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cav2loud 31 M
4  Articles
Friends   11/7/2005

This is something that I wrote for a friend of mine who has been there for me through everything. Be easy on it this is my first time with writing something like this <br> <br> <br> FRIENDS <br> You are beautiful, you are smart You are everything that anyone would want You are the one that people cry on You are the one that people cry about ...

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Psalm1413 47 M
2  Articles
The Ledge Part II   11/6/2005

As I felt myself beginning to lose balance, I heard a voice. Though it was barely a whisper, it caught my attention and for a moment, I forgot I was about to die. <br> It said, "My child, do not resist. You have prayed for intimacy with Me and I have heard you. Oh, how I long to fulfill that desire within you, but you are unwilling! All the trails behind you lead to this place ...

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ladyoffaith31 38 F
1  Article
Resemblance   11/4/2005

RESEMBLANCE <br> <br> <br> Sitting on a bed. Casually dressed. I'm pretty sure its afternoon. A toddler sits on my lap. It's a boy with wavy blonde hair. Something about his face almost, almost, resembles me, so I know he's my son. But we're not alone. A man sits next to me on the bed. His features are vague because I haven't met him yet, but I ...

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Camla 51 F
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Dawn's Creation   11/4/2005

DAWN'S CREATION <br> Gone are the shadows of the dark, dreary night As the dawn breaks forth casting its precious light. <br> Its warm rays gently caress my face Encouraging me to rejoin the human race <br> Last night upon my bed I tossed and turned While the regrets filling my mind continually churned <br> But this morning as I awoke A new voice ...

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Psalm1413 47 M
2  Articles
The Ledge Part I   11/1/2005

As I stood upon the ledge, I was filled with a strange sense of foreboding. I knew that regardless of what happened next, I would never be the same. Before me loomed a dark nothingness so deep that if I fell, I had no idea how long it would take to hit the bottom. Although a brisk and invigorating chill emanated from the expanse--washing over me and bringing relief from the warm comfort I'd ...

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godspoiled 39 F
10  Articles
FALL FROM GRACE   10/31/2005

FALL FROM GRACE <br> I struggle to be me Ordinary Against the urge, the desire To want more, be more I look at all I possess It’s not much Measured and found wanting No matter what the scales Doubting always, hoping in spite Of all this constant Need to be extraordinary The expectation of happiness Human greatness Confining ourselves To inventive ...

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Winterzz 53 F
2  Articles
Our Deepest Desire   10/14/2005

The deepest desire of our hearts Is to be accepted Although we are unacceptable To be loved totally Although we are totally unloveable <br> There is no unconditional love But God so loved the world That He met the conditions FOR us Now the deepest desire of our hearts Can be met by Him alone

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godsgem1952 63 F
10  Articles
Daughter   10/14/2005

D ear to my heart is she. <br> A s sweet as a girl can be. <br> U nique in her style. <br> G lamour; beguile; <br> H appy-go-lucky and fancy free. <br> T ranscending utter beauty. <br> E manating personality. <br> R are and unlike any other. <br> Have you guessed that I am her mother?

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The Need   10/13/2005

Lord please send me some one who can fulfill my need one who is not motivated by money nor greed. One who will lift me when iam not strong one who will praise my efforts even when wrong.till my soul flies free i put this before you Lord the need....

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LadyPeter 69 F
12  Articles
Left Behind   10/13/2005

I woke up this morning and looked around So many were missing from this town I cried, Oh God, where have they gone Have You come and have I been left alone Left behind, I've been left behind Oh, God, I was blind - I did not see The price You paid at Calvary Oh, God, I was deaf - I did not hear You whisper those love words in my ear Left behind, I've been left behind Now I ...

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spent4him2 46 F
2  Articles
Set Free   10/10/2005

SET FREE <br> Void, alone, never truly happy That is what life was for me, Running, dying, lying was the fate I see, Searching, seeking, longing, Where in the world could I be? Depression, confusion, turmoil, Everyday yearning I want to be free. <br> Freedom is it something true, How does one reach it? What do they do? It cannot be bought, borrowed, nor ...

