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Advice Lines Question by roadracer104
Dressed in white - 9/10/2011

Would mormon culture be good for american society? Should we look for something better that does not believe a white temple is the only way to salvation. The only ones that will find everlasting lif

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crisis - 24/9/2011

I here there is a financial crisis in Europe and the world, and the experts don't know how it happened. If they would lower the price of fuel by 50% this would give the money back to the people who

2 response(s), 0 votes
balooning - 12/8/2011

Our president asked republican senate if they could help pay their part of the defeceit and they said absolutely not. Then they took off for vacation isn't this kinda self centered or self serving?

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holy ffaith - 31/7/2011

What is faith can u touch it, can u see it, can u smell it, and where does it go?

3 response(s), 9 votes
bounce back - 16/7/2011

I see the economy is picking up. In the oil field sector. Obamas is on the right track just takes time. Last oil crisis was when Jimmy Carter a democrat was in office and the republican caused a oi

6 response(s), 13 votes
money - 2/7/2011

The two partys are always bickering over money, The bottom line is only the middle class is paying bills for the whole government and the Republicans keep wanting to spend it for some project in a fo

25 response(s), 45 votes
horrible but powerful - 14/6/2011

The Tornado that took out Joplin MO, 250 miles an hour and one mile wide. It took out home deport, wal-mert but why is it because these stores support gay and lizbian agenda or was it the prince of

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fullfillment - 13/6/2011

The average red neck will buy four wheel drive with a jacked up lift kit and headers He will become a life time member of NRA. The average CEO applys for a federal grant of 8 million from the tax pay

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moving forward - 30/3/2011

Should be removed from his position. The citizens would be able to grow mentally physiucally and .spiritually, they would have access to techology it would pull them out of the 12th century and into

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