jesta gonna leave us all a hangin, as enny fool kin plainly see...No he werent. He said God hisse'f was a gonna come t'us in th' fo'm of tha' Holy Spirit er Ghost o' whutevah ya wish ta call him, dawgone it. ah believes it says thet tha Spirit is thar ta comfo't us an' larn us all thin's an' theta point comes ina belivas life whar ya all dont need a man ta larn ya. Soun's pretta intamint ta me? Dontcha reckon?

ah read anutha place wheh Jesus said cast yer cares upon me. Thet dont make th' feelin's all hoof it awayst, but it is a starta trestin him insteada holdin in all tha feelins of lonliness an' fear an' uncertanty. ah have larnt ta jest ax him, knowin he sait he'd nevah leave me o' fasake me. ah find peace in thet. find peice in knowin thet nomatta whutevah i face, he cares, he luvs me an' he has already had a happen mo'e than I'll evah bar.

Sometimes ah reckon of ol Danal' in th' Lions den, as enny fool kin plainly see. All hungry they were. yet somehow Danal's faif prevailed an' they didnt ett him, dawgone it... didnt even show all thet much interest. i recall yeastaday a readin whar eff'n we submitterselves ta God, an' resista thet ol slu foot, he'l leav us alone. God said it someone said, thet settles it an' ah believes it, Yo' kins too eff'n yo' choost ta.

He Loves ya ma friend, cuss it all t' tarnation. ana when it stops bein aboest us an' mo'st about who he is, we starts a praisin an' wo'shippin him an' thet ol heaviness we hodst onta jest a susbsidesta. God bless ya.

Rev Will

Tropical_Man 67M
6389 posts
6/26/2011 9:14 am