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GreenEyes0 44 F
4  Articles
Does Anyone Know? - Poem By: Serena Picard Goldstine   10/1/2005

Does Anyone Know? By: Serena Picard Goldstine Copyright ©2005
Does anyone know what it’s like to wake up one day and realize That the past 3 ½ years have been a complete and total lie?
Does Anyone Know?
To realize that the person you fell completely and totally In-Love with Has lied to you ever since the day you met.
Does Anyone Know?

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LadyPeter 69 F
12  Articles
I'm Not Perfect   9/1/2005

I know that I'm not perfect And I don't claim to be I just know that I'm forgiven My sins nailed to a tree The angels hid their faces They could not bear to see The only begotten Son Die at Calvary His Father turned away from Him A friend, He could not see Jesus made the choice, Himself So I could be set free The earth shook in anger The sun shut off it's light When ...

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FOR A LOVELY WIFE   8/29/2005

just to feel your hand in mine still gives me a thrill thats the way its always been and i know it always will you make my problems disappear just being by my side the moment you walk in a room my heart is filled with pride to some it may sound stupid but your the centre of my life ...

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ADNOHR1964 51 F
6  Articles
What's Love Gotta Do With It?   8/20/2005

LOVE, a many splendid thing? Oh how great, how marvelous, how precious this thing called LOVE... Yet, so many of us fail to capture the true meaning of... <br> LOVE, when the rent is due, all hope is gone, when there's no one to turn to and you're all alone; sitting, waiting, hoping, praying that it finds you, because you're tired of... <br> LOVE, ...

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salvationseeker 52 F
3  Articles
Letting Go   8/20/2005

Your yesterday's past is behind you, press on don't dwell Your past can bind you, and hinder you from reaching the mark Today and tomorrow are your light, yesterday is faded into dark Let go children of God, seek freedom from within Don't be opressed by your past sins It's a new season and a new day, He's waiting for you Let go and let Him have His way He's waiting to give you ...

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Pain (I still love you)   8/20/2005

I had no idea that you would take me through this kind of pain I feel like I was standing outside in a thunderstorm lighting and thunder and wind and hail pouring down on my skin so hard that my it begins to peel the pain from you is immeasurable <br> like standing in the middle of a busy intersection one car coming from the East the other from the West and ...

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Eccles49 55 M
6  Articles
Temple   8/20/2005

Temple, to be within, a life of understanding we call out to you, to be within. Grace, to find love, a life of giving we call out ot you, to find love. For we wait, patience never ending to receive you, together we we are standing. Try as we may, together as we might the Lord may bless us, to be fullfilled in light. The Spirit knows and weighs upon us light showing, ...

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myangel12 83 F
3  Articles
Happy Golden Years   8/20/2005

Now, that I’m prim, fussy and red Nary a gray hair in my head. Both my pretty eyes are still brown Peering from a bod’ plump and round. Wrinkles and freckles have I none ‘Cause I avoid the beaming sun. Soon, the rain down will be pouring Pain in my knees gravely soaring. Glasses hastily a fogging Limping? Yes, but never jogging. The sun, soon, will begin ...

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GOD   8/20/2005

DEAR GOD, Its me again.the one that is full of pain, the one who doesn't talk much, you know, i just wanted to say that i am sorry for not being there or causing you worry, for not being the man you wanted me to be, and God i know that I might not deserve your love but I do know that you don't care, my love, and that is why I come to you. And God, I was wondering if you might just sit and ...

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myangel12 83 F
3  Articles
Rthymic Beauty   8/20/2005

I was young, happy and free soaring beneath In and above the clouds with my stalwart wings. Boldness, faith, hope and peace gushed through my being As they vigorously ravished my enemies. Kindness, loyalty, honor transformed every stranger. Warm, loving and cheerful was how they knew me. Until my course met with the brutal force of time My ship was jolted in its wild raging torrent. ...

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TRUE FRIENDS   8/20/2005

Friends, they are a special breed! closer than a sister or a brother, And they are as loving and caring, as a father or even a mother. <br> Friends talk, sharing their hearts and lives, and they are accepting and forgiving. Often their paths seperate to go different ways, but of one another they are never forgetting. <br> Their lives are entwined with goings ...

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THE GIFT   8/20/2005

One day God was sitting on His throne, looking upon the earth from Heaven above. He said, "Something is missing, but I know what it is, the world needs a bundle of joy, hope, and love. So He called out to His beloved Son, "Jesus! Come, your Father has need of you!" And from the far side of Heaven Jesus came running, for of His Father's plan He already knew. His Father said, "Son, ...

