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Are You Happy? 13 Apr 19 5:23 am
Where Is My Off Switch? 13 Apr 19 1:04 am
My Blog
by  scenicforest    42M
Why Christains avoid talking about Revelation. 16 Apr 18 9:18 pm
The Guardian
by  Bariki    78F
My new Admirer; a General of the US Army... ;-) 14 Apr 18 8:49 pm
My Blog
by  scenicforest    42M
humanistic psychology 35 Apr 18 3:10 pm
My Blog
by  SapphireBleue    62F
The happiest times of the day 21 Apr 18 11:15 am
Thank You Lord 16 Apr 18 8:27 am
Muck and Mire 66 Apr 18 7:44 am
Lying: The Ultimate Manipulation Tactic 20 Apr 18 5:32 am
Gaslighting, what it is... 14 Apr 18 5:24 am
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
Why pigs are stuck in their slop. 12 Apr 18 1:59 am
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
Oink Oink! Snort! 17 Apr 17 9:56 am
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
A Blonde Psychologist walks into a bar......... 15 Apr 17 6:02 am
Come out in the free!! Web. 81 Apr 16 7:11 pm
He First Loved Us 14 Apr 16 6:33 pm
A Twist of Life
by  webling    58M
Trolls 19 Apr 16 5:59 pm
These Last Days - Are You Ready! 17 Apr 16 4:30 pm
My Blog
by  restlesspirit    56F
to the piggy haters... 112 Apr 16 2:09 pm
My Blog
by  williamsdwight3    38M
I Got This 16 Apr 16 4:21 am

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