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Group posts by trailz
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 25, 2013Bible StudyTrue Christians2   
May 7, 2011Advanced Bible StudyDid i sin2   
Apr 23, 2011Bible StudyRETIREMENT1   
Nov 12, 2010Bible StudyLeaving Big Church2   
Nov 12, 2010Advanced Bible StudySomething is Wrong with 1 Timothy 4:3-51   
Jun 20, 2010Bible StudyUnderstanding the Bible17   
Apr 8, 2010Advanced Bible StudyCan beleivers be demon possessed8   
Apr 8, 2010Bible StudyStop The Attacking and Stop the Harrasment Please2   
Mar 15, 2010Bible StudyA Livng Hope2   
Feb 22, 2010Bible StudyAre Christians Supposed To Be Poor?14   
Feb 9, 2010PetsWhen to put a dog to sleep?2   
Feb 2, 2010Bible StudyHebrews 3 Gives the Reason Why We Should Do What Chapter 4 Says1   
Jan 17, 2010Bible StudyIs The Phrase "Turn The Other Cheek" Correctly Interpreted?1   
Dec 8, 2009Bible StudyPraise The Lord Anyway!!!4   
Dec 8, 2009Bible StudyShould a Christian fellowship with a homosexual who professes to be a believer?6   
Dec 15, 2008Bible StudyCulture VS the Word in Defining Women's roles2   
Dec 15, 2008Bible StudyCan a Gay be Christian?2   
May 16, 2008Bible StudyProsperity Theology1   
May 16, 2008Believers Bible StudyA topic I should have opened 2.5 years ago1   
May 16, 2008Believers Bible StudyProsperity Theology1   
Apr 25, 2008Bible StudyWhy do so many not beleive what Jesus taught?43   
Mar 7, 2008Bible StudyGod's Sabbath for Mankind7   
Feb 28, 2008Believers Bible StudyWhy do so many not beleive what Jesus taught?22   
Feb 26, 2008Bible StudyDid Jesus teach to cut off body parts?65   
Feb 24, 2008Believers Bible StudyWhy do we christians celebrate like heathen3   
Feb 24, 2008Believers Bible StudyHoly ghost..?1   
Feb 18, 2008Bible StudyHow do we seek God?7   
Feb 18, 2008Bible StudyNarrow Door1   
Feb 6, 2008Believers Bible StudyHOW DO CHRISTIANS NOT LOVE THE WORLD?5   
Feb 3, 2008Bible StudyDid God move Jesus "Church" to Rome?1   
Jan 31, 2008Bible StudyThe Meaning Of Life24   
Jan 24, 2008Believers Bible StudyHow do we seek God?8   
Jan 20, 2008Bible StudyThe Gnostic Gospels - Can anything "good" come out of Nag Hammadi5   
Dec 27, 2007Believers Bible StudyTalking to Our Father1   
Dec 26, 2007Bible StudySomethin' that shouldn't be said in secret1   
May 8, 2007Bible Study5 fold, Grace, Spiritual Gifts1   
May 8, 2007Bible StudyARE ALL LIES SIN?14   
May 4, 2007Bible StudyChrist who is Now Everything is the Way. (Colossians 3:11)2   
Apr 8, 2007Bible StudyMany things have been said under the sun...1   
Mar 30, 2007Bible StudyAccording to GODs Word ......4   
Mar 28, 2007Bible StudyDid Jesu come to save the WHOLE world? is He INCAPABLE?7   
Mar 26, 2007Bible StudyIs it possible to Lose Salvation?34   
Mar 16, 2007Bible StudyAre the signs of a believer for today?2   
Mar 12, 2007Bible StudyWhy should the world listen?2   
Mar 12, 2007Bible StudyOur attitude towards the Lord Christ's Blood.1   
Mar 5, 2007Bible StudyDoes Mark 2:27-28 Command Christians ...9   
Nov 8, 2006Bible StudyDid God Create An Eternal Torture Chamber?208   
Oct 30, 2006Bible StudyContinuing the Bible Study on Cain5