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colorpencilartis 48 F
2  Articles
I Want You Here With Me (I want my MTV)   8/20/2005

(Inspired by the tune "I want my MTV" by Dire Straits & Sting) <br> I want you here with me/ I look at those photos/ watching what we're doing/thinking how close I had you/ here with me/ Now I'm waiting/ That's what I'm doing/ This time will be nothing/ When you'll come back to me/ So now I'm waiting/ That's all I'm doing/ Let me tell you/ Sometimes it's dull/ ...

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Legolas71 45 M
1  Article
Love   8/2/2005

We kissed and held each other Under the starts of the moonlit night The moon's cycloptic eye Staring us down As we hold each other and look into each other's eyes I feel I could wander the continent of your golden valley's Day in and day out As I discover A new dawn arising From the depths Of your warm and gentle soul

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warriorwoman 56 F
56  Articles
Words   8/1/2005

He says that our tongue can bring "life or death", but is it the words or the tone of our breath. We rattle about all the things of this earth, but when do we really speak the things of worth. <br> The bills that are due, or the date that's unmet are things of no matter when this age is left. What HE wants us to speak comes real hard to so many. Like sharing HIS Word to those ...

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warriorwoman 56 F
56  Articles
Daughter of The King   8/1/2005

I am the daughter of a King who has taken and washed me clean. HIS blood was the water, HIS Grace was the soap, and while HE is scrubbing He comforts with hope. <br> I am the daughter of a King. A man who walked upon this place. HE was beaten and battered, and they spit in HIS face. The Love that HE showed was way beyond compare. HE saves my tears in vials, and has count of ...

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Greaterthings 35 F
14  Articles
I will Fight   8/1/2005

The lord is my fortress my shield <br> I will battle against each thought and emotion <br> Trespassing into this temple <br> Sucking out life that is meant to be abundant <br> <br> <br> How dare you come onto this temple <br> Declared sacred by the Lord <br> How dare you pull me down <br> <br> ...

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His Promise   7/29/2005

Author Note: Just a wee bit O' Old English, but it is the same in the bible. 1 Thess. 4:18 says comfort eachother with these words. <br> ---.HIS PROMISE. <br> Oh suffer no more over your loved ones I keep. <br> For they shall be waken from their deep sleep. <br> <br> The pardon of Grace shall deliver thy dead, <br> ...

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emogirl1982 33 F
5  Articles
Self Imprisonment   7/13/2005

It has finally come to this. Our hearts longing for the same unseen emotion. Desiring the intimacy and delight of a true companionship. Yet we each guard the one thing in life that we can control. A tight fortress encloses our hearts and it’s impermeable. Though we try, we can not release it to the one who so desperately desires to have our whole heart and not ...

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The Stranger   7/7/2005

I never saw her face, Merely breathed the air she stirred. It was as if she alone was the one breath I was missing. And me, blind to my own suffocation. <br> <br> No, I never saw her face, Never heard her voice, But all at once my lungs, my head, my soul, Came alive with the scent of a stranger. <br> <br> I never saw her face, Yet ...

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Peace   7/4/2005

Lord, we pray to understand. The wisdom held in mighty hand. By your son, you did forgive all our sins, so we could live. To God's own son who died for me, It is through his light that we may see. My Lord we ask in every part for guidance from your Soverign chart. Remind us of your Holy Grace as we gather in this place. New Christians leave their past behind On their walk, ...

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Dearest Husband (2)   6/30/2005

Dearest Husband Have no fear. You alone Are master here. <br> My body, my heart, My spirit so sweet, All that I have Is laid at your feet.

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Jesus Is the Lord and Savior of My Life   6/26/2005

Oh Lord, when I'm feeling down about everything in my life, keep reminding me Jesus, that you are there for me each and every day of my life. And when the days seem to darken my path and the nights seem oh so long, let your light shine down on me Lord Jesus, and let me feel your strong arms carrying me and keeping me safe from all harm that comes my way. I know there is a lot of things I ...

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Dakingsdauta 36 F
17  Articles
A woman can either make a man or maim him psychologically, spiritually, etc.   6/24/2005

One day, a wife said to her husband, "You always carry my photo in your purse to the office. Why?" He said, "When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears." He smirked and She replied, "You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you?" He calmly replied, "Yes, whenever i see your picture, i say to myself, 'What other problem can ...

