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Tropical_Man 68M
6573 posts
2/1/2008 2:55 pm
they found Naomi today...............

I knew it was bad last night. I talked to her friend Lori on the phone. She cant drive at night, so she had to wait until this morning. Please please watch friends you know are in trouble.............

Dennis: hear from Naomi yet?
Lori M: i call her mom last night
Lori M: she tell me that she had called her and that she was drunk...well THIS woman was drunk last night
Lori M: they are alcoholics
Dennis: sad
Lori M: yes
Dennis: makes sense that she is like her mom
Lori M: so i got kinda pissy and told her arent you worry?
Lori M: no she will get over it!
Lori M: so i woke up early
Lori M: headed out to her place
Dennis: i see
Lori M: was there at 9..sorry early for me is anything before 9
Lori M: so i knock and knock
Lori M: bang
Lori M: kick
Dennis: wow
Lori M: went around to back..
Lori M: her car was there
Lori M: i look in her window
Lori M: dishes pile up
Lori M: knock and bang
Lori M: nothing
Lori M: went to all windows
Lori M: finally i saw her
Dennis: and?
Lori M: she was on the floor so i call 911
Dennis: wow
Lori M: i tried every window to get in
Lori M: i could not see her breathign
Lori M: i am visual
Lori M: nothing
Lori M: but maybe just deep breathing
Lori M: i know i do that
Lori M: well
Dennis: what happened?
Lori M: it took them about 8 min to get there
Lori M: they bust back door
Lori M: and she had several empty bottles of liquor around but she had a box of empty cough meds...cant think of name
Lori M: sorry long day
Lori M: she had open them seperatelyu
Lori M: not matter anyway she was barely alive
Lori M: barely breathing
Dennis: thats so sad
Lori M: pb was 60/40
Lori M: that is near death
Dennis: I am so glad you drove over, thats a long drive
Dennis: so what is happening now?
Lori M: i just wish i had last night now
Lori M: oh she went by ambulance to the hospital
Lori M: they actually have a mental area there
Lori M: i call and YELL at her mom
Dennis: i see
Lori M: she hung up on me but she did come there
Dennis: well at least she went
Lori M: so after an hour they work on her...she had to have charcoal up thru umm nostrils?
Lori M: down throat?
Dennis: I dont know about that sort of thing
Lori M: to get out the medicine she black yucky
Dennis: oh ok
Lori M: looks awful
Dennis: I am not familiar with that
Lori M: well i am not either really
Lori M: i just had to kinda wait it out
Lori M: she is not that stable physically yet
Lori M: her bp is up
Lori M: good
Dennis: yeah
Dennis: I am so glad that you went
Dennis: God Bless You
Lori M: she is having breathing probs and who knows what else?
Lori M: oh no...actually you help encourage me to go
Dennis: its hard to say what she took into her body
Lori M: i have no clue
Dennis: well I am so glad you did
Lori M: i hate meds unless i sick
Dennis: me too...I take nothing
Lori M: me too now...or i be going to her funeral prolly this week
Lori M: but she came around
Lori M: was awake
Dennis: thats good
Lori M: i couldnt see her
Lori M: as i not family
Dennis: give her a hug for me when you can
Dennis: i understand
Lori M: i feel so bad cuz i just wanted to slap her mama
Dennis: well she is too stupid to understand why you would be doing this
Lori M: she has call and left me a message ....
Dennis: when?
Lori M: she is mad at me....told me naomi was too
Dennis: well thats expectable
Dennis: they dont get it.
Dennis: You did the right thing
Lori M: is hard to help ppl that wont help themselves
Lori M: ty for thinking that
Dennis: very true
Lori M: she made me feel an intruder
Lori M: complained how she was gonna have to get her husband over to fix the doors
Lori M: and oh what will her sons say?
Lori M: i thought huh? woman? are you nuts?
Lori M: i not have her sons numbers...i would only think they be happy
Dennis: i dont have a clue what her sons would do
Lori M: but right now it feels like i'm a bad person
Dennis: no you arent
Lori M: ty
Lori M: i let you go...
Lori M: is just so sad
Lori M: ty for encourgement
Dennis: hang in there Lori
Dennis: God Bless U
Lori M: and you too
Lori M:
Dennis: I am very Proud of you
Lori M: now you gonna make me cry harder...
Dennis: You just listened to God's heart and you saved a friends life!
Lori M: plz just give God the glory...ttyl
Dennis: amen! bye bye

Lover_of_Life2 58F
626 posts
2/1/2008 3:14 pm

Ohh Dennis,,,,,,,, that is the saddest thing I will keep her in my prayers.

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her."

Blessings to All! WendyLynn

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Tropical_Man 68M
6389 posts
2/1/2008 5:30 pm

I am quite shaken actually. I feel numb. She could have died and no one would have known. My ex suffers from depression and alot of it has to do with very poor diet.

Naomi thinks it should have been her instead of her husband being killed. Her drinking helped cause that too

Tropical_Man 68M
6389 posts
2/2/2008 4:42 am

thank You very much.... I dont know what will happen