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Blogs are a simple way to create your own regularly updated homepage on BigChurch. They're a great way to find out more about other members and to tell people more about yourself and your real life experiences or start your own!

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grandpa! 729 Jul 15 7:04 pm
For the best possible experience and for security purposes.. Is this SPAM? 1051 Jul 15 3:04 pm
wednesdays 1003 Jul 13 11:30 am
Just a little... 1173 Jul 11 10:12 pm
exodus 1994 Jul 6 8:51 am
The lost art of communication? 711 Jul 3 10:19 pm
My Blog
by  ICanOnlyBeMe83    32F
The Reprobate Mind 1192 Jul 2 10:43 pm
I'm a minority. 1545 Jul 1 2:57 pm

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