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Greaterthings 35 F
14  Articles
Your life is Precious   6/24/2005

Listen beloved reader and let these words enter your heart <br> If not heard before let it be a new start <br> Your life is as precious as the stars in the sky <br> Your importance is noticed-don't you cry <br> You have come for a purpose bigger than your mind can percieve <br> You will accomplish great things before this planet you leave ...

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the harvest is many   6/24/2005

The harvest is many, the workers are few. Remain content, that the Lord chose you. You must stay faithful to your call. Keep your eyes on him, you will not fall. There will be heartache throughout the years. He will hold you close despite your fears. Many will not see behind the smile. for them you must go the extra mile. When your tired and full of woe!! Remember brother you ...

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poohbear29 39 F
1  Article
ALWAYS THERE   6/21/2005

HE IS ALWAYS THERE when you're weak and tired HE IS ALWAYS THERE even when you're wired HE IS ALWAYS THERE when you're driving your car HE IS ALWAYS THERE even if you're not going too far. He is always there to guide you just when you think you have failed And when you open up your heart to HIM then you know that HE has prevailed!!! HE's there when you're happy HE's ...

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HawthorneHeights 31 M
14  Articles
limerick   6/20/2005

There once was a teacher from Leeds, Who swallowed a packet of seeds. In less than an hour, Her nose was a flower, And her hair was a bunch of weeds.

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HawthorneHeights 31 M
14  Articles
sad poems   6/20/2005

here's a sad poem that found online, somewhere. i'm only posting them because i can really relate to what they (whoever wrote it) have to say, in it. ...and i'm also just posting them because i thought you might like to read it. so without further adue, here goes nothing... <br> <br> <br> <br> Dear Cutter, <br> Come a little closer, ...

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ALovetouch4U 56 M
7  Articles
The Joy Of Life   6/15/2005

The joy of life what can I say I would love to feel this good everyday I will not worry, about what tomorrow might bring I will just enjoy the moment, thats the important thing I have open my heart and closed my mind Feel the moment for what it is Not thinking of why it is, realizing I am where I am For that is what is meant to be and My Higher Power is watching over me

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Perception   5/23/2005

When the world disappoints me When the world breaks my heart I want to mourn But find I cannot Cause I see His beauty In all that's around me And I know that He's with me For His grace surrounds me Though the sun may be hidden I know dawn is not far So when night is darkest I only see the stars

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USPatriot 48 F
4  Articles
For my son   5/14/2005

Chase <br> Towhead blonde engineer hat toy train scraped <br> knees starfish hands kneaded mine– reassure and comfort now, a knowing squeeze, shoulders <br> I massaged at night while singing you are my sunshine and this old man– wider, poised, confident, perfect <br> peachy untouched skin–first Band-aids ...

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map4jc 41 M
4  Articles
The ring   4/22/2005

This ring could be yours It's big, sure, and beautiful Not as much as you Why would you want it from me? Older and simple Not rich like some might be Not ruggedly handsome, nor talented, really. I'm just glad once I knew you and laughed Sitting together Not touching but close No longer Not ever Again to repeat So this ring sits in its box Waiting to never ever be ...

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iloveHimmost 51 M
1  Article
Jesus   4/14/2005

Speak of the Joy of life, not the fear of death. Speak of the love of Christ, not the regret of less. There is beauty in His righteousness. There are riches and treasures untold. There is beauty in His holyness. He restores my very soul. He is my King, with all that brings. My Rock my Shield my Everything. With word I struggle to express, the love I feel, the rush, His ...

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billyboy100099 61 M
73  Articles
IF THESE WORDS   4/13/2005

If these words can touch your heart, Then why do we live in two worlds apart, I'm just looking for a new start, I'm looking for someone to steal my heart, Instead of always tearing it apart, Don't you know i've loved you right from the start, ` All I want is to call you my sweetheart I LOVE YOU THANK YOU BILL B

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LadyTiki 53 F
91  Articles
The Wings Of Prayer   4/11/2005

Just close your eyes and open your heart, <br> Feel your worry and cares depart. <br> Just yield yourself to the Father above, <br> Let Him hold your secure in His love. <br> For life on earth grows more involved <br> With endless problems that can't be solved. <br> But, God only asked us to do our best, <br> Then He will ...

