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Women are getting better at ignoring me. 8 May 2 6:55 pm
I am DEEPLY affendered again....*S*....BEWARE...Racefan is NOT, I say NOT, a 19 May 2 8:32 am
Quoting Posts © 25 May 2 5:45 am
Scientific Poll: What's the Opposite Of Banana Pudding? 49 May 2 3:14 am
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
New website where pigs are not allowed... 16 May 1 11:43 am
I Thought About Being Serious, But Changed My Mind 98 May 1 7:05 am
My Blog
by  williamsdwight3    38M
Claimed 15 May 1 12:37 am
I'm not ready to die..... 46 Apr 30 6:59 pm
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
The narrow minded person judges good people based on only part of the picture... 7 Apr 30 4:22 pm
Dream a little dream of me... 79 Apr 30 4:14 pm
My Blog
by  williamsdwight3    38M
From GDP to GOD 12 Apr 30 8:08 am
Women's Sunglasses 32 Apr 30 7:39 am
Feeding Frenzies 31 Apr 30 6:02 am
My Blog
by  username1    42M
Transhumanism. this is crazy 26 Apr 30 1:18 am
Holy Guacamole!! 45 Apr 29 7:37 pm
My Blog
by  SavannahJo    59F
Does Anyone know How Rocky is Doing?? 54 Apr 29 3:20 pm
If loving the unloveable was easy, we'd all be singing Kumbaya 41 Apr 29 6:28 am

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