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Blogs are a simple way to create your own regularly updated homepage on BigChurch. They're a great way to find out more about other members and to tell people more about yourself and your real life experiences or start your own!

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thankful 37 Nov 26 7:01 pm
X marks the spot 67 Nov 25 2:48 pm
Identity ? 98 Nov 25 1:15 pm
Be Still 70 Nov 25 1:08 am
Over ? 160 Nov 23 3:42 pm
My Blog
by  Urban_Hermit    61M
A bit of history and our future prospects. 78 Nov 23 6:21 am
My Blog
by  Urban_Hermit    61M
The plot thickens 83 Nov 23 6:19 am
The River Knows Your Name 63 Nov 22 7:35 pm
chicago snow is back 496 Nov 22 6:52 pm
healing 1317 Nov 18 6:14 pm
My Blog
by  Urban_Hermit    61M
All washed up. Something good for a change. 190 Nov 17 2:32 am
First Round Of Syrian Refugees Arrive In New Orleans 398 Nov 16 5:17 am
My Blog
by  username1    43M
we don't care about your hatred of the bible 66 Nov 15 3:29 pm
My Blog
by  username1    43M
Why psychiatry has a frame of mind of rebellion. 72 Nov 14 9:12 pm
My Blog
by  username1    43M
welcome to the signs here of the end times 72 Nov 14 4:59 pm
Oh my God ! you are so handsome!!! Wow!! 712 Nov 14 4:16 am
Re-Posted (Not Re-postal) 645 Nov 14 4:14 am
The Words You Speak Reveal Who You Are 481 Nov 13 4:43 am
My Blog
by  username1    43M
Thanksgiving the only day believers act Christian 177 Nov 12 3:55 pm

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