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warriorwoman 56 F
56  Articles
Not of this World   4/11/2005

I am not of this world and I thank Him for that, because the pain that it brings is often unbearable. I think of the suffering that my Savior endured, but my strength in the flesh so oft bars His Way. <br> HE went through it all I keep telling my self, and it was all for the causes named Sin. I get down on my knees when His presence I seek, but the darkness is closing in. ...

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Lasana0224 69 M
2  Articles
Passion's Prayer (c)Bascombe 2005   4/11/2005

(c)Bascombe 2005 <br> She prays her sorrows nightly, she weeps them like a willow, whispering to a tear-soaked corner, of an extra pillow. <br> Offering up her lonely suffering, proof of her devotion, waiting for a God of lovingness to fulfil romantic notions. <br> Restless children start their rustle, dreams cause toss and turning, mother ...

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For Sarah Four Years Old   3/29/2005

A thousand questions came to her, And She, with childness in her eyes, Heard answers then went back to play, Forgetting questions and replies.
Copyright 1991 by author

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BlackHoney0 30 F
1  Article
"You"   2/25/2005

How could I love you? When do you do not treat me better than the last. When I kiss you… you prefer hers. When I speak love to you… you turn your cheek in response. To ask for your aid… is a nervous tension. You run away from me I could give you all of me… I need all of you. EVERYTHING I give you is returned. ‘Am I the only one between ...

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BrisaTrue 54 F
1  Article
Say Stephanie   2/25/2005

Say Stephanie. If you do not allow me to say her name, You deny she was ever here. And she walks with me everyday As an angel-child. Say Stephanie. She was and is and always will be. Don't glance away when I tell you about her~ For her spirit deserves to be honored, And her name deserves to be cherished. I loved her and I always will. <br> Say Stephanie. ...

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sporty73 42 F
4  Articles
The Color of Brown   2/24/2005

Words spoken so softly, into the midst of the crisp, cool air. Quiet whispers of secrets, passionately embrace the pair. Long into the night.. deep into thought holding the form, of what love ones sought. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reaching towards the darkened, blueish -grey skies silently approaching the shadow of I. Who calls there, from that do I ...

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LadyTiki 53 F
91  Articles
Friends without Faces   2/20/2005

We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens. We all have to wonder, what this possibly means. With our mousewe roam, through the rooms in a maze. Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes. Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody, to type out our name. ...

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2bmorelikehim 63 F
8  Articles
LOVE   2/12/2005

L ove O vercomes V ast E mptiness

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An Unexpected Angel   2/8/2005

I cried one night, here at night alone. No friends close for comfort, too late to phone. I felt a heartache, deep from inside. No place to run for cover, no place to hide. Then as if by some calling, I wrote him this note. It had been a few days, since we spoke. In such a short time, he has touched my soul Cupped my hurt in his prayers, Renewed my faith in God. This stranger I ...

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hope347 68 F
5  Articles
"ALONE AM I "   2/7/2005


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ElectoneofGod 57 F
5  Articles
"You got it"   2/5/2005

I speak to motivation that you can always do: <br> I speak to your greatest longing so you can have that to, <br> I speak to that vexing spirit so you'll have peace galore; <br> I speak healing to that bitter heart so you'll go forth and be adored. <br> I speak the feeling of belonging to you so you won't feel all alone: <br> I will honestly ...

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JesusTheOnlyWay 47 F
4  Articles
The Beauty of a Woman   2/3/2005

A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman, " she told him. <br> "I don't understand, " he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will." <br> Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" <br> "All women cry for no reason, " was all his dad could say. <br> ...

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IrrepressibleSv 51 F
1  Article
"When The Birds Are Singing"   2/2/2005

When the birds are singing My thoughts go away To a place that is beautiful A place I go to pray <br> Atop my horse many trails we seek Atlas we reach my favorite peak <br> We bask in awe by a lonely tree Nature's carved stone beside it awaits me <br> Green grass all around and the sky so blue The "Son" shinning brightly on my thoughts so true ...

