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Group posts by URfriend2004
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Aug 15, 2009Believers Bible StudyThe Eternal Punishment of The Wicked1   
Apr 16, 2009Believers Bible Study10 Popular Myths about the Sabbath1   
Apr 12, 2009Believers Bible StudyDoes the Holy Spirit work in the unbelievers ?2   
Apr 12, 2009Believers Bible Study" It is finished " ( Jn.19:30 )1   
Apr 12, 2009Believers Bible StudyFavorite Quotations or Scriptures #31   
Feb 7, 2009Believers Bible StudyBiblical hermeneutics: the proper method of interpreting Scripture1   
Dec 6, 2008Believers Bible StudyEvangelical Biblical Universalism1   
Dec 5, 2008Advanced Bible StudyOur Bridge To God1   
Mar 1, 2008Bible StudyNarrow Door1   
Feb 29, 2008Bible StudyWhy do so many not beleive what Jesus taught?1   
Feb 27, 2008Bible StudyWill the "Church" as we know it lead its memebers to recieve "The Mark of the Beast"?1   
Feb 25, 2008Bible StudyThe Gnostic Gospels - Can anything "good" come out of Nag Hammadi20   
Dec 26, 2007Bible StudyIn ALL humnanity ONLY 2 people had FREEwill3   
Dec 24, 2007Bible StudyHow do we know what is of the Spirit?1   
May 31, 2007Bible StudyChrist who is Now Everything is the Way. (Colossians 3:11)12   
May 13, 2007Bible StudyWhat *IS* the Gospel Christ taught..3   
May 13, 2007Bible StudyA Major Goal of a Christain Pastor2   
May 11, 2007Bible StudyI just wanna know...1   
Apr 26, 2007Bible StudyWOW!1   
Apr 26, 2007Bible StudyIs it possible to Lose Salvation?1   
Apr 26, 2007Bible Study"Respect"1   
Apr 18, 2007Bible StudyDid Jesus teach to cut off body parts?8   
Mar 29, 2007Bible StudyBible Versions/Translations1   
Feb 3, 2007Bible StudyBe Still1   
Oct 9, 2006Bible StudyDid God Create An Eternal Torture Chamber?2   
Jan 28, 2006Bible StudyWhen A Young Child Dies, Do They Go To Heaven?1   
Jan 25, 2006Bible StudyWho Is Jesus?1   
Dec 1, 2005Bible StudyWe are all family2   
Nov 30, 2005Bible StudyRighteousness by FAITH!2   
Nov 28, 2005Bible Studycharacteristics of bibical faith1   
Oct 31, 2005Bible StudySalvation, How do you know?2   
Oct 28, 2005Bible Study1 Peter 1:13-141   
Oct 27, 2005Bible Studywhat is spiritual gifts, and what is the 5 ministry gifts1   
Sep 28, 2005Bible StudyIs an adulterous, Horse thiefing, part time hitman, Christian welcome here?1   
Sep 20, 2005Bible StudyIs it enough to just believe in Jesus, or do we need somthing more?1   
Sep 13, 2005Bible StudyRefiner's Fire2   
Sep 1, 2005Bible StudyWhat is EVIL?1   
Aug 28, 2005Bible StudyHELL-TRUTH OR LIE?3   
Jul 24, 2005Bible StudyExpect The Blessings Of God1   
Jul 22, 2005Bible StudyExtra books of the bible, do they exist?1   
Jul 14, 2005Bible StudyWhen the Holy Spirit Overrides the Bible, Who Do You Follow?12   
Jul 9, 2005Bible StudyDo you follow the Word of the bible explicitly?1   
Jun 30, 2005Bible StudyWHAT IS SIN?2   
Jun 28, 2005Bible StudySecond death or total annihilation1   
Jun 23, 2005Bible StudyJames 2:21 vs Romans 4:3.. Justified by Faith or Works?1   
Jun 19, 2005Bible StudyCreation vs. Evolution1   
Jun 18, 2005Bible StudyHelp Need Information on enternal security4   
Jun 12, 2005Bible StudyAm I Still Saved?2