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manofchassc 43 M
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Take Your Time Meeting Someone Long Distance   15/7/2006

If you are thinking of getting involved in a long distance relationship, you should seriously weigh the pros and cons of it. Some people tend to think that God has provided them with that special someone even though he or she lives far away. I say just gradually take your time getting to know that person. If it's online, don't provide any vital info unless you are sure there is ...

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Submission has a companion , It,s Trust!   7/5/2008

Trust is earned not expected. Thats why it is a friend to submission. If you can trust then you can submit. It, s that easy. God bless your heart. Amen.

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terryaki 61 M
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A good relationship is worth taking your time.   24/6/2007

I like to take my time, when building a relationship. It seems that building relationships are different, in various cultures, which can make it, doing it correctly, even more complex. Building a relationship is a two way street. If both parties are interested, they can work together to overcome differences and build a good relationship.

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Six things that I admire about you the most are   8/6/2006

Your strength, Your integrity, Your maturity, Your willing- ness to care, Your faithful heart and Your consistent love <br> Your Strength - Because your strong in all things <br> Your Integrity - Because your steadfast and don’t compromise your values <br> Your maturity - Because you’ve grown and are ...

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meow33744 56 M
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Small fixed income.   30/3/2009

Would you get involved with a 100% disabled person on a fixed income of less than 1000 dollars a month, knowing that he will never earn an income.
Would you marry such a person knowing that the lion share, 90% or more of the expenses, will fall on your shoulders alone for the rest of the marriage, 30 or more years.
I do not think any woman in her right mind with one or more ...

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meow33744 56 M
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Isolation or just seperation?   19/9/2007

When one or both parties are gone doing what their doing, for a few days or longer time span, does one or both parties feel isolated and or seperated?
Is this common among couples or is this where seperation should make the heart grow fonder without any negative feeling?
Why would anyone feel a void that can not seem to wait to be filled?
How important is the ...

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ZachariahFRG 40 M
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Why "Agape" is so important for Human Relationships   12/9/2006

Our God is not only a loving God - no, he IS love! We all know that from the Bible. But many people dont fully understand what that really means. As human beings in descendence of Adam, we simply dont love God. We are not connected with God, we dont know God and therefore we dont know true love - or better Agape, the godly love. True love doesnt know differences in age or race, not even ...

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brataylor 35 M
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A Long Lasting relationship   31/7/2006

The is a growing number of relationships which fail.
This is the case in the world and within the church.
We know this to be true becoz the divorce rate is on the rise.
many marriages are failing and promises of getting married are not kept.
What is the problem and where do relationships fail and how can relationships be built to last a life time. ...

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zogman 56 M
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"What Is Love?"   20/11/2006

It is amazing that in my counseling practice when I am working with couples and they are at each other's throats hurling angry words at each other, I will interrupt them and ask them in a quizzical voice, "Why are you two still together?" Sometimes they will say they are still together "for the kids", "for financial reasons", "afraid of what family and friends will think and say", etc. But ...

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A bed of roses   7/9/2006

A Bed of Roses
My wife; what a divine creature she is. Filled with the beauty of goodness and adamant to fulfill my every desire. I walked through the door of my bedroom when all was but to quiet in this house that my beautiful wife had made for us. What I saw dazzled me and left me breathless on my knees as I ...

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Are there Guardian Angels?   21/6/2006

Hello members of Bigchurch, I am very curious re Guardian Angels as this is a very mysterious subject. Can any one enlighten me on this topic? If they do exist how can we contact them for help in times of needs? Who are they and where do they come from? I welcome and appreciate comments on this topic.Thank you. God Bless Myfriends2

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zogman 56 M
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Warm Fuzzies & Cold Pricklies   11/11/2006

Beginning with the first counseling session, it is imperative that I, the therapist, am able to successfully begin to change the couple’s direction of focus from one which is problem and blame oriented to one that is solution and growth oriented. By the time a couple usually comes to the first session, both are feeling hurt, empty, angry, frustrated, numb… and a bunch of ...

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My Love, My Glory   1/8/2006

My Love, My Glory

I sat in my wife’s presence listening to her words and taking interest in her every thought. With eyes full of love and a heart of respect I watched an listened as her lips spewed out the words of truth. All that I could think about is how much I loved her, how much I wanted to die ...

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meow33744 56 M
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From the other's side to yours?   15/6/2006

How often do you place yourself in others shoes, veiwing the world through their eyes and understanding one's self better?
One must learn to take care of one's self and family that is best for the whole family, not for the convienence of the bread winner before they start pointing fingers at members. Why do some act totally diffrent than what they profess, yet feel justified by ...

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mrintensity 59 M
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How I Met My Soul Mate (Part 2)   21/2/2010

Long before the advent of sites like Big Church, there was a very popular little website called Classifieds 2000. It was more like the classified ad section of a local newspaper than a dating site, but it served its purpose for the time that it reigned supreme.

I was a junior web designer, professional writer and accomplished graphic artist back in those days. It was during the time when ...

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I love you forever   18/2/2006

I love you forever <br> It was that old book, in which story telling and romance like a flood had splashed that night against the color of my eyes. My tears, as I read the arresting romance of yesteryears had fallen like the rain kissing the soft of every page. Then sweeping over my soul, her words like the ...

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pawspal 49 F
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The Passed is what makes us TODAY   24/7/2008

Many times people will tell another.. oh that's in the passed just leave it there.. Or let it go.. But is it not all the things we have been through in the passed that makes us who we are today.. Whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, full of fun or full of heartache? When you are talking with someone online or in life.. remember they are not made in one day nor for just one day... get to know ...

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A Mandate to Sonship   28/2/2006

A Mandate to Sonship <br> There comes a time in a man's life when all he has to rely on are his prayers before the face of the Most High. As a deer pants after the water brooks, so panteth our soul after Thee, oh Lord. In our thirsting, what is it exactly that we are after before the Lord? Is it strength? Is it success in ministry? Perhaps it's giftings or increased ...

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