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THINKING   2/1/2005


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To God when I was Sixteen   1/25/2005

For every rainbow I have seen, I've watched a hundred storms. For all the sun that has shone upon my face, A thousand tears I have worn. I've smelt roses in the summer, Felt wet leaves in the fall. Shivered through a ruthless winter, Lord, I've seen it all. But never in a lifetime of dreams, Both old and new. Has anyone loved another, The way that I love you. I've danced a ...

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LadyTiki 53 F
91  Articles
Heaven Online   1/24/2005

There's a land where I go when I need to share that's not on a map, yet exists everywhere. A land of names, with & without faces, a curious place. A modern creation that's called cyberspace. <br> There's all creation of people with cute little names like Pookie, and Sandman and Rosebud and Flames. <br> Some are just snobs and some are real fun. And some of ...

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GOD IS LOVE   1/23/2005


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AngelWithNoWings 35 F
8  Articles
"I Wish"   1/21/2005

I wish that I could tell you this, I wish you'd understand. Your pulling me away from this, And now I feel I cannot swim. I've gone so far down, from where you are. It's black inside, you can't see my heart. <br> Would you open up these scars, would my light shine in? I've been swept away, over and over again. I only see this damage to myself.

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Angela4447 41 F
5  Articles
THE STRENTGH   1/18/2005


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Angela4447 41 F
5  Articles
THANKING GOD   1/16/2005

Take me as I am. I am who God crated I have feelings. Can't you see me cry when I am sad, and in pain. Can't you see me bleeed when I am cut. I am human only human i am not God I am just trying to be Godly and good with his strentgh I will. I am who I am he created me my body is just out on lone from him to try my hardest to live in a holy and more graceful life. I am trying to be non ...

1 Comments, 72 Views, 7 Votes ,5.33 Score
CLOSE YOUR EYES   1/13/2005

Dad, today is a day of mixed emotions, for we are bringing you home for the final time. You can close your eyes and rest in peace, as we let you go to a life divine. <br> You have touched our hearts and our lives, with a heart full of joy and love. You have touched more lives than you know, and it is time to receive your rewards from Heaven above. <br> We will ...

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The Mirror   1/12/2005

If I handed you a mirror, what would you see, <br> Would you look at your self, and never see me. <br> <br> If I handed you a mirror, what would you see, <br> How awesome you are, and keep boasting to me. <br> If I handed you a mirror, what would you see, <br> The shame of your own heart, complaing to me. ...

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MazeLewis 42 M
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Love Song   1/12/2005

Je suis prête. Vous êtes prêts aussi? (I am ready. Are you ready also?) <br> Are you wasting my time Are you just being kind Oh no baby, my love isn't blind <br> Are you wasting my time Are you just being kind Don't give me one of your lines <br> Say what you mean, mean what you say Don't go and throw our love away God strike me dead if I did ...

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Angela4447 41 F
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I am dreaming of that glourious day. That the lord or God has created for you and I. <br> I am dreaming of the day, where there is trust and love. <br> I am dreaming of the day that there will be no more bloodshed, no more wars, A day that every hateful heart will be full of love and Joy I am dreaming of the day that the Lord our god has created fro you and I. I am ...

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Only the Best!   1/11/2005

I sent my Word to heal your disease. I calm your fears, I give you ease. Relief from all your worries and woes, run to Me, My child, be you friend or foe. I will in no way cast you aside, come unto Me, come be My bride. When I return, I want you adorned in white array, not tattered and torn. The cares of this world, you must leave behind, seek Me, My purpose, My will, be not ...

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Just The Thought Of You   1/6/2005

Just the thought of you today Was enough to make me smile, An extra-ordinary moment Captured in a secondýs time. <br> Every thought and each emotion, Tangled in that precious thought, Dangled still in perfect harmony With the seconds of the clock. <br> <br> Nothing more than pure enjoyment Overflowed within my heart, For a simple, single moment The ...

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Teddy Bear   1/1/2005

TEDDY BEAR: <br> [August 18th, 1998] <br> Honey, as I crave for your kiss I wonder if this is like a bliss, And as I long for your embrace Hours don't seem like hours but like days; The more I trust my heart to you I believe in YOU and ME too. My heart is burning as I think of you, An unchained melody is sounding too, Sweetie I'm longing for your touch, Baby ...

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I WAS NEVER TOLD   12/22/2004

I was walking through this world, walking in my own sinful way. Always trying to better myself, not thinking about what I should do or say. All of a sudden something happened, and there was a very bright light that shone. I heard a loud noise like that of a trump, and in an instant I was before God's throne. The day of judgement had finally come, God's word and prophecies were ...

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LIVE IT EACH DAY   12/22/2004

It's a time for love and caring, giving gifts and sharing. A time to worship our Lord, and for us to be of one accord. A time to thank Him for all He's done, for all the victories He has fought and won. A time to remember our Saviour's story, giving Him all the praise and all the glory. A time for happiness and joy, through giving a child a toy. A time to be kind and full of ...

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A WAY OF LIFE   12/22/2004

I have called you to a way of life, My way and My life. Any other way aside from Mine, will fail and end in much strife. <br> For I am a jealous God, and allow NO idols to stand before Me. Not your families, homes, jobs, or possessions, nor the desires and dreams of who you want to be. <br> I am searching for a people, who are called by My name. A people ...

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LIFE   12/22/2004

Life, have you ever just stopped, and simply thought about it? What would remain if there was no life? Everything would be a voidless pit. There would be no trees, no flowers, no grass, because they are all a living thing! There would be no fish or water in the sea, nor would there be birds in the air to sing. There'd be no crickets, no frogs, no ...

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HE IS   12/22/2004

He is the Father, supreme and divine. he is here and there, and not just mine. <br> He is the Son, so full of love. He is so beautiful, and pure as a dove. <br> He is the Spirit, that light so bright. He is the comforter, in our darkest night. <br> He is the Almighty, standing so tall. He is forever there, so you'll never fall.

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Dragon_Fyre 65 M
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Angels Kiss   12/21/2004

You drifted into my life on gossamer wings, <br> as soft as a feather floating upon a summer breeze. <br> So much beauty within your heart, within your soul. <br> The longing you build within my heart, so irresistible. <br> <br> You have changed my life, touched my heart. <br> Soft as an angels kiss you have warmed my soul. ...

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blueskieslknatme 62 M
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The Night Before Christmas...   12/15/2004

Subject: The Night Before Christmas

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equ1234 55 M
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A few favorite poems...That I think are meaningful here.   12/14/2004

Here are a few of my favorite poems and sayings. I did not write them...though would like to share them with all of you. I have not read them in some time...though I am touched by them. I hope you are touched also. <br> I have dreamed thee too long Never seen thee or touched thee but known thee with all of my heart Half a prayer, half a song Thou hast always been with ...

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Dragon_Fyre 65 M
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The Path   12/12/2004

The path God laid out for me is short. <br> Filled with strife, full of pain unending <br> Yet the lessons learned are glorious <br> For He has taught me love. <br> <br> He has taught me love for all <br> My time within this realm has purpose <br> For I have learned to care, learned to love <br> Lessons ...

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Dragon_Fyre 65 M
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Shining Eyes   12/12/2004

There are no words for the joy that I feel The light of love that shines from your eyes Fills my heart with feelings unimaginable With a warmth, nay, a heat that cannot be denied <br> Yet, there is a quiet calmness with my heart A truly overwhelming peace within my soul Tis a feeling I have had but rarely and eons ago A fragile thing I must treat with care and wonder ...

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ALock 48 F
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Can I tell...   12/10/2004

I have to live with myself, and so
I want to be fit for myself to know
I want to be able as days go by
Always to look myself straight in the eye;
I don't want to stand, with the setting sun,
and hate myself for the things I have done.
I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
a lot of secrects about myself.
Fooling myself as I ...

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Awaysgr8ful 51 F
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Beautiful   12/10/2004

BEAUTIFUL <br> From heaven flow the chords of an eternal melody. Hearkened in believing hearts, now filled with purity. Words of love sung eloquently, The songs of angels stir. <br> The lyric tunes of men, a human euphony, When sacrificed as worship, sung in corporate harmony. Earth's dulcet song I gladly receive, When men set their hearts toward me. <br> ...

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AngelWithNoWings 35 F
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Here's some lyrics I wrote the earlier today... so lemme know what you guys think :p   12/5/2004

I want to hate you, but I miss you. I miss your taste, I want to kiss you. <br> Why can't I get over you? Why can't I, just get over you? Why can't you, JUST TALK TO ME? <br> Unhappy, and lonely. I let this get to me. I'm angry, and crying. Oh how the, time is flyin'. WITHOUT YOU, I hate this, I hate love. Without you, there is noone. <br> ...

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jalopiehopper 35 F
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Gentle Touch   12/3/2004

Gentle Touch
Less than two,
Looking up at my Mom.
tears streaming down her face.
It was a gentle fall day,
Warm breezes making my own fairy blond hair tickle my neck.
The sun had made the earth happy
And the leaves were glowing, soaking up what was left of the autumn warmth.
A beautiful day
And my Mom was ...

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jalopiehopper 35 F
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I Need To Go   12/3/2004

I Need To Go
I cannot stay behind, with you
Life is out there
Calling my name
Beckoning me
To take a chance and follow it

Who knows, what beautiful treasure
I will find.

The sun goes
And I want to follow it
down, around, and under
sneaking up on another life

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Mother   12/2/2004

M illions of stars in the heavens above. <br> O nly one mother can we cherish and love. <br> T housands and thousand of flowering trees. <br> H undreds and hundreds of meadows and seas. <br> E verything is multiplied over and over. <br> R obins and bees go all over the clover. <br> <br> <br> M any good ...

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Dragon_Fyre 65 M
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Glorious Wonder   11/30/2004

What bright and glorious wonder is this that fills my ragged old heart? What is this warm and wondrous glow that seems to fill my soul? What is this shining light that seems to fill my innermost being? Could it be, could it possibly be, that my heart is starting to awaken once again?

A dream, it must be a dream, can it possibly be real? I had thought my heart empty ...

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Commander of the new millennium   11/24/2004

Commander of the new millennium
While the gates of the golden city pierce the nightly sky, so that by only acts of gratitude the portals open wide. The vale of darkness ominously descending in the valley of decision. The doors of the ancient mansion that once made the passage sure, are beginning to occlude; their ears they will not hear. The latent mystic power of man has ...

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jalopiehopper 35 F
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Frustration Overwhelms Me   11/22/2004

Frustration overwhelms me
I have become the inadequacy and impatience boiling inside me unable to accomplish anything and I do not understand Struggling, sprinting to nowhere Still I hunt for your will what is it? and why is it eluding me I have prayed, and I keep on, feeling undone, by Prayer, supplication, surrender, Handing over my dreams and hopes, impatiently lost, ...

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jalopiehopper 35 F
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Soul   11/22/2004

I cannot say to you do this
We stand right now within ourselves
Who’s to say what we think
where we allow our thoughts to flow
when have I asked to see your insides?

it is all too rare
no one inquires after out internal
consumed with what we see
your thoughts follow that pattern
forgetting ourselves ...

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Seniorfriend4U 73 M
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I'm still lookin for live fellowship!   11/18/2004


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one2bebold4truth 45 M
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Tell Me Again   11/16/2004

Saturday October 2nd, 2004 9:00:55A.M. “Tell Me Again” By Chuck Desmond Whisper delightful words to my ear Call me a saint, Tell me “come near” Give me a vision to rest my weary soul Ease my troubled mind Restore my weakened bones. The others they slice me With words ...

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minjamesr2 61 M
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911   11/11/2004

911 <br> I heard a call went out today… <br> The medical units pull up and took him away. They patched him, and treated him, and told him he might make the stay And rushed him off to a hospital right today, today…today. <br> I heard a call went out today… <br> For 911 but they didn’t say…they rushed in and rushed out ...

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Dragon_Fyre 65 M
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Memories yet to be   10/27/2004

Gentle caresses upon my soul, the sweet taste of your lips upon mine. The passion aroused within my heart as I take you in my arms. Looking deeply into your eyes as we exchange vows of love. The joys of sharing, of trusting. So deeply intense it burns within my heart. <br> Times of quiet companionship, a gentle sharing of time. Days and nights of desire and passion, of love ...

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lol1962 53 F
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Dear God   10/15/2004

Dear God, You created mankind in your image; Therefore, I do not understand the latest rage. Love one another as you love us is what we say, But mankind cheats and more, each and every day. Trust is hard to come by, Especially when mankind is so quick to hurt and lie. Be patient is what I repeatedly hear, Pray and know that God is near. <br> Why then is the world